VapeRev/Atmomixani Nemesis – $200 (USD) “A superb stainless steel and brass fully mechanical e-cigarette. Art and Function Personified” – Spinfuel eMagazine – Julia Hartley-Barnes

For the first of many reviews of mechanical mods sold by VapeRev, we zeroed in on the one that made it to Julia’s “Wishlist” the moment she laid eyes on it, The Nemesis VapeRev Edition, a limited edition two-tone mod that is one of the most highly sought after mods around. The moment she saw it on VapeRev’s online store, she had to have it. In addition the mechanical mod reviewed here Julia reviewed a bottle of Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce, CR3AM, last week. Our own Tom McBride will review the Kayfun RBA, also part of the VapeRev package, next week. – ed.

 There are many reasons why a fully mechanical mod like the Atmomixani ‘VapeRev Edition’ Nemesis is such a marvelous feat of engineering. Many of these reasons have to do with the dedication of a handful of passionate people who truly understand the meaning of quality, who refuse to sacrifice the finer details that go into a great mechanical mod. These are people who understand that form and function can come together in ways other people thought impossible, or not worth the effort. People who also understand that for many of us vaping is an important part of our lifestyle, that it became something much more than a replacement for deadly tobacco consumption a long time ago.
Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis

I might not understand exactly why ‘silver plated battery connectors’ prevent power loss, but I do understand that the artists, engineers, and designers of devices like the Atmomixani Nemesis do understand, and that my trust in them is well spent. Indeed, this is a review of that device, the Atmomixani Nemesis, VapeRev Edition, but it is also a testament to the people that design and manufacture them, and the people who offer them to us because they understand that there are Vapers out here in the vape community that are willing and able to utilize these devices as they enjoy their favorite eLiquids.

The Art of Vaping

Yes, The Art of Vaping is a registered trademark for Spinfuel eMagazine, but it is also a driving force behind the creation of high-end mods like the Nemesis.

The VapeRev Nemesis Edition is a beautiful piece of functional art. The highly polished Stainless Steel and Brass (A VapeRev edition exclusive) exudes an elegance and beauty that is only seen is high-end, carefully constructed, and painfully designed mods. The photos in this review barely do it justice, but at least you get a good idea of what to expect if you decide that, like me, you too must have one.

The Atmomixani VapeRev Nemesis needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. It must be held to experience what it feels like to hold both art and function in one hand. And in order to experience what its like to vape with one, it needs to be equipped with a battery and a cartomizer or clearomizer, or a myriad of tank systems, and put through the paces to truly know what it means to vape with a device that functions as beautifully as it looks. This review is ‘my’ experience with the VapeRev Nemesis, and I will do the best I can to relay that experience.

The VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis

There are several Nemesis models in the Atmomixani line. But the VapeRev Edition, a ‘limited edition’, is a unique collaboration between Vape Revolution (VapeRev) and Atmomixani. While every Nemesis model is an expression of ‘art meets function’, the VapeRev edition offers some unique features that make it worthy of the limited edition status.

The VapeRev Edition uses the highest-grade stainless steel and brass for the polished tubes, top cap and the bottom switch. It includes custom engravings of the Atmomixani brand name, the famous train logo on the bottom cap, and an engraved serial number (mine just happens to be VR 017). It also includes a very effective air flow ring (more on this later), a bottom-locking ring, and a special extension, called a ‘beauty ring’ for using a ‘Kick’ device.

The top and bottom contacts are silver-plated. The silver plating helps reduce voltage loss, thus allowing more power to reach the connector. The cartomizer, clearomizer, or Tank system of choice delivers a better ‘vape’ because of it.

The connector is 510-threaded and I’ve not had any issues with the devices I’ve used, including simple cartomizers and the new ProTank II. Tom is currently working on a review of the Kayfun RBA, and while working with it he wrapped a LR (low resistance) coil for me and I had a fantastic time vaping with it on the Nemesis. The coil was hitting at 1.6-ohms, easily one of the prime choices for this mechanical mod, which is one of the reasons why owning a high quality fully mechanical mod is almost a requirement for serious Vapers.

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis

This VapeRev Nemesis also comes with a blue velvet bag that holds 3 extra extensions and a spare bottom button spring. When you open the box (something we ‘nerds’ like to call ‘the unboxing’) of a new Nemesis shipped from VapeRev it has all the extensions attached, not in the velvet bag.

Julia Has A ‘Senior’ Moment

One of the funniest experiences I had with this particular review was when I opened the box and looked down at this marvelous two-tone mechanical mod. As it sat there with all 3 extensions attached, I reached for the blue velvet bag, opened it, and discovered there was nothing was inside. Uh oh.

Because the Nemesis looked perfectly normal when unboxed it never occurred to me that it just might be a little longer than it otherwise would. (At the time I didn’t know the VapeRev Nemesis came fully assembled) So, having an 18650-flattop battery ready to go I unscrewed the Nemesis and popped the battery in. I then noticed the mod was more than 2 inches longer than it needed to be…in other words the battery came up way short. So, I took the battery out, made sure it was indeed an 18650, (you never know) put it back inside and began to ponder the situation while I stared at the extra length of the Nemesis.

Naturally, a conversation between my right and left sides of my brain started, it went something like this: (in an English accent of course)

Right side:Wait, something not right. Am I supposed to use an 18650 AND the 18350 in this? That doesn’t make sense.”

Left Side: “Don’t be stupid! You need two 18350’s in there!”

Right Side: “Stack batteries? Now who’s being stupid!”

Left Side: Well, what then?”

Right side: “Uhm, I don’t know.” …

…and so I continued to stare down at the VapeRev Nemesis while my thoughts began to race. I remember feeling like there was something really wrong. Was it me (I was awfully tired that day), or was it with the device itself? Then, after what felt like a year, almost in unison both right and left sides of brain lit up like a Christmas tree……

 “Stupid! It’s the extension tubes! Don’t you see?”

And sure enough, I finally noticed that the reason there weren’t any extension tubes in the blue velvet bag was because VapeRev ships the Nemesis fully assembled, so they were all attached. I was terribly embarrassed, but I finally figured it out and removed the beauty ring (the Kick extension) and the 18490-extension. After that the 18650-battery fit perfectly.

…Now Back To The Review…

The Extensions

The three extension tubes allow the Nemesis to accommodate one of three different battery configurations; an 18350 for the shortest Nemesis, an 18490 for a mid-size or the 18650 batteries for the longest VapeRev Nemesis as well as providing the longest lasting charge. If you want to use a Kick you use the short extension, the beauty ring, and the 18350 battery.

Smooth Button Activator

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis

I’ve become a real fan of the bottom button activators lately because of the natural feel in my hand. At first it was a little tricky. When I tried out the SMOK Magneto with its magnetic switch it was clumsy for a bit, but I soon got used to it. With the Nemesis it was second nature and I now know what a silky smooth button switch feels like.

The bottom locking ring can be tightened all the way down to hide the battery vent holes (for stealth vaping) but it’s the top cap ring that allows for adjustable air flow that is the best feature for my style of vaping (see below). The bottom button is adjustable, so you can tighten the “throw” (the movement of the button in action) or you can loosen it, either way you can make it perform exactly the way that feels best for you.

The Top Ring Air Holes

On the VapeRev Edition of the Nemesis the top ring is made of polished brass. Along side the brass ring are two airflow holes. Directly underneath is a thin ring of polished stainless steel with two indentions that match the two air holes above it. In its default position the two sets are aligned, top and bottom. Slightly turning the ring to close off the airflow will give you a stiffer draw, something I have wanted in a mod for the longest time. Even the default position provides a draw that is far from “airy”, but turning it just a tiny bit away from being aligned with the two bottom indentions I was able to stiffen the draw to what I consider the perfect setting. This comes in handy because each attachment we use for the eLiquid is different, and being able to make airflow adjustments improves the ‘vape’ dramatically.

Real World Usage Report

Now that you know a little about the features of the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis I’ll give you some insight as to my own real world experiences uses it as my primary vaping device.

The VapeRev Nemesis with the 18350-battery without a Kick is the shortest ‘version’. It’s small enough to fit inside the palm of my hand.  This length allowed me to use my pinky finger as the button finger and my thumb rested on against the upper top ring. The tanks that I used with this configuration extended up and past my thumb. It was nice, but the battery just doesn’t hold enough power for me to use it for more than, at most, 2 hours. Had I added a Kick and the beauty ring I would have been able to kick up the power/amps, but it would have shortened the battery life even more. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but for me I prefer a longer lasting battery more than not.

So I switched out to the 18650 battery for the duration of the review and not only did I enjoy the overall physical length more, a personal preference for sure, I felt comfortable with the placement of my fingers on the firing button on up the length of the mod. It seemed very natural with this configuration, closer to other devices I use. The amount of time I was able to use the Nemesis without switching out the battery was several hours more than when I had it configured with the 18350 battery. I didn’t have an 18490 battery so I don’t have anything to report.

The Nemesis with the 18650-battery has some weight to it, but it feels ‘right’ if you know what I mean. The smooth Stainless Steel and Brass finish felt really nice, yet it never slipped from my hand because of the finger placement. The diameter of the Nemesis was ideal with every tank and RBA I tried, and the bottom switch worked smoothly the entire time. The VapeRev Edition Nemesis just feels right, and worked flawlessly. It is now one of my prime vaping devices.

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis


The VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis is a beautiful and functional work of art. It feels great to use, and it delivers a great vape every time because of its spectacular engineering. The standouts, for me, are the adjustable top airflow holes and the adjustable bottom button. The ability to adjust the draw and the throw are the primary reasons I love to vape with it. The two-tone stainless steel and brass give it beauty and function, and the silver plated connectors provide a clean power connection with less power loss over other connector types.

As a pure mechanical mod you can use just about every 510-threaded device and at any ohms. True, I didn’t use ‘every’ 510 attachment, but I used many, and they all worked fine.

If you’re into running very low to very high coils a mechanical mod is the only way to go. But even if you’re not the experimental type and just want something that screams art and function and will operate flawlessly with minimum fuss, the Nemesis is one mod you’ll use forever.

Because of the fine engraving and the quality of the stainless steel and brass, it will more than likely become something of the family heirloom.

Devices like the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis define “The Art of Vaping” like nothing before. It is an elegant solution for Vapers that love mechanical mods. It deserves, and receives, my highest recommendation.

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Although currently out of stock, availability updates for the VapeRev Edition of the Atmomixani Nemesis can be found by following VapeRev’s Facebook:


Available in Polished, Matte, Kalafan and VaporWall (Two-tone matte SS & polished SS), and Vape Rev Edition (Brass and polished SS) finishes

Three tubes for 18350, 18490, and 18650

Kick ring for kick or two-tone finish look (If used as two-tone, a long contact post is required)

Top cap has an adjustable pin for the atomizer

Bottom cap is screwed in to adjust for battery size

Adjustable throw on bottom connection. Tighten to shorten throw, loosen to lengthen throw

There is a small pin in the bottom switch that prevents the switch from spinning

Additional Options

Long contact post- Used when the battery is too short to use with the kick ring

Short contact post- Replacement for the stock post, which is the short contact post.


Flat caps (Matte and polished)- Eliminates airflow control rings for atomizers that don’t have airflow from the bottom. Shortens overall length.

Tapered 14mm, 16mm, and 17mm caps for slimmer atomizers