Ben Johnson And Other Stuff

Because I’ve taken on a smaller role here at Spinfuel eMagazine I didn’t think it was right to continue my “Vaping with Julia” column. In its place is a new column that will be written by whoever has the time; Tom, John, Jason, Angel, even Keira, or me. It will be an end of the week piece, not necessarily covering the week, but rather a collection of half-baked projects, ideas, and other things that just didn’t quite work out, and a recap of the week just passed and a peek at the week coming up. We’ll also feature short reviews for single eLiquid flavors or a new drip tip, or even a new charger for batteries. The fun thing about it is that there are no rules as to the content; it could be about anything, as long as it’s entertaining. Welcome to Saturday! – JHB


I’m currently working on a review for an “Oh My God” fully mechanical mod that is a collaborative effort built by Vape Revolution and Atmomixani. It’s called the “Nemesis, VapeRev Edition($200). It’s currently out of stock at VapeRev, so I’m crossing my fingers that by the time I finish the review they will have replenished their inventory. I can tell you now that I’ve never owned such a beautiful mod, and if you ever see it in person you’ll understand why they sell out so fast. This work of functional art is the kind of thing that makes Vapers weak in the knees. But enough about that for now, I do have something to review for you that came with the Nemesis.

Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce – CR3AM

We received a 15ML bottle of Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce CR3AM from VapeRev as a part of our upcoming review for the VapeRev/Atmomixani Nemesis and the Kayfun rebuildable atomizer.

While doing some research on Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce (available exclusively on VapeRev) I ran across a few reviews on CR3AM that indicated that this was supposed to be akin to vaping Oreo Cookies. I’d been vaping this eLiquid for a few days and it definitely does taste like Oreo’s, one my favorite cookies by the way, but it was a complicated process for me.

Keira tried it and the first words out of her mouth were “Yum! Oreo’s!”

Let me try and explain.

Seeing as how Oreo cookies are my all-time favorite I know exactly what it tastes like. Fresh, stale, dunked in milk, or split apart and eaten separately, the Oreo taste is consistent through and through. However, that taste that is ingrained into my brain is associated with a crunchy feel and sound. In all of my 31 years of life no other anything has ever tasted like an Oreo. Even Breyer’s Oreo’s and Cream Ice Cream there are tiny chunks of crunchy Oreo’s in there.

So how could my brain process a vapor that tastes so incredibly like an Oreo cookie with just vapor? It took a while as my taste buds and my brain worked together to figure out a place where this vapor flavor could be stored, away from the separate Oreo flavor that I associate with a crunchy sound and the feel of solid food. Happily it worked out. Oh, and I nearly forgot; when you open the bottle and inhale the aroma you instantly know that aroma as Oreo’s, so they did an excellent job with this one. I’m going to order a few more flavors in the coming days and see if I can pull together enough for proper “team” review for late September.

Ben Johnson’s Awesome Sauce is $12.00 for a 15ML bottle, $20 for a 30ML bottle, which is a premium price for this ultra-premium eJuice. (Available only through VapeRev) CR3AM is creamy, on the thick side, and produces a ton of vapor and a pretty decent throat hit.

Halo “Southern Classic” eLiquid

Another e-Liquid we were able to take a look at was a new one from our friends at Halo Cigs. Called ‘Southern Classic’, and this is the newest tobacco flavor juice from the magical potion mixers that also bring you the G6 cig-a-like kit and the eGo-style Halo Tritons, arguably the ‘eCigarette of the Year’, it certainly has my vote. Anyway, about the this new eJuice…

Southern Classic received a mixed review from the NH branch of Spinfuel. I thought it was a deliciously smooth light tobacco vape while Keira (the Mrs.) didn’t much care about it. Jason, Cynthia and Janet liked it, but didn’t love it. However, I don’t believe the rest of the team is judging it by Halo’s own description, which is pretty important.

Enjoy the comforts of Southern living with this uniquely smooth, light tobacco e-liquid blend. Built on a light tobacco base, Southern Classic E-liquid is adorned with hints of honey, citrus and cloves, and then topped off with a smooth Madagascar Vanilla. The unique blend of these premium ingredients offers a single, indistinguishable flavor that is lightly sweet and very smooth.” – Halo Cigs

As you can see from above, Halo describes Southern Classis as “uniquely smooth, light, tobacco” and that’s exactly what it is. There are no deep, dark tobacco tones in Southern Classic; it’s the polar opposite of their Turkish tobacco eLiquid. Southern Classic is an ideal all-day vape because it isn’t a vape you’ll get tired of or overwhelmed by after a couple of hours. Sometimes a light, mild tobacco is exactly what’s needed, and Southern Classic fits the bill. Word of caution: Our bottle of Southern Classic improved a lot after about a week of steeping. You will probably need to steep yours as well. If you’ve tried it already, let me know what you think. Don’t you just love how Halo always gives away samples of their new eLiquids when they launch them?

Upcoming Reviews

This past week has been a busy one for the Southern Spinfuel Team, and next week its our turn to step up to the plate. We have a huge review coming for VaporCraze, an eLiquid brand that had more terrific flavors than I knew what to do with. Vaping their eLiquids reminded me of Tom’s column from earlier in the week (he wrote it because of a comment on the Rocket Fuel Vapes review), where he says that eLiquids are getting better based on the earlier endeavors of the first eLiquid brands.

I think he brings up a valid point, and from the brands that we’ve reviewed, brands that launched in 2012 and 2013, eJuice is on a whole different level now. From Mountain Oak Vapors to Ginger’s eJuice of 2012 to Rocket Fuel, VaporCraze, FanceeJuice and Hurricane Vapor, and others, these newer brands have learned a lot about concentrates and how they interact, bringing us better tasting flavors, more vapor, and great throat hits, even on low-nic high-VG flavors. (The throat hit with Mountain Oak Vapors High-VG Chai Tea Latte is amazing, even at 9MG) In any case, we’ll have a huge VaporCraze review next week followed by yet another one by a new company called Potion Vape, their PG/VG line and all VG line.

On the hardware front there is the VapeRev Nemesis I mentioned above, plus a new ELIPS-C PV we received from KoKo Vapes. I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, I’ll begin later today, but the folks at KoKo say it’s a solid hitter. I hope so because the ELIPS from Apollo eCigs from 2 years ago was really bad.

SmokenJoey sent us some of the new Tumbler Clearomizers from SMOK, which we’ll review next week as well. SmokenJoey did his video review this week, (Spinfuel Link to SmokenJoey At Spinfuel) and since we trust Joey we think our review will be as positive as his. I’m charging up a Few Vision Spinners for the occasion.

We also have a few surprises coming next week as well, so it’s going to be a great week at Spinfuel. Maybe even a Hardware Giveaway too. That would be nice.

The Spinfuel PiF

This week our administrator Dave and our Forum Admin Steve put together a cool PiF thing on the Spinfuel Forum. They sent out 9 10x packs of 10ML bottles of Pink Spot eJuice to 9 members of the forum. It went over really well, so we decided that since the vast majority of vendors and brands that work with us on reviews don’t want the stuff back (we offer every single time), we’re going to be giving a lot of it away.  So, look out for these kinds of things once or twice a month.

And that’s it from Boston, till next time, keep vaping!

Julia Hartley-Barnes