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Two eLiquids, a mod, and a coil building kit walk into a bar…

During Smokenjoey and I’s weekend in Springfield MA for the VCCNE I discovered Longhorn Vapor Co. I’d never even heard of them before, yet for some reason I found myself weaving in and out of foot traffic in an effort to make my way back to the Longhorn Vapor Co. booth on several occasions.

I suppose my initial, and subsequent, visits to the booth were instigated by my interest in the unique exterior look of the booth, the slickly produced press materials, and/or the activity at the booth itself. These guys put some serious money into their vendor booth; they were committed to their company. I liked that.

While certainly not the only vendor booth crowded with paying customers, Longhorn Vapor Co seemed to be in a constant flow of give and take with the vapers that made it to the show. People swarming the booth would sample several of Longhorn Vapor’s juices, hand over their money and walk away with at least a bottle or three of the western themed ejuice, and a few other items as well. It looked like I was witnessing stardom being born at this vape convention.

On the first day of the convention I picked up two bottles of ejuice from Longhorn Vapor Co for myself, and made arrangements for the entire line of juice to be reviewed by the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team. On the second, and last day of the convention, during the last hour, I managed to snag a Juggernaut mod and a coil building kit at ‘convention’ prices. Today, I’m going to review each of the items I picked up, and soon the team will present their review on the Longhorn Vapor Co. lineup.

Longhorn Vapor Co. eLiquids – Two For The Tillerman

The two eLiquids I picked up for myself are “Texas Fair” and “Bandit”. I was impressed with both of them, and they were the only two I had time to try that first day. Well, that’s not entirely true. I tried a juice called “Outlaw”, an eliquid that had a strange complexity to it. I like it, a lot, but for someone that was about to spend 2 days running around the convention floor doing interviews, I didn’t want to spend the time getting to know the in’s and out’s of such a complicated juice. I made the decision to leave Outlaw to the review team.

Three Juice Lines from Longhorn Vapor Co

Longhorn Vapor Co. has three “collections” of eLiquid blends. The two flavors I’m reviewing below are from “Private Collection”, in addition there is LHV E-Liquids and the VG Collection. We’ll get into this in greater detail in the team review.

First Impressions

Looking at all the wood, leather, and old west branding that makes up the Longhorn Vapor Co “theme”, it was hard for me to think of any of these eLiquids as anything other than one form of tobacco blend or another. Seeing a 40ML glass bottle with a tanned leather-looking label, nestled in wooden box with straw, I would have never considered  a ‘strawberry’ eliquid, or a ‘milk and honey’ eliquid. But the two here are just that. The lineup are premium eliquids with a wide variety of flavor profiles, as you will soon see.

A Word About 4mg

At the VCCNE Longhorn Vapor Co was one of just a few vendors using mech mods and Kayfuns to show off the full range of their eLiquid. Longhorn Vapor Co eLiquid really shines in something like a Kayfun, or as a dripping ejuice. That being the case, 4mg nicotine would be plenty. When vaping with my everyday gear the lack of nicotine was noticeable, and in the future I would purchase the 16mg nicotine juice. 4mg of nicotine affected the overall vape experience I got from them when I got back home, especially when compared with the vape experience I had at the convention with the Kayfuns.

Longhorn Vapor Co does offer 4mg, 8mg, 12mg, 16mg nicotine, and a nicotine-free eliquids, but the higher nicotine eliquids were not available to me at the time. As you read my comments about the two flavors I picked up try to keep that in mind. I will readily admit that I would rather vape Longhorn Vapor Co juice with a high-powered battery and either an RBA or at least something like an Aerotank or Nautilus with a low-ohm coil head, rather than a standard resistance coil and a straight out 3.7v battery.

Longhorn Vapor Co. The Chosen Two

texas fair by longhorn vapor coTexas Fair – 4mg nicotine

Texas fair E-liquid – on the first inhale you buds will go crazy!! It will feel like biting into a fresh strawberry, A 100% true Vape. E-liquid is available in 5 different nicotine strengths to suit all vapors. (0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg and 16mg). All private collection is available in 15ml and 35ml (?) bottles. This e-liquid comes in an exclusive wooden box wax stamped by Longhorn Vapor for authenticity.” – Longhorn Vapor Co.

Texas Fair delivers a very authentic strawberry flavor with sweet creamy tones. For all intents and purposes however, it is a singular flavor, a strawberry vape. That singular flavor with creamy notes is executed in such a way that it creates a solid all-day-vape, one that neither tires your taste buds nor leaves you unsatisfied afterward. I never experience ‘vape fatique‘. I could only imagine what 16mg nicotine would deliver.

I vaped Texas Fair with two very different setups at home. Hoping that I would be able to experience the same level of vapeness I experienced standing in front of the Longhorn Vapor Co booth, I filled an X.Jet Spider and screwed onto the top of a Spinner 2, my usual gearI set the voltage at 3.8v and waited a few minutes. After I was sure the coils of the X.Jet were saturated I gave it a vape. It took a few deep drags, but I got it going pretty well and before long it was producing a more than decent amount of vapor and the flavor of strawberry was well represented and very authentic. But something was missing. Something I had experienced the week before. It was the warmth of the vapor, and it was a ‘fuller’ or ‘richer’ experience. It was “power”.

So, I removed an Aerotank v2 from the stockroom, equipped it with a new .8-ohm (new sub-ohms from Kanger) and after allowing it to sit for a few minutes I repeated the process of getting a good vape going. It didn’t take long at all to realize that Texas Fair comes alive with more power and less resistance. These eLiquids are not your everyday, run of the mill eLiquids; they won’t show their true character in a simple clearomizer, or a simple 510 cartomizer. They need the more advanced, the more powerful hardware to show off what they are capable of.

That’s not to say that you, or I, can’t enjoy either one of these flavors with simpler gear. We can. My problem was caused by my first exposure to vaping them was with a Kayfun and a custom built coil. That has a side effect of what I call “vape expectation”. Had I not sampled them with a Kayfun I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed them just as much.

If I were to score Texas Fair under the same conditions that the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team uses I would say that with the X.Jet and Spinner it would be a solid 4 Star juice. But, when vaped with the Aerotank and the sub-ohm coil, sitting atop my Joyetech eVic Supreme firing at 8.5w-9w it would score 5 Stars.

bandit by Longhorn Vapor CoBandit – 4mg nicotine

Bandit E-liquid has a rich and velvety sweet tobacco flavor with huge vapor production. Complementing tones of caramel and toasted almond creates a beyond commendable adversary amongst other e-liquids of its kind. Bandit E-liquid is available in 5 different nicotine strengths to suit all vapors. (0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg and 16mg). ” – Longhorn Vapor Co.

Sweet tobacco. And there it is. A tobacco flavor is exactly what I expected from all their eliquids. But still, Bandit was, is, different. This is a luscious “milk and honey” vape cradled with sweet tobacco undertones. You can really taste the caramel and almonds, creating an earthy, warm, deeply flavored vape that seems to get better every time I spend time with it.

Like Texas Fair, Bandit displays the same vape profile; it’s better with low-ohm, high watts/volts than with simple 3.7v batteries and standard resistance clearomizers. In fact, as much as I loved this one at the convention, bringing it home and loading up a normal clearomizer and vaping it with a Spinner I was sorely disappointed. It was only after I did the Aerotank/eVic and Nautilus/Provari thing that I was able to duplicate, for the most part, the vape I had at the VCCNE.

Between Texas Fair and Bandit I would say that I enjoyed the Texas Fair strawberry vape a little more than the milk and honey vape of Bandit. Bandit isn’t as complicated as Outlaw, but it is a flavor that needs to be paid attention to. Texas Fair is easier to understand, easier to walk around with and enjoy as a strawberry vape. Some eliquids are great as mindless vaping juice while others require your full attention. Sometimes being a mindless drone enjoying a vape is my preferred way of going about my day.

One thing I can say about Longhorn Vapor Co is that these guys produce a very high premium eLiquid. Their 35ML (I was told at the convention that they were 40ML) bottles are $29.99, placing them in the higher end of the pricing scale for premium juice, but still coming in at under a dollar per ML. Considering the packaging and the quality of the ingredients I really can’t criticize the cost. Well, I could actually, but then I’d be a dick. As long as a good juice is under a buck per ML I’m not going to complain anymore.

The Juggernaut Modthe juggernaut



The Juggernaut is a powerful, manly (in the army green color anyway), and inexpensive. It does a great  job, it can take punishment, and it feels great in my oversized hot dog fingered hands. At the show it was $25, on the website its just $33.99. Less than $35 for a semi-manual mod that will last a lifetime. No, it’s not the most sophisticated mod on the market, but it is a good looking, hard working, mod that’s priced just a little above the cost of a 40ML bottle of eLiquid. I highly recommend it as a spare mod, or a mod to use with your favorite RBA ( it drove every Kayfun at the booth). I’ve been loving every minute with it, and because it takes a 18650 battery it lasts me most of the day. Like Cameron says in the interview, for vapers looking to get into mech mods this is one that won’t break your wallet. Now my wife wants one… in white.

coil building kit by longhorn vaporLastly, the other product I purchased at the Longhorn Vapor booth was this coil building kit. Such a simple and elegant solution for people that love to wrap their own coils. Watch the interview for a more complete description of what this kit contains, and what they have planned for their next version of the kit.

As I’ve said repeatedly I’m not crazy about wrapping my own coils. My fingers are exactly nimble, and knowing me I’d wrap a coil and blow up my house. But, another reason I wrap so infrequently is that I don’t have the tools I need. I’ve mentioned to Tom many times while he was whipping out coil after coil that it would be a good idea to have a kit with everything he needs in one small box. Like a tackle box just for coil building. Tom has the tools, and he keeps them in a tupperware container, but this is such an elegant solution. And inexpensive…. $44.99. 


Longhorn Vapor Co is both a retail and wholesale company. If you have a brick and mortar store and want to carry any of their products in your shop you can contact them and make arrangements to do so. Their line is larger than I first thought, and just by spending a few hours with them I could sense that they know the business they’re in, and they know how to run a successful business. They are passionate vapers who are out to build a business not just for profit, but because they love vaping and the vape community. We need more people like these guys in this business. People that love the community, know the business, and sell quality products at fair prices. They deserve your business.

I’m expecting big things from these young entrepreneurs, and I look forward to hearing what our eLiquid Team thinks of their lineup.

Have a comment? Do you know Longhorn Vapor Co? Ever vape their juice? Leave a comment, share your experience with our readers. We’ve made it a lot easier to leave comments now, so I hope to see some feedback here.

Till next time,

John Manzione