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Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review – Three For Me

Although I was a part of the first Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review I really felt that I could have spent more time with the eLiquid than I ultimately did. Yes, 72 hours is a good while to get to know an eLiquid’s character and to make a call as to whether it's award-worthy or [...]

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UPDATED: Mister E-Liquid – A Spinfuel eLiquid Review

Mister E-Liquid Review And Update It isn’t often that we get the chance to take a step back and happily, seriously ecstatically happy to correct ourselves with regard to one of our in-depth eLiquid Reviews. Today is a great day to do just that. Below is our original review of Mister E-Liquid and the various ‘flavor blends’ [...]

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Vaping With Julia – Quantum Entanglement

 Quantum Entanglement? By Julia Barnes with a guest appearance by Tom McBride What a week! Dealing with a whole bunch of internal matters that I’m not supposed to talk about, the new and much improved forum (finally), our FaceBook project working with some terrific proofreaders (now I have to find the time for Dave and Jon Locke [...]

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Vaping With Julia “In A Secret Location”

A Little Late Than Never What a week this was! But first, how was YOUR week? Seriously, I want to know. Come on, I tell you about mine, you tell me about yours. Isn’t that the way this is supposed to go? No? Well, think about it. You don’t have to come up with 1200 words, [...]

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What Do You Really Know About eLiquid Vendors?

Think You Know Your eLiquid Vendor? There can be no doubt that Spinfuel has become a ‘go-to’ source for leading reviews on eLiquids, yet we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the sheer number of eLiquid vendors currently selling their wares on the Internet. There are many reasons why we’ve not scratched that surface, some [...]

Are You Ashamed of Vaping?

Are You Ashamed Of Vaping? This is a serious question; Are you ashamed to be a Vaper? Think about your answer for a minute before you decide. After you’ve thought about it, after you’ve finished reading this perhaps, I would love it if you could post your answer below in the comments. You see, for many Vapers, [...]

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The Mt Baker Vapor e Juice Review

UPDATE: January 10th, 2013 - e Juice review - Mt Baker Vapor has garnered nine (9) Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence in eLiquid Artistry. The Choice Award is given to individual flavors that have earned across-the-board praise for flavor, consistency, vapor, throat, and more. For more about the Spinfuel Choice Award Click Here. This is Spinfuel's 1st of [...]

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Alice in Vapeland (We are all Vapelandians now)

UPDATE: January 8th, 2013 - Alice in Vapeland has been awarded with 5 Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence in eLiquid artistry. We have updated this review to reflect the flavors that have earned this award. For more about the Spinfuel Choice Awards click here.   Alice in Vapeland Lead Writer: Julia Barnes. Team: Julia Barnes, Lisa Johnston, Chelsey [...]

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The Hobby of Vaping

Can you imagine thousands of “fan” sites, or “affiliate review sites”, or even great publications like Spinfuel eCigs Magazine, covering everything you wanted to know about Winston, Marlboro, Pall Malls, and so on? Can you imagine people spending a fair portion of their day reading forum posts about how someone applied a custom paint job [...]

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Halo Element Review A 3-Piece eCigarette That Still Makes Sense

Halo Element Review “Whether you’re looking for a great 3-piece mini-eCig or a 2-piece mini-eCig, the Halo Element line is a great choice. I’ve been using this line for weeks and have had nothing but a great experience. Thanks Spinfuel, for turning me onto Halo!” – Nolan (email) Since the advent of the Cartomizer (a combination of atomizer [...]

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Gingers e-Juice – American Made Gourmet Goodness

This review is the compilation of input, notes, and verbal discussions from the entire staff of Spinfuel eCigs Magazine for Gingers eJuice. Lead Writer: Julia Barnes, with, Chelsey Laney, Lisa Johnston, Tom McBride, Jon Locke, and John Manzione.  Introduction The owner of Gingers e-Juice, Inc., Christin Ginger Murvin, was inspired to offer her DIY e-juice to the public [...]

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Vaping for Pleasure – The Freedom To Vape

Vaping I have several friends that think I’m a crazy. Sure, they have some good reasons to think so, I mean, I have 5 cats for God’s sake. But, because I quit smoking way back in 1992 and took up vaping in 2011 they shake their heads in disbelief, but I think they’re wrong. Here’s why Every person [...]

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Wendy Bivona Talks to Spinfuel Magazine

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve talked to our newest, and largest, contributor, Wendy Bivona (owner and operator of Premium eCigs, a brick and mortar store and online website in Melbourne Florida) about the current state of the eCig industry. Below are some of the highlights of our extensive discussions. Over the coming weeks Wendy [...]

Is Smoking Cigarettes Really That Bad? Well, yea, but…

Smoking Cigarettes It’s funny watching people who are so adamant against cigarette smoking. They have made it their lives work to stamp out smoking everywhere. You can no longer smoke any place that I could smoke back in the day. Not even in clubs or city streets can you smoke these days. Now that they  (you [...]