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Although I was a part of the first Rocket Fuel Vapes eLiquid Review I really felt that I could have spent more time with the eLiquid than I ultimately did. Yes, 72 hours is a good while to get to know an eLiquid’s character and to make a call as to whether it’s award-worthy or not, and whether I wanted to add them to my usual vaping flavors or not. So many of their eLiquids were really satisfying vapes that I actually did work many of the flavors into my usual vapes. I especially enjoyed Limerick, which is a lime-creamsicle concoction that I could not get enough of, even now.

In any case, as soon as I got a chance I ordered two flavors I hadn’t tried before and another 30ML bottle of Limerick. When the eLiquids arrived I discovered a 10ML bottle of a third flavor, another I hadn’t tried before. Rocket Fuel Vapes tossed in the extra flavor gratis. All three of the eLiquids, none of which I had vaped before, were spectacular. So spectacular that I began to wonder if Rocket Fuel Vapes shared the same ‘taste’ profile that I did. Since I did like them I thought it would a good idea to do a solo review on them. Below are my thoughts on Cat’s Meow, Johnny Appleseed Tobacco, and Prospector Peach. I hope you enjoy it.

Rocket Fuel Vapes Spinfuel eLiquid Reviews johnny appleseedFirst up is Johnny Appleseed, a delightful full-bodied, sweet-ish apple-tobacco blend. A reader commented on our original review and mentioned this flavor so I thought I would someday give it a try. It turned out to be a serendipitous moment when I opened the box containing the eLiquids I had ordered because the 10ML bottle that Rocket Fuel Vapes had included was in fact Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny Appleseed – “Johnny Appleseed is known for planting apple trees throughout the country, but did you know that Johnny also planted tobacco?  He did, and we’ve dedicated this apple tobacco juice in his honor.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

Despite being the one flavor I didn’t order I decided to try this one first. Not knowing if I was going to like it, though the chances were good since I enjoyed all the other tobacco flavors from them, I filled a Kanger horizontal coil 510 cartomizer and set aside while I went out to dinner. When I got home a couple of hours had passed and the cartomizer was fully saturated and ready to go. (I try to allow a newly filled cartomizer to sit at least half an hour, which in many cases is not easy) I attached the cartomizer to my purple ProVari, got a reading of 2.5ohm, set the voltage to 3.8v and I was off to the races. (I start off at 3.8v whenever I use a 2.5ohm Kanger Horizontal single coil cartomizer. It’s always within -1 or +1 where I wind up anyway.)

Taste – The apple notes are mild and on the sweet-ish side, though far from too sweet. The overwhelming flavor from this particular tobacco blend is a full-bodied and smooth tobacco. Despite offering a few different tobacco blends, each of them are distinctive enough not to confuse you as to which one you are vaping. Johnny Appleseed is very different from Ol’ River, Blueberry Hill, and Calamity Jane, though every bit as delicious.

Ratios & Nicotine – Johnny Appleseed is a 70% PG and 30% VG, which will give you a really nice throat hit. As far as vapor production goes I have zero complaints even though it’s a 70/30 blend. Vaping at 3.8v with a 2.5ohm cartomizer gives the vapor some warmth and plenty of flavor. It’s not very aromatic, which I consider to be a positive most of the time. My preferred nicotine strength is between 12-18mg, this was 12mg and still provided a nice throat hit.

Appropriate Vaping Times – Johnny Appleseed is definitely worth considering as an all-day vape. I did not tire of the flavor, and the throat hit and vapor production maintained themselves for hours on end. I wound up putting together a V-Fate carto-tank I bought from MyVaporStore and filled it up and vaped far longer than I had originally figured on. Having said that, there are some particular times when a flavor like this would be something special, and some particular foods that ‘go’ with a tobacco blend like this.

Times – A full-bodied tobacco ejuice with sweet-ish apple notes make a wonderful vape in the early evening. The time of day when work is done, household chores are done, the nightly shower is behind you and the evening’s activities are upon you. Say between the hours of 8PM and 10PM are the ideal time for Johnny Appleseed, if you’re not using it as an all-day vape.

Foods – Any tobacco flavor that you enjoy go really well with a ‘steak and potatoes’ type dinner. You don’t want a full-bodied tobacco eJuice before or immediately after having a salad for dinner, or fish. Beef, chicken, pork, and carbs like potatoes are perfect for a tobacco vape.

Johnny Appleseed, with the apple notes, provides a perfect accompaniment for this type of dinner. If I had to choose specific meat for Johnny Appleseed it would be pork. Broiled stuff port chops; pork roast, or something similar would accent the apple perfectly. After all, Applesauce is served many times with pork, so it makes sense.  That said a good steak dinner would also serve as an excellent accompaniment for this tobacco blend.

Other – Now that I’ve tried four of the Rocket Fuel Vapes tobacco eLiquids I have an order of best to not-best worked out in my head. I’ll share that with you but bear in mind, when it comes to tobacco blends what I think is best and what you think is best may be worlds apart. I’m also not trying t indicate that these tobacco blends are better or worse than other eLiquid company’s tobacco blends that I also happen to enjoy.

Best tobacco blend from Rocket Fuel Vapes is Blueberry Hill followed by Johnny Appleseed, Ol’ River, Harley’s Blend and Calamity Jane. All the tobacco flavors are Spinfuel Choice Awards, and because I wanted to see how the regular team would vote I gave each of them 1ML. Each of them loved it and gave it 5 Stars, so Johnny Appleseed has been awarded the Choice Award.

My Vote: 5 Stars across the board. This is a must-try eLiquid for Vapers looking for a great tobacco blend.

Rocket Fuel Vapes Spinfuel eLiquid Reviews cats meowCat’s Meow –  “Roxy goes coconuts for creamy cookies! A blend showcasing delicious homemade butter cream cookies, dusted with Hawaiian coconut in a well-balanced pg/vg blend for a delightful, satisfying vape.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

There is only one word to describe Cat’s Meow. This word has been a favorite of mine for decades and I’m sure the product that is associated with that word has a lot to do with the fact that I’m 20 pounds overweight. The word is SAMOA, the Girl Scout cookie that men like myself dreams about when we’re hungry. Oh, that special blend of chocolate, coconut, and cookie is to die for. Cat’s Meow is exactly like crumbling up a Samoa and setting it on fire and inhaling the smoke. Well, no that’s not true, that would probably suck. A better way to describe it would be to say that inhaling the vapor of Cat’s Meow will cause you to harken back (yep, I said ‘harken’) to the days when you ate an entire box of Samoa’s and didn’t regret it. It is an incredibly delicious flavor, and a thoroughly satisfying vape. If the description of vaping the flavor of the Girl Scout cookie Samoa has you interested then by all means, try it because I know you’re going to love it as much as I do.Rocket Fuel Vapes Spinfuel eLiquid Reviews cats meow

Ratios & Nicotine – Cat’s Meow is also a 70% PG 30% VG blend meaning that you’re going to get a wicked nice throat hit, plenty of flavor and excellent vapor. Nicotine strength is 12MG, and it still provided a wicked nice throat hit. I can only imagine the throat hit at 18mg or 24mg! I did find that Cat’s Meow produced a warmer, more powerful vape using the same 2.5ohm cartomizer and 3.8v in the ProVari then Johnny Appleseed did, but I really don’t know why.

Appropriate Vaping Times – I wouldn’t classify Cat’s Meow as a desert vape, though it’s plenty sweet. It’s not ‘heavy’ enough to carry the desert moniker, so it can be enjoyed any time of day or night. Like me, you might enjoy it best right after lunch, or during the evening watching TV, playing video games, or browsing the Internet. I think it could be an all-day for many people but for myself I would probably need to divide my vaping time with a nice tobacco or fruit flavor.

Foods – Cat’s Meow would be perfect for any lite lunch, be it a PB&J or a tuna fish sandwich, to a meatball sub. I wouldn’t want to vape Cat’s Meow after having Taco Bell, but other than it’s pretty wide open.

Dinnertime – Right before or immediately after dinner Cat’s Meow would be splendid with any tomato-based dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs, various stews or even a roast would be fine.  Since there is coconut and cookie richness with Cat’s Meow I don’t think a Chicken dinner of any sort would be the best idea.

Other – Cat’s Meow is a great eLiquid that will satisfy a sweet tooth and provide a great vape for those that don’t need to satisfy a craving for sweets. The coconut flavor is authentic and just right, making this my favorite coconut eLiquid right now. Does it have staying power? Only time will tell, but if I had to guess I would say that it certainly does. After all, I think I had my first Samoa cookie at the age of 10, and they are still among my favorite cookies on the planet. It has a flavor that I believe everyone would like, and many will love. It is also worth noting that the 70/30 PG/VG ratio works exceedingly well with Cat’s Meow, allowing you to enjoy a great throat hit AND plenty of flavor at the same time.

My Vote: Definitely another 5 Star eLiquid from Rocket Fuel Vapes. Since I had plenty of Cat’s Meow to share I presented this one to the team as well and once again they all shared my belief that this is an award-wining flavor and highly recommend it.


Prospector Peach – “We’ve found gold with this recipe.  This mild tobacco contains juicy peach tones and hints of cedar to create an earthy, delicious flavor.” – Rocket Fuel Vapes

There are still many flavors from Rocket Fuel Vapes that I haven’t tried yet, and hopefully we’ll set up a sequel review down the road. We had already reviewed a peach flavored eLiquid from them in our first review, the Peachy Keen, and it was terrific. The only reason I decided to order Prospector Peach was because I enjoyed Peachy Keen so much and that their peach flavors were truly authentic. I imagined what they could do with the same peach flavors blended with tobacco. The result is not what I expected.


Prospector Peach is a lot more peach than tobacco. Rocket Fuel Vapes says their tobacco flavor in this one is mild, and that may be an understatement…it’s very mild. The peach flavor is strong, sweet-ish, and very true to the flavor profile of peach. I couldn’t tell which, if any, of the tobacco blends from their lineup that they used in Prospector Peach, and in the end it didn’t really matter. I enjoyed this one as a peach eLiquid, and as a peach eLiquid it was delectable, totally satisfying, with its own signature flavor. Peach lovers will delight in the wonderful peachiness of Prospector Peach.

Choosing between Peachy Keen and Prospector Peach would be difficult, and when it comes down to reorder time I know I would want to order both of them…but which one would I reorder if I could only reorder one? Hard to tell, and it might change down the road, but for now I give the edge to Prospector Peach because of the mild tobacco notes. The tobacco notes give it a certain complexity that the Peachy Keen doesn’t have. Peachy Keen is a great Peach Cobbler eLiquid, and there is no mistaking the flavor. Time after time, vape after vape, peach cobbler was it. With Prospector Peach there is some complexity, sometimes the tobacco shows up more than other times, sometimes it’s a perfect combination of both, and at other times the peach flavor overrides the mild tobacco. That’s what makes vaping a complex eLiquid fun.

Ratios & Nicotine – Again, 70% PG and 30% VG, the ‘house blend’. Also once again, a terrific throat hit, plenty of flavor and an abundance of vapor that is sure to please. These guys know how to mix their ingredients to get the most out of each one, that’s for sure.

The nicotine strength of Prospector Peach was, once again, 12MG, which was plenty this time. While I think I would enjoy Johnny Appleseed a bit more at 18mg, I don’t know that it would be the same with Prospector Peach.

Appropriate Vaping Times – Prospector Peach is definitely an eLiquid you could vape all day with. The mild tobacco notes make it so that it becomes something you would delight in filling a large tank and pacify vape all day long. But, if you didn’t vape it all day, when would it serve you best?

Morning – On the second morning with these three eLiquids I had filled a Halo Triton clearomizer with each flavor and attached them to three Variable Voltage Triton Batteries. About an hour after I got up, which is when I usually start vaping, I tried all three to see if one of them best suited an early morning vape. The decision was easy; Prospector Peach won hands down. The reason is that the peach flavor with a solid throat hit was both sweet enough and hard hitting enough to get me in the mood to begin my day. Johnny Appleseed was telling me to wait until I reached the office, and Cat’s Meow was telling me that it’s too early in the morning for cookies. So I put the other two Tritons in my messenger bag and finished getting ready to walk across the lawn to the office. I didn’t switch flavors until after lunch.

Food Compatibility – Definitely morning breakfast foods go very well with Prospector Peach. On that particular day my wife made pancakes with a side of bacon and before and after the breakfast the Prospector Peach was the perfect vape.

Other foods that would go well with Prospector Peach would be hard to pin down. It wasn’t the right choice for yesterday’s chicken salad, but later in the evening it was a good choice. So, the bottom line for food compatibility would be sweeter choices, breakfast being number one. I won’t vape Prospector Peach immediately after dinner.

My Vote – Prospector Peach is a great tasting, hard hitting, vapor producing sweet vape. A peach lovers wish come true. But trying to pin down the best times to enjoy it, or the best foods to combine it with isn’t easy. For that reason, I can’t give it a full 5 Star rating, though for taste, throat hit and vapor it certainly is.

Conclusion & Buying Advice

Rocket Fuel Vapes is an eLiquid brand that is very simpatico with my own flavor profiles. I have enjoyed every one I’ve tried, though there are several I’ve not yet vaped. Therefore, you need to take that into consideration when you make your decision to try them or not. Have you disagreed with other reviews I’ve done? Do we have similar tastes or are they far apart?

Out of the three I received the other day I am enjoying all of them about equally. The Cat’s Meow, being the sweetest of the three, certainly calls to me more often because I have a wicked sweet tooth at times, but Johnny Appleseed is such a wonderful tobacco vape that I don’t want to end the day without some time with it. Prospector Peach is a great eLiquid to wake up with, and a wonderful flavor after breakfast and on the way to the office.

A 10ML bottle of any flavor at Rocket Fuel is $6.50, an affordable price, especially for a premium label, and they are certainly a premium label. They jump to 30ML after the 10ML and that price is $16, an excellent price for a 30ML bottle. Their 5ML sampler packs are more expensive on a per millimeter price, but for $22 not a bad way to go if this is your first ride on the Rocket.

If you’ve tried Rocket Fuel Vapes and you liked what you vaped then by all means spring for the 10ML or 30ML bottles if any of the above flavors appeals to you. If you haven’t, then maybe the way to go is the 5-pack for $22. I can only warn you that 5ML is not even a day’s worth of eLiquid for me, so if you buy one and you really like it be prepared to reorder quickly.

Shipping: I was undecided whether to include this or not, in the end I decided to go ahead. – On the day I ordered from Rocket Fuel Vapes I also ordered from a company I’ve purchased eLiquid from for many months now. I ordered them within 5 minutes of each other. While I received my Rocket Fuel Vapes order a couple of days ago, I haven’t even received a notice of shipping from the other company. It’s worth mentioning because when it comes to eLiquid who wants to wait? In the words of Tom Petty; “The waiting is the hardest part”.

Sure, maybe the other company is way too busy to fill their orders within 72 hours, and maybe they are shorthanded of something. I have no idea. The bottom line though is this; if I can’t get an order to ship within three days then more than likely I’m going to stop ordering from them.

Oh, and that reminds me; all orders over $50 ship free with Rocket Fuel Vapes.

 As always, I would love to hear your comments. Have you tried them? What do you think? Have I convinced you to try any of the three flavors above? If so, which ones?

Have a great weekend!

John Manzione