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Spinfuel Choice Award 2013UPDATE:

January 10th, 2013 – e Juice review – Mt Baker Vapor has garnered nine (9) Spinfuel Choice Awards for excellence in eLiquid Artistry. The Choice Award is given to individual flavors that have earned across-the-board praise for flavor, consistency, vapor, throat, and more. For more about the Spinfuel Choice Award Click Here. This is Spinfuel’s 1st of 4  e juice review for Mt Baker Vapor.


Spinfuel Choice Award

The history of Mt Baker Vapor begins like many other eLiquid companies: starting out as a DIY juice mixer, sharing with friends, selling to friends, launching a website and finally going pro. eCigarettes are a new product; American Made eJuice is even newer. Like a handful of other juice makers, Mt Baker Vapor is a trailblazer, offering Vapers a better vaping experience. Mt Baker Vapor has succeeded where so many others have failed; they built a business through hard work and good products.e liquid review

Our review consists of several selections (a mere fraction of the currently available 198 flavors!) from Mt Baker Vapor, which we believe represents the wide range of their eJuice, from the single-flavor juice to the more complicated two or three flavor ejuice. e juice review

Why Mt Baker Vapor?

Our e Liquid review come from suggestions we receive in email from our readers, as well as from within. When a staff member discovers a new eLiquid or a new-to-us eLiquid brand we will make a note of it and bring it up in the next meeting. In the case of Mt Baker Vapor a friend in the industry suggested it to us. After we checked them out at as well as a few forums or other online sources we decided to invite them to be reviewed.

Our motivating factor to review Mt Baker, beyond the suggestion, was the sheer number of ejuice flavors and the price point. How can you sell a 30ML bottle of eLiquid for $7.49 when all those around you sell 30ML bottles for $13.99-$19.99? “Surely Mt Baker must take some shortcuts in order to make profitability”, we thought. Doing our ‘due diligence’ we began the vetting process and learned that Mt Baker Vapor did indeed have a stellar reputation and had plenty of fans on all the eCigarette forums. But the price? We really have no genuine reason or explanation that would explain why they are able to offer their juice at such discounted prices, but one thing we do know is that Mt Baker Vapor makes high-quality juice. Perhaps it’s nothing more than wanting to offer the vaping public a less expensive product. I’d like to believe that, so I will. e liquid review

The eJuice from Mt Baker Vapor is superb in its consistency and the scope of flavors offered. Some of our staff has already adopted Mt Baker Vapor as one of their permanent eLiquid vendors and plan to reorder time and time again, and at the prices they sell 50ML bottles of eJuice the hit to pocketbook will be much lighter.

Mt Baker Vapor Particulars

Mt Vapor Baker offers more options for the end-user than we’ve ever seen in a while. They have a staff of 9 people trained in making eJuice and filling orders, and we believe this large staff is the reason they are able to offer as many options as they do and still maintain fast delivery times. Frankly, the sheer number of options is pretty astonishing and their ship times are remarkable.

Website – The Mt Baker Vapor website is a neat and orderly site, but it doesn’t appear to the public as an eLiquid website. A first time visitor would not get the impression that Mt Baker Vapor was an eLiquid creator ‘first and foremost’. Instead, the website gives the impression that Mt Baker Vapor is a hardware vendor that happens to make (or rebrand and resell?) eLiquids. e liquid review

Clearly the owners of Mt Baker have their reasons for laying out their website in this fashion, but unlike other eLiquid brands we’ve reviewed here in these pages, their eLiquids take a backseat (on the website). This is unfortunate.

Bottle Sizes – Right now, as we write this, Mt Baker offers a 15ML bottle for $4.99. According to the website the ‘normal’ price is $7.99 for a 15ML bottle, so even without the 10% Spinfuel Discount Coupon (see below), this current sale is an excellent time to stock up, and we mean stock up hard, on some of their excellent juice. (We’ve made some suggestions below for first time customers)

Mt Baker Vapor offers 15ML, 30ML and 50ML bottles. Anytime you can pick up a quality eJuice for $10.39 in a 50ML bottle you should. If you want to pop over right now, before finishing this review, to pick up a few 50ML bottles before they realize the price is extremely LOW, we suggest picking up Cinnamon Roll, Pineapple Upside Down, Graham Cracker, Bananas Foster, Coconut, and East Coast Tobacco. So go ahead. We’ll wait right here. You can pick up where you left off. Tick Tock…

Okay, while you wait for Mt Baker to mix each of your bottles (one by one), you can now finish the review; you just may discover some other flavors you’ll want to add to your order. Now where were we? Oh yes!

Nicotine Strengths – 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36mg/ml are available. We can only speak to the 1.8% (18mg/ml), and with a 1.8% nic level delivering a really good throat hit the 24mg/ml and 36mg/ml must be wicked.

Ratio Options – The “House” blend is 80% PG and 20% VG, but you can request 100% PG, 100% VG, 50/50, 20/80 PG/VG and VG at 70%, Distilled Water at 30% (for people with allergies/sensitivities to PG). Our usual mix is 70/30, but we’ve had no issues at all with their House blend of 80/20.

Flavoring Options – We did not ask for extra flavoring for our reviews, but you can. Up to 5X the standard amount of ‘flavor drops’ for just 25 cents per “shot”.

Flavor Choices

The flavor selection was chosen by our team after looking through all the available flavors on the Mt Baker Vapor website. Unlike previous reviews we were instructed by Mt Baker Vapor to choose the flavors instead of having them choose the flavors for us. That worked out wonderfully well and it is something we will consider from here on out. (Although there are 2 other brands in the wings today so that will have to happen afterwards)

In order to get a full representation of their product line we chose the following flavors. (15ML bottles, 80/20 PG/VG ratios with 1.8% nicotine)

  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut
  • Butterscotch
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Cotton Candy
  • Graham Cracker
  • Vanilla Cup Cake
  • Pina Colada
  • Ankara Tobacco
  • Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco
  • RY4 E Juice
  • Extreme Ice E Juice
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Bananas Foster
  • East Coast Tobacco
  • Pineapple Upside-down Cake

The Team

Conducting the review is Julia Barnes (Lead Writer), Lisa Johnston, Jason Little and newcomer Keira Hartley. The following hardware was used to vape throughout:

Totally Wicked’s Odyssey with the equipped single-coil tank

MyVaporStore’s ZMAX with several cartos, tanks, clearos

MyVaporStore’s Lambo v4 with Texas Tuff Tank and CE4+ (for 510-thread)

Halo Cigs G6 & Element mini-eCigs with Halo branded cartos

Johnson Creek Vea with JC Vea Cartomizers

Each team member received an equal share of each flavor. The vaping period for this review was 48 hours over 5 days. Each team member was responsible for filling their devices using whatever method they deemed suited for the job. Once the vaping had concluded and once the team believed they were ready to sit down and talk we gathered around the table and after plenty of discussion, vaping, pizza and beer we hammered out our thoughts.

The Review

Using our standard 1-5 Star rating system each team member will offer their rating for each flavor along with a synopsis of the notes and discussion that were revealed during the meeting. As lead writer, the responsibility for the ‘pull quotes’ falls to me. While certainly truncated to reserve space, I hope I have been able to properly relay each team member’s thoughts about each flavor. Feel free to leave comments below.


There were some things all of us agreed to when it came to Mt Baker Vapor eLiquids. I thought sharing them with you, here, all at once, rather than repeating ourselves for each flavor, could save some repetition.

Our Ratios – All the members agreed that the 80/20 ratio of PG/VG worked very well for every flavor we sampled. This ratio gave each juice a “great-to-fantastic” throat hit (TH) and helped boost juice flavors. Naturally, we didn’t try other ratios so this is a judgment call.

Flavors – Every eLiquid we sampled offered plenty of ‘flavor’. There were no individual ejuice that we considered weak or underrepresented.

Vapor – Vapor ranged from ‘good-to-great’. None of the eLiquids produced weak vapor, which we all decided was a pleasant surprise. 20% VG can sometimes produce weak vapor depending on what flavorings were used, but this was not the case with Mt Baker Vapor.

Mt Baker Vapor offers two eLiquids that our team thought were indispensable.  If and when you place an order at Mt Baker Vapor we strongly recommend that you include Cinnamon Roll and Pineapple Upside Down.

And Now… The Individual Flavors

Note* Mt Baker Vapor makes no attempt to come up with any fanciful description for their eLiquid flavors, so the review is a bit different than previous ones in order to compensate for the lack of descriptions.

This is the standard “Product Description” found under each eJuice:

Our 100% USA made Nicotine juice comes in a variety of blends and strengths. Please select the options to complete your juice order. The Caramel Apple e juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings. All our e liquids come in 15 ml childproof dropper bottles. The Caramel Apple E Juice is freshly mixed when you order so you will never get any old product from us. In order to add the item to your cart you will need to select all of the options. All our e juices ship out within 24 hours of order time. Most of the time sooner.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please send us an email via our contact page. 

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Blackberry – A single flavor juice

Julia:  5 Stars – Finally I am beginning to see more blackberry-flavored vapes on the market. While this one is nothing fancy it is delicious. I can appreciate a single-flavor eJuice when the flavor is like this. The real, rich and clean flavor of blackberry shines through in this pleasant all-day vape. Highly recommend to anyone that likes fruity flavors. Sweet, but not overly sweet.

Jason: 5 Stars – Blackberry has a semi-sweet but deep blackberry flavor, which makes for an excellent and slightly sweet fruit vape. I liked it a lot. MBV Blackberry is a simple, unpretentious, yet satisfying juice. Nice job.

Lisa: 5 Stars – One of my favorites, Blackberry by Mt Baker Vapor is terrific. You can really taste the richness of the blackberries, (which is heavier than blueberry); they are more flavorful than you might think. I loved it. Every eLiquid brand should offer their take on a blackberry eJuice.

Keira: 5 Stars – Blackberry is indeed a great flavor for vaping. Mt Baker Vapor doesn’t try to mix in any other flavoring to cloud the blackberry goodness, which is something I appreciated quite a bit. I’m a fruit loving Vaper and this really hit the spot. Excellent!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Blueberry – A single-flavor juice

Julia: 5 Stars – Another clean, just-sweet-enough fruit flavor. You get a really nice blueberry flavor vaping this. I’ve vaped several ‘blueberry’ mixes before but seldom are they able to deliver an authentic blueberry eJuice. Mt Baker Vapor’s Blueberry is authentic. Not as deep as Blackberry, but excellent in its own right.

Jason: 5 Stars – The only difference between blueberry and blackberry is the taste of the berries. I know that sounds like Mr. Obvious speaking, but what I mean is that between these two juices everything is identical except the basic berry flavor. They both have the same vapor production and same throat hit. I would prefer the blackberry more times than not if I had to choose, but otherwise I would keep both of them for very different vaping moods.

Lisa: 5 Stars – I agree with Jason completely, well almost. My enjoyment of blackberry and blueberry are the same. Blackberry is a heavier vape; blueberry is light and a tad less sweet, but both as excellent fruity flavors. It would be hard to choose between them so I would buy both. Blueberry during the day, blackberry by night would be my preference. Make sense?

Keira: 5 Stars – An amazing blueberry vape. Very authentic and very flavorful. Lisa is right; it’s a lighter vape than blackberry but every bit as good. Wonderful stuff!

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Coconut – A single-flavor juice

Julia: 5 Stars – I love coconut so for me this was a great juice. A sort of sweet coconut but with a great punch of a throat hit. The vapor was thick and the flavor just as thick. Coconut provides the base for many fancy concoctions but as a single-flavor vape it has much to offer.

Jason: 5 Stars – I loved the extra throat hit you get with a coconut vape, but coconut delivers on many levels. I also like coconut-based flavors, especially when mixed with other tropical flavors, but as a standalone flavor it holds it own. Definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys a coconut-only vape.

Lisa: 5 Stars – I agree with everyone’s description of the coconut flavor and vapor. Slightly sweet coconut, just as it should be, but even at 1.8% nicotine strength the throat hit was a little too much for me. I know that coconut carries a powerful throat hit, and if you want a hard-hitting coconut vape this one has to be it.

Keira: 5 Stars – You know, I’m not crazy about real coconut, its tough to eat, tougher to chew and swallow, but I really like the flavor of coconut. This coconut-based juice packs a good coconut flavor. An eLiquid that delivers a lot of coconut flavor with a powerful throat hit is fine by me. I vaped Mt Baker Vapor Coconut longer than I thought I would. Delicious!

Butterscotch – A single-flavor juice

Julia: 5 Stars – Butterscotch was a hell of a surprise to me. I did not expect to like it… at all. I’ve never vaped a butterscotch-only ejuice so I had no idea what to expect. That first drag it was confusing. Then after about 5 minutes, maybe less, I began identifying the butterscotch flavor and it was heavenly. Butterscotch has a creamy, sweet flavor, but uniquely its own. If you like butterscotch pudding or butterscotch hard candies this is something you’re really going to love.

Jason: 3 Stars – I have to give butterscotch just 3 stars. It does deliver an amazing throat hit and vapor production is more than decent. But as far as the butterscotch flavor goes it was too weak for me. I really wanted to get hit hard with the butterscotch flavor and I wasn’t. However, I am going to try this juice again at some point and order it with 3 or 4 shots of extra flavoring. This might be a 5 Star vape for me with more butterscotch flavoring.

Lisa: 4 Stars – My mom used to make butterscotch pudding for deserts while I was growing up so when I was vaping Mt Baker Vapor Butterscotch the flavor took right back to New Jersey to that tiny house, watching my mom constantly stirring the pot of butterscotch pudding on the stove so it wouldn’t burn on the bottom of the pot. This will be one of my permanent flavors, though I do like Jason’s idea of punching up the butterscotch flavoring with a couple of extra shots.

Keira: 3 Stars – Half of us tasted plenty of butterscotch and half tasted too little. That seems a little strange. I’m in the “not enough” camp and I think Jason also has the right idea. Order some with extra flavoring. The price of their juice is so affordable how could we not experiment a little?

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Cinnamon Roll – A Team Favorite!!

Julia: 5 Stars – I wonder how many people could make this an all-day vape like I have? Cinnamon Roll is very different from other (great) cinnamon flavors sold by Mt Baker Vapor and others, but every bit as good or better. This juice is actually a two-flavor juice, the cinnamon is dominant of course, but underneath Mt Baker Vapor has been able to get the taste of the “roll” part down pat.

At first I didn’t like it. It tasted a little foreign to me. But after a couple more drags I began tasting the nuances of the cinnamon “roll” part of the vape and it came together perfectly. After I had gone through all the Cinnamon Roll eJuice I had to review I went pestering the others for any they might have left over. What a wonderful flavor!

Jason: 5 Stars – Sometimes an eLiquid company produces their own “Abbey Road” or “Sgt. Pepper” flavor and for me, Mt Baker Vapor produced their Sgt. Pepper with Cinnamon Roll. I refused to give up any of the eJuice I had left and after this review is published, when I am allowed to order more, this is definitely going to be a 50ML order. Cinnamon Roll is perfection in a vape.

Lisa: 5 Stars – How come we can’t order from these guys until the review comes out? I’m right there with you Jason, there are a couple of flavors that I plan on ordering 50ML bottles of and this is definitely one of them. Cinnamon Roll is a sweetly perfect reproduction of a real cinnamon roll, and one I could not get enough of.

Keira: 5 Stars – I am new to vaping (2 months) and Julia has been making me try different flavors all the time. I must say, that so far this one, cinnamon roll, is by far my favorite flavor. Put me down for a 50ML bottle of this liquid gold too. If you like cinnamon rolls you’re going to love this one.

Cotton Candy – A single-flavor juice

Julia: 4 Stars – I expected Cotton Candy to be much sweeter than it was. When I was younger I used to eat cotton candy a few times a year and I loved the sweet sugar rush. I expected this juice to be like that. It wasn’t. It was still very good, but next time I’ll order it with a couple of shots of flavoring.

Jason: 4 Stars – I am vaping more sweeter vapes lately, so I was looking forward to vaping this one. While I did like it, (how could you not?) I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as sweet as I expected. Not enough of  ‘cotton candy’ flavor to it.  I’m not sure if this is one juice I will order again, but I would recommend an extra shot of flavoring to anyone that does want to order it.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Yes, I can see where someone would want to punch up the cotton candy flavoring, but to me it had the right balance. The best thing about it was I could vape it all day if I wanted to. Had it been sweeter I don’t think I could have done an all-day vape with it. It’s a great flavor as is.

Keira: 3 Stars – I wish I could taste what you guys tasted, but I just couldn’t. I liked the throat hit and the vapor, but in order for me to taste the cotton candy flavor I would have to add 3 or more extra shots of flavor. Maybe I’m less sensitive to sweet flavors, or maybe I just wanted it to be an overly sweet vape and it wasn’t.

Graham Cracker – A single-flavor juice

Julia: 5 Stars – Oh my, this is a great reproduction of graham crackers! The only thing that would have made this any better is if they would have added a touch of cinnamon to it. A sweet cinnamon graham cracker would have been ideal. On its own though, it delivers a solid flavor of graham crackers and that is enough to make it a highly recommended ejuice.

Jason: 4 Stars – Graham cracker flavoring is sometimes used in partnership with other flavors, and I can see why that would work well. But, this was enough for me and if anyone reading this likes graham crackers you’ll like this Mt Baker Vapor’s version. Because it is a base flavor for some, if you get the urge to blend this with, say, cinnamon roll, you might be pleasantly surprised. (Wink wink)

Lisa: 4 Stars – I enjoyed the graham cracker flavor all by itself. No need to punch it up or add another flavor to it. This is a fine, slightly sweet graham cracker that really hits the spot.

Keira: 3.5 Stars – We buy graham crackers at the store and sometimes, at night as a snack, we’ll take a few crackers, spread some butter on them, and snack away. But, we buy graham crackers with cinnamon sugar on top. This vape tastes like the graham crackers without the cinnamon, so while it was definitely good it lacked that extra layer of sugar and cinnamon. I would like to suggest to Mt Baker that they make a Cinnamon Graham flavor, and call it “Keira’s Cinnamon Grahams”. LOL! They could do worse ya know?

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Vanilla Cup Cake – A double-flavor juice

Julia: 5 Stars – This isn’t the first Vanilla Cup Cake I’ve had as an ejuice, but is it ever a good one! This vape has a nice sweet vanilla flavor with just a touch of cupcake ‘cakiness’. An especially nice desert vape when all you want is something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plenty of vapor and throat hit rounds out Vanilla Cupcake flavor. I like this one quite a bit.

Jason: 5 Star – Almost too sweet, but not. Started out as a real sweet desert vape but after a few drags, perhaps my cartomizer settled down or something, more of the cupcake flavor came out to make this a splendid vaping experience.

Lisa: 5 Stars – This is a good vanilla flavor, no doubt about it. Even without the cake flavor, or rather cupcake flavor, this would have been a delightfully sweet vape. The addition of the cake/cupcake flavor was a great addition. Vanilla on its own can sometimes be overly harsh but when you add something to it, in this case a cupcake flavor, you get something that is not harsh, but rather sweet and cake-y. Delightful!

Keira: 5 Stars – Well, you have to like vanilla of course to enjoy this ejuice. For me, this was a genuine vanilla cupcake vape, something that really hit the spot, over and over and over. I’m still so surprised when I vape something that is a near-perfect reproduction of a desert or a tropical drink, it’s amazing that people that make ejuice can pull it off like this. I’m so impressed.

Pina Colada – A multi-flavor juice

Julia: 4 Stars – There are a lot of Pina Colada flavored ejuice out there, and many of them are excellent and just as many are simply okay. This one is somewhere in the middle. Not the best, certainly not the worst, instead it’s a basically okay tropical drink ejuice. There isn’t anything spectacular to it.

Jason: 3.5 Stars – I had no idea that Julia felt this way about this Pina Colada, but I had the same experience. I liked it, but just liked it. After vaping some wonderful flavors from Mt Baker Vapor I was expecting something more than just okay. Just goes to show you that not every ejuice can be awesome.

Lisa: 4 Stars – Julia’s right, there are plenty of Pina Colada blends out there in the marketplace, and some are very good and many are not. So the question I had to ask myself is that if there were half a dozen Pina Colada’s sitting here in front of me would Mt Baker’s be my first choice, and if not, where in the line would be. I decided that it would not be first choice. It’s certainly a good ejuice, but its just not exciting to me. I would label it as ‘Average’.

Keira: 4.5 Stars – When it comes to tropical flavors I’ve found that I usual go for a straight coconut or a pineapple or some other single-flavor juice. I don’t have much experience with Pina Colada because I was never that thrilled with the alcohol drink of the same name.

When it was time for me to start vaping Pina Colada I had no idea what to expect, not really. I was pleasantly surprised! Mt Baker Vapor offers a really complex layering of flavors and you get a different “taste” with different devices you can use. Unlike Lisa I think I’d go for Mt Baker Vapor’s brand of Pina colada first. It was delicious and I wanted to more.

Popcorn Ball – Rated Lowest By The Team

Julia: 2 Stars – Not completely “UnVapable” but its close. Popcorn Ball has a real funky flavor to it. Have you ever taken a drag of a new ejuice and the second the flavor registers in your brain you yank the hardware from your mouth? That’s what I did.

I was excited to try popcorn ball because I’d never vaped a popcorn flavor before. Mt Baker Vapor makes a ‘buttered popcorn’ that is probably better than this, or at least I hope so. I don’t know, I’d be surprised if this was a hot seller. I didn’t like it at all.

Jason: 3 Stars – I don’t eat popcorn except when I’m at the movies so I didn’t expect to like it. In fact I thought I would hate it. Surprisingly enough I didn’t hate it, I was able to stay with it for a few hours. It’s pretty good IF you like the taste of popcorn in a vape. Having said that, I understand Julia’s reaction because it has happened to me a few times, especially with licorice flavors. Sometimes it’s not good to go in unprepared.

Lisa: 2 Stars – For vapers that enjoy the flavor of popcorn in vapor form this is one of 2 or 3 other popcorn flavors offered by Mt Baker Vapor. My issue with Popcorn Ball is that it is a very strong popcorn flavor and it didn’t sit will with me.  However, since Mt Baker Vapor does offer more than one popcorn flavor I get this feeling that there is a subset of vapers out there in the community that find the taste of popcorn in vapor form delightful. To each their own.

Keira: 2 Stars – My take on Popcorn Ball reminds me of something that Julia once said; “Just because you can make eLiquid taste like (whatever), doesn’t mean you should”. I adore many of the flavors by Mt Baker Vapor, but Popcorn Ball is not one of them.

Ankara Tobacco

Julia: 4 Stars – Ankara Tobacco is a strong flavor, and a good flavor for vapers looking for a rich tobacco vape. Very different from other tobacco vapes I’ve had in the past. Mt Baker Vapor offers a few different tobacco flavors and although Ankara isn’t my favorite one, it’s still pretty good.

Jason: 4 Stars – Now Ankara is a deep rich tobacco vape. Ankara is as rich as a Turkish tobacco vape, but with a different tobacco flavor. Very unique. I could see myself vaping this on the weekends when I’m out and about in Ft Lauderdale.

Lisa: 3 Stars – I’m not an enthusiastic tobacco Vaper but I was surprised by how good this is. Not as good as East Coast Tobacco, but an inspired choice by Mt Baker Vapor. They offer a few tobacco flavors, and we tried a couple of them. Ankara is, to me, the best one of the bunch.

Keira: 4 Stars – I didn’t think I would ever give a tobacco-based ejuice 4 stars simply because I don’t enjoy tobacco flavors very much. But, Ankara Tobacco has a very unique tobacco flavor that gives it an exotic flavor very much worth vaping. Tom would love this!

Virginia Fire-Cured Tobacco

Julia: 4 Stars – With the Virginia Fire-Cured flavor Mt Baker steps up the strong tobacco flavoring with a vape that will appeal to people like Tom, real tobacco Vapers. I detected a slight sweet texture to it that when combined with a strong tobacco flavor it created something many people will find very appealing.

Jason: 4 Stars – Virginia Fire-Cured and East Coast are similar in some ways, yet very different in others. While I could vape East Coast all day long I see Virginia Fire-Cured as a great after dinner vape. Stronger, in my opinion, then East Coast, so as an after dinner vape it would be a satisfying pleasure.

Lisa: 4 Stars – For a tobacco flavor Virginia Fire-Cured is excellent. There is no way I could vape this for hours on end but as a short vape, maybe an hour at a time, this would satisfy me. Mt Baker Vapor seems to know how do tobacco right.

Keira: 3 Stars – Too bad Tom (McBride) wasn’t available for this review because I think he would have gone nuts over these tobacco vapes from Mt Baker Vapor. The one I enjoy most is this one; its strong flavor is balanced by a slightly sweet, almost wet, flavor of a real tobacco vape.

RY4 – A multi-flavored eJuice

Julia: 3 Stars – Don’t laugh, but I taste the flavor of prunes with this version of the famous RY4. I thought that would go away after a way but it didn’t. I know taste buds are different for all people so you probably won’t taste a prune flavor. It’s not a bad RY4, and it is a unique RY4, but it’s not MY RY4.

Jason: 4 Stars – I detect no taste of prunes in this RY4 Julia, although Mt Baker Vapor’s version of the RY4 has a very different ‘take’ then other RY4’s I’ve had. Exotic is a word that fits this RY4 like a glove.

This RY4 is good all-day vape but not everyday, if you know what I mean. There are many layers to this flavor and it’s complex as all hell. If you are an RY4 fan you will either love this version or hate it. When I do vape this particular RY4 I love it, but strangely when I’m not vaping it I don’t miss it. I find that a little weird.

Lisa: 3 Stars – There are as many different RY4’s as there are eJuice brands and everyone’s preference is different. RY4 is by its very nature a complicated vape. Mt Baker did a superb job creating an RY4 like you’ve never tasted before. Whether or not it is a successful RY4 is another story. I would be very interested in hearing from our readers who have vaped this particular RY4. I’d love to know what they think.

Keira: 3 Stars – RY4 by Mt Baker Vapor is the strongest RY4 I’ve had to date. Somehow their combination of caramel, espresso, and vanilla has combined into a very unique, very tasty RY4. I asked several of my friends to take a puff of this flavor and the percentage of people who liked it and didn’t like was just about 50/50, which is probably an accurate division for a flavor this complex.

Extreme Ice

Julia: 2 Stars – Extreme Ice is a favorite of one of the owners of Mt Baker Vapor. I can believe that. But I don’t think anyone should expect to vape a menthol-based flavor with Extreme Ice. To my mind this isn’t menthol, it’s a strong sinus-clearing flavor. Try taking a drag, exhaling and then inhaling the air around you; your throat gets a wicked cool inhale of the air, like a strong mentholated cough drop.

Jason: 3 Stars – I agree with Julia on this one. Extreme Ice is aptly named. What a great vape when you have a stuffed nose or a sore throat. Extreme Ice is a strong cough drop vape that will most definitely soothe a sore throat.

Lisa: 4 Stars – I love what this does to your throat and your nose. Why bother spending a couple of bucks for a box of strong cough drops to clear your sinuses or soothe a sore throat when you can vape Extreme Ice for a couple of pennies a day.

Keira: 4 Stars – After a day of vaping sweet flavors, tobacco flavors, and even bakery flavors, Extreme Ice is a palette cleanser. A vape that will wipe away any memories left over from different flavors enjoyed during the day. An amazingly cool experience, figuratively and literally.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Banana Nut Bread – Multi-Flavored eJuice

Julia: 5 Stars – How can you miss with Banana Nut Bread? Vaping this is like eating a slice of homemade banana nut bread. Lots of flavor with vapor to spare, this is a delightfully rich ejuice that I put on my rotation as fast as I could.

Jason: 5 Stars – If you like Banana flavored vapes you will love this one a lot. I thought it was just okay because I’m not head-over-heals about banana flavored vapes (except one), so while I thought on an intellectual level Mt Baker Vapor hit this one out of the park, it didn’t move me much.

Lisa: 5 Stars – One of the better banana vapes I’ve tried. A very complex flavor and you can taste each of the main flavorings in a delightfully rich combination of banana, nuttiness, and rich banana bread. Oh how I loved this one!

Keira: 4 Stars – Had I vaped Banana Nut Bread before Bananas Foster I might have rated this one 5 stars. But that didn’t happen so Banana Nut Bread had to compete for my affections with Bananas Foster, and it lost. Otherwise a great vape.

Bananas Foster – A Team Favorite!

Julia: 5 Stars – Without a doubt, my two favorite flavors in this review are Bananas Foster and Cinnamon Roll. I went around asking the team for any that they might have left and no one did. We all loved it, and with good reason; Bananas Foster is an amazing vape.

Jason: 5 Stars – There is something about this ejuice that keeps drawing me back to it. I plan on placing an order the day this review is published because it’s a great standout flavor for Mt Baker Vapor, and it’s so delicious! I cannot recommend Bananas Foster higher. (and yes, this is the banana-flavored vape mentioned above)

Lisa: 5 Stars – I definitely wish we had gotten more of Bananas Foster because we tore through this flavor faster than I thought possible. What a great flavor, perfect for vaping. Kind of sweet with banana/caramel deliciousness you won’t believe. Buy this one now!

Keira: 5 Stars – Yea, I have to agree, Bananas Foster is one of Mt Baker Vapor’s crowning achievements (based on the 18 flavors we reviewed) and it will become one of your favorites the minute you vape it. Highly recommended!


Spinfuel Choice Award 2013East Coast Tobacco – A Magical Tobacco Blend

Julia: 5 Stars – East Coast Tobacco is my favorite tobacco flavor from Mt Baker Vapor. East Coast is rich without being too heavy, a touch of barely noticeable sweetness that calms down the energy of strong tobacco. So satisfying, with plenty of nuances to beat the band. (Beat the band? Really?)

Jason: 5 Stars – I think that most people who vape tobacco flavors will find something in East Coast Tobacco that will bring them back time and again. Not as “in your face” as Ankara, and it’s better balanced than Virginia Fire-Cured tobacco. East Coast Tobacco stands alone as being one of the best tobacco flavors from Mt Baker Vapor.

Lisa: 5 Stars – This is the best tobacco flavor I’ve had to date. Perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness, dryness, and deep flavors coming together in a way that puts East Coast Tobacco on the map. Highly recommended to anyone that likes a good tobacco vape.

Keira: 5 Stars – East Coast Tobacco reminds me of real smoking, so I suppose that anyone looking to get off analog cigarettes might want to seriously start with this one. It would make the transition easier because it so closely resembles the best cigarettes around. Personally I found it to be an “okay” tobacco vape, but to many others it was pretty great. I yield to the majority and I am fine with that.

Spinfuel Choice Award 2013Pineapple Upside Down Cake – A Team Favorite!

Julia: 5 Stars – This is the 3rd “Best of” vapes in my mind. A great balance of sweetness gives this juice the best of all possible worlds. Considering that you can buy a 50ML bottle of this great vape for $11 how can you not try it? I urge our readers to pop over before the sale ends. An all-day vape of the marvelous kind. (Enter ‘Spinfuel’ in the coupon code box for an extra 10% off)

Jason: 5 Stars – I agree, this is a great vaping ejuice. A combination of flavors that make up the pineapple upside down cake is all present and accounted for here in a beautiful and delicate balance. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there are a couple of 50ML bottles of this in my future. Wow.

Lisa: 5 Stars – Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a great flavor to vape. Rich, deep, with a good amount of sweetness, this is the one flavor that I will have to have on hand at all times. (Well, this one and Cinnamon Roll) The final flavor in our Mt Baker Vapor Trilogy, my hat goes off to Mt Baker Vapor for getting it exactly right!

Keira: 5 Stars – There is something about this flavor that makes it very difficult to pull away from. I can’t believe how good it is. It’s as though someone had wished upon a star for a perfect reproduction of Pineapple Upside Down Cake in vape form and it worked. Bravo!

Final Thoughts:

Mt Baker Vapor is an excellent eLiquid company. When they create a flavor that hits it out of the park they show us just how good they can be. Even when some flavors are either too simple, or just not very inspiring, they still show the community they are serious about the art of making eJuice.

Clearly, Mt Baker Vapor has developed some great recipes for complex flavors as well as single-flavor ejuice. Their Cinnamon Roll, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and their Bananas Foster are the best of the best, truly marvelous concoctions that will continue to generate new customers who happen to try them through a friend’s recommendation, through this review, or simply by happenstance. Out of the flavors we sampled these 3 are the pillars that hold them all up.

There are more than 198 flavors currently offered by Mt Baker Vapor and there must be many more flavors that we would fine to be a solid 5 Star ejuice. We barely scratched the surface with the 18 or 19 flavors we reviewed here.

Think about this; we didn’t even receive the flavors that Mt Baker Vapor thought were their best. Instead we (I) picked them from looking over the list on their website, based on flavors I thought would be a broad enough selection to give our readers a good read on the spectrum of ejuice they offer; from simple, single-flavor juice to highly complex flavors.

We can only imagine which flavors we would have received had we asked Mt Baker Vapor to pick their best ejuice. That’s something to think about when you visit their website to order some of their eLiquids.


We think it’s a mistake to lose so much of their homepage to the hardware they sell rather than making their eLiquids the top priority. Of course, we have no idea which side brings in the most revenue so maybe there is a valid reason to deemphasize the eLiquids. But as connoisseurs of eLiquids we believe Mt Baker Vapor creates top-tier eJuice that deserve to be highlighted as their most important products.

As a first-class eJuice House Mt Baker Vapor is probably missing out on many more loyal customers because they seem to be hiding the fact that they are eJuice artists. When you go to their website as a first-timer you have to actually hunt for the eLiquid link. The link is called “Nicotine Juice”, and clicking that link takes you to a page where the very first graphic you see (when your eyes are focused at the same place as it was before your clicked the link) is for a bottle of “unflavored” nicotine juice.

On my first visit I thought I had clicked into their DIY ejuice pages and then finally noticed the set of links above that offer links to “Fruits Nuts Spices”, “Sweet Flavors”, “Beverage Flavors”, and then “Tobacco Flavors”. We believe Mt Baker Vapor needs to create either a new website dedicated to their 198 flavors (with new flavors almost every week) or switch the focus on the website to eLiquids rather than hardware. But, that’s just our opinion as eLiquid connoisseurs.

Price – Negative or Positive?

Finally, the price point for Mt Baker Vapor eLiquids might also be (Am I really going to say this?) too low. Buying a 15ML bottle of eLiquid for $4.99, and a 50ML bottle (and yes, that’s 50ML, not 30ML) for $10.39 is unbelievable and maybe unfair to the rest of the industry. You might find this shocking to read, but hear me out.

Mt Baker Vapor has a staff of 9 people who are fully trained to properly mix their proprietary recipes, and can do so quickly without contamination worries, one bottle at a time. Surely Mt Baker Vapor has this method down to a science.

Our blind order last week (to test their customer service), took our order and within 5 hours we received not only a shipping notice, but a tracking number as well.  This kind of efficiently is all well and good, but unfortunately most other “artistic” eLiquid flavorists are not so lucky. Some of the very best eJuice creators have one or two people, at most, to complete every aspect of your order, from taking the order, mixing the eJuice, packaging and shipping, not to mention maintaining proper stock of ingredients, shipping boxes, and all the labor that goes into running an eLiquid ‘art house’.

The one negative aspect of selling eJuice so cheaply is that experienced eJuice buyers may associate the inexpensive price to inexpensive ingredients. We nearly skipped inviting Mt Baker Vapor to become a “Spinfuel Reviewed” eLiquid maker because of these incredibly low prices.

I remember thinking when I was browsing through their selection and looking at the low prices that there had to be a reason why their prices were so low. Was it because they used the cheapest Chinese ingredients they could find? If Spinfuel has been careful enough to choose only the very finest eLiquid artists to review, are we making a mistake by choosing a company that plays down their eJuice and also sells it far below the market pricing? The final decision to contact them and invite them to be reviewed was based on their huge number of flavors and low prices. We had to see for ourselves.

In any case, after living with Mt Baker Vapor flavors for a several days I can safely say that despite their low prices, Mt Vapor Baker is a top-notch eLiquid company delivering tremendous ejuice, and just so happens to sell their product at this super-low price point.

Mt Baker Vapor is using 100% American-Made nicotine juice, American sourced ingredients, and has a staff of 9-eJuice mixologists. The bottom line is that out of the 18 flavors we reviewed most of them were excellent, a few of them were outstanding, and two of them were among the best out there.

The Spinfuel Team highly recommends Mt Baker Vapor.

Don’t’ forget to use the word ‘Spinfuel’ to receive a 10% discount on your entire order until 12/31/12.

nic-spiLead writerJulia Barnes, with Jason Little, Lisa Johnston, Keira Hartley.

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