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We see you found our Contact Page. Need to contact Spinfuel VAPE for any reason? Perhaps you have a product you would like to see reviewed? We do have some guidelines though, we don’t review just anything, especially when it comes to eliquid. You should contact us first, tell us exactly what you’d like to have reviewed. We’re going to ask questions, of that you can be sure, so tell us now and we can move things along quicker. Fair, don’t you think? Still, if by chance you have one of those companies that sell overpriced starter kit, ship prefilled cartomizer to customers, or charge for a “free” starter kit, don’t even bother. We won’t review you, and chances are you’ll wind up in a Spinfuel Scam Alert.

Maybe you are a Vaper looking to contribute original content? We’re always looking for good, original content from vapers around the world. So if that’s the case, please do contact us.

You might also be curious about certain advertising information, or traffic stats, or something else? We can help there too. We can send you our latest rate card. But, just to warn you, spaces are limited and its pretty rare that we have a slot open. You see, when you’re serving up more than 450,000 page impressions every month and having an average of 110,000 visitors come to us every month our ad rates are ridiculously low. And, we don’t sell advertising by way of CPM’s either, we sell on a per month basis. (A CPM equals 1000 pageviews)

Whatever it is, this is the right page.

Use the form below to send us a message. We’ll make sure it gets to the right person and whoever that person is will get back to you within 24 hours, give or take.


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Spinfuel VAPE – Mayfair Lane – Nashua, NH 03063 – (603) 715-7710