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Element Vape
Vaping Hobby or Vaping Addiction
A Vaping Hobby or a Vaping Addiction

There is a huge debate topic today, whether vaping is considered a hobby or an addiction. Defining vaping, it is the process of converting substances into vapor using an electronic device known as vape or vaporizer that is chargeable and refillable with e-juice, wax concentrate, or dry herbs. Vaping has been a practice even before [...]

Nicotine Salt E-Juice and Pod Mods - My Experience - SPINFUEL VAPE
Nicotine Salt E-Juice and Pod Mods – My Experience

In this article I will be discussing several topics concerning Nicotine Salt E-juice. I have questions, and I have some answers. But mostly, I’m watching a new segment of the vaping industry take off like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It is exciting, it is effective, and it is finally being taken seriously.Is it the [...]

Understanding the Emerging Nicotine Salt Trend
Understanding the Emerging Nicotine Salt Trend

If you’ve been vaping for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that the vaping industry is constantly evolving. Some of the changes are easy to predict, while others have come completely out of left field to catch everyone off guard. I think that it’s safe to say that the emerging nicotine salt trend is [...]

FDA Plan to Slash Cigarette Nicotine Could Be Big Boost for Vaping
FDA to Slash Cigarette Nicotine – Big Boost for Vaping

Lowering Nicotine in Cigarettes Will Encourage Vaping The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is moving ahead with plans to slash the amount of "addiction level" nicotine in cigarettes in a bid to get people to stop smoking. It could mean a big boost for vaping, as the reduced nicotine level of cigarettes can be matched by [...]

Zero-Nic Game by the FDA - Spinfuel
The Zero-Nic Game – Life After 8/8

What Vape Retailers Need to Know Products with Zero Nicotine. You might ask yourself, how does e-juice with zero-nic (zero nicotine) be considered as a tobacco product that should be regulated by the FDA deeming regulations? Well, that question was asked of the FDA.  You won’t believe their answer, or maybe you would.  Here is the answer from [...]

The Word "Carcinogen" Could Be Redefined to Include Nicotine
The Debate: Nicotine as Carcinogen?

The Word "Carcinogen" Could Be Redefined to Include Nicotine Pascal Culverhouse Talks Nicotine and Carcinogen - You’d think that whether a substance (Nicotine in this case) causes cancer or not is decided by science, not semantics. But at the history of several key terms shows us that tobacco control is not above moving the goalposts. In fact, [...]

The Evil of Regulated Profit ? Julia Hartley-Barnes Spinfuel eMagazine
FDA Motivated by Power and Profit

Does It Even Matter If Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe?  Not really, no.  Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes, is a bona-a-fide success story for millions of former smokers all over the world. They are a very popular alternative to smoking tobacco products, aka analog cigarettes. (in Vape-Speak) And soon, what's left in the wake of [...]

Vape in Peace: The Holiday Edition

Vape in Peace: The Holiday Edition Relax into the Present Moment We all know the holidays can be hectic with endless shopping lists, cooking extravaganzas and lots of time with family, often in close quarters for extended periods of time. Instead of getting stressed, we would do well to find something that helps us relax so that [...]

Still Smoking American Spirit Cigarettes?

Still Smoking American Spirit Cigarettes? There’s a better way to get your nicotine fix… organically It’s basically a universal truth that smoking cigarettes is bad for one’s health. Indeed, the Surgeon General issues a warning on every pack about the inherent dangers of smoking, not to mention the statistics are solid… and shocking. Compared to the average [...]

NoNic™ Nicotine Replacement
Could NoNic™ Bypass Nicotine Regulations?

 About NoNic™ Nicotine Replacement About NoNic™ - For quite some time I started giving serious thought to what we, as vapers, can really expect from the “deeming regulations” (I think deeming regulations as become a vaper specific meme these days). I’ve wondered if the FDA might try to sneak one past the goal post by coming [...]

Foreign Nicotine – Dangerous?

DANGERS OF USING FOREIGN NICOTINE FROM TOBACCO  William Hackett - Guest Contributor Pick up the bottle of e liquid that you are currently enjoying. Examine the label. Does it say anything about where the ingredients originated? Probably Not. Does this concern you? It should. What if I were to tell you that the products you rely on, [...]

How And Why Nicotine Is Vital To Vaping

The 2014 Spinfuel Guide to Vaping - Part 1: Nicotine is Vital Terms You Will Need To Know: Analogs – Tobacco Cigarettes Vapers – People who use eCigarettes – Vape – The Act of Vaping – Vaping – Identical to smoking, only instead of tobacco you’re breathing in vapor. As someone who left analog cigarettes behind a [...]

If natural nicotine is not addictive….

Mark Benson - If natural nicotine is not addictive, what keeps tobacco smokers coming back? The subject of nicotine addiction is something which has been very closely associated with the growing popularity of the electronic cigarette industry and has given many politicians and regulators an entry point into the discussion. The chances are that the vast [...]

Nicotine – Because You Should Know – Judy Henry

I read something to this effect recently. It was included in a study of the use of hallucinogenic plants among shamanic cultures (like those in the Amazon). The author touched on the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. In certain indigenous cultures, tobacco is considered a remedy (the Ashaninca word for "healer," or "shaman," is sheripiari - literally, "the person [...]

E Cigarettes – Because You Should Know

Judy Henry Wants You To Know More About E Cigarettes The invention of the e cigarette presented us with a glorious opportunity. It has made it possible for many of us to quit smoking, including myself. It has given many of us the opportunity to start new businesses, including myself.  With great opportunities, come great responsibilities. [...]

Is US Focus Switching From Electronic Cigarettes To Marijuana?

Electronic Cigarettes and Marijuana? In an interesting, if unexpected, development in America, US President Barack Obama has been talking about the use of marijuana across the country. This comes just days after the authorities in Colorado and Washington agreed to legalise marijuana under specific regulations. Over the last few months there has been significant focus on [...]