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These days there are plenty of people talking about the potential dangers of vaping products. People shout how vapes should be regulated even more. Vaping is a much safer alternative to cigarettes. Whoever decided that every single vaping product is a “tobacco” product proves the ignorance of the people in government.

38 Million Smokers – 38 Million Addictions

At the present time 38 million Americans are addicted to smoking traditional cigarettes, putting them at a higher risk of developing cancer as well as heart and lung disease. E-cigs are a safer alternative.

In the USA, many major retailers have banned the sale of e-cigarettes entirely, but is there any valid reason for this?

Reasons Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking?

Bootleg Cannabis Cartridges

Yes, there has been a significant rise in vaping-associated pulmonary injuries, with over 1,400 cases and 33 deaths. These problems are caused by smoking contaminated cannabis products. Bootleg THC cartridges made in criminal homemade labs. Every illnesses and death were caused by THC and Vitamin E Acetate solution. NOT e-liquid, and certainly NOT flavored e-liquids.

Will Bans Backfire?


The truth is that if vapes are not available to buy, then people won’t stop craving nicotine, they will simply go back to smoking cigarettes. While others will turn towards black market vaping products, which surely will be a more dangerous option than buying from a reputable vape shop.

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

When compared to smoking tobacco, vaping is a 95% safer than smoking. At least.

The various chemicals and carcinogens in smoking can cause lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. You wont get this when using a vape.

Some people believe that it is the nicotine that causes the problems, but this is not the case at all.

Nicotine is addictive. Found in tobacco and (most) vape e-liquids. Also in vegetables. Pure nicotine is toxic. Nicotine in vapes is insignificant.

The Overblown, Inaccurate Dangers of Vaping

There have been (poor) studies that have shown the “potential” dangers of vaping.  Proper testing under scientific standards show vapour to be 95% safer than tobacco smoke.

The issue of e-cigs exploding and causing serious burns is, however, true.

Fires occur with wrong chargers. Mixed milliamp-hour rated batteries is worse. A host of human errors can cause problems. Like with all things we handle, we should handle with care. Smoking can kill by the act alone. Vaping correctly does not.

Poor quality chargers will cause e-cig batteries to overheat. So please use the correct one. Look out for your safety, and the safety of your loved ones.

When buying a e-cigarette I would recommend always buying the best one that you can afford. Always look for reviews, and ask around. Nowadays, vaping is very popular and the opinion from a real person should mean a lot.

Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking Tobacco


When it comes to cost, vaping is a much cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco.

To put people off buying tobacco, the costs have soared over recent years. Vaping products on the other hand are much more affordable, especially e-liquid.

Of course there are running costs involves with using vapes, such as the need to buy e-liquid and atomiser heads. Cost is a fraction of smoking tobacco.

Vaping Used To Stop Smoking

The FDA refuses to approve their use as a smoking cessation product. Instead choosing to focus on making it harder to access these products. Of course, the older head of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, now believes that smoking cessation should have been used as a valid reason.

As stated earlier, the FDA will just push consumers towards black market products that are not regulated at all, and could potentially be dangerous.


Of course, the end goal is to stop smoking entirely. The FDA is hoping to dissuade teenagers from starting smoking or vaping at all. To prevent any addiction to nicotine is simply impossible.

Stopping people from smoking should be the end goal. Vaping could be the answer. If policymakers and public health officials change their stance and accept vaping as a tool to aid this process. Unfortunately there is far greater ‘profits’ and ‘graft’ in preventing vaping. The governments in the US (state, local, and federal) are more than willing to sell their votes for money.

Perhaps America could take some advice from the UK, with Public Health England advising smokers to choose vaping as a way to quit smoking altogether. We can but hope.