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Ontario Canada is looking at banning flavored vaping products. What would Katy say? Why are they jumping on the “Ban Flavors” bandwagon?  Supposedly to help control the increase in Teen Vaping™ in the province.  Nova Scotia already has a flavor ban that will go into effect sometime in 2020.

Never mind that Teen Vaping™ has actually “increased” since all this hullabaloo began in early summer, it seems that even Canadian Officials are not listening any better than US officials. (We can’t talk about India’s complete carpet bombing of ALL vape products since their reasoning seems to be “tobacco good, it kills. Vaping bad, it saves too many people

In any case, perhaps Ontario is in the stage of “considering” to see how much pushback there will be. If that’s the case, if you guys in the beautiful country and cities in Ontario want your flavored e-liquid, now’s the time to protest, write emails, hop on Twitter, and make it known.

Ontario ban on flavored vaping products

From CTVNews Toronto:

“The Ontario government’s concern for young residents is prompting it to entertain the idea of banning flavored vaping products, the province’s health minister said Thursday as another Canadian province finalized its own prohibition on the popular items.”

You see, right here is where the Ontario government makes its first BIG mistake. Teenagers vape, by and large, high nicotine, or nicotine salt e-juice in pods, like JUUL. They don’t care about flavors, they care about the nicotine buzz from these Nicotine Salts Pods containing in excess of 50mg of nicotine.

Everyday, traditional Vapers stay away from nicotine salt e-juice and these low wattage pod mods. Instead, they look to product like the Innokin MVP AJAX Kit, or the SMOK Mag P3. These vape mods and tanks can’t use high nicotine e-juice. With traditional Vapers we’re talking 3mg or 6mg of freebase nicotine. It’s nearly impossible to get a nicotine buzz from 3mg or 6mg nicotine e-liquids.

It is Spinfuel Vape’s position that ALL closed system pod mods, like JUUL, should be taken off the market, or at least forced to offer much lower nicotine levels. A maximum of 24mg of freebase nicotine, and all pod mods should be “open system” mods. In other words, allow the user to use ANY e-liquid. Forcing the user to use pre-filled, non-refillable e-juice just doesn’t do it for us.

More from CTVNews:

Green party Leader Mike Schreiner said Thursday that Ontario should follow Nova Scotia’s lead and ban flavored vaping products.  ‘Given the number of teens vaping now that’s becoming a huge issue and we need to stop that,’ he said.”

You have to wonder if this Schreiner guy has any kids. If he did then he would know that by eliminating flavors only hurts adults. Teens will vape whatever is available because, as we said, it’s about the buzz, not the flavor.

Flavor Bans in General

Earlier this year politicians and anti-vaping groups were blaming flavors for the thousands of lung illnesses hitting middle America. Now that the crisis has been solved and the sickness and death are caused by Bootleg THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate, the people against vaping pivot back to Teen Vaping™ and flavored e-liquid. How could they get it so wrong?