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There is an hysteria running amok out in the US over vaping. Unsubstantiated vape product Bans that some current policymakers (read: politician) are considering should not be forced on Americans. Talk about Nanny State Nation? Can anyone even call themselves adults anymore? Or is all this more about money, profit, and power? Could the Nanny State be more about money than citizens?

It seems the Press Enterprise, out of California, has a few interesting ideas on the subject of lessons learn from public hysteria.

Vaping Hysteria - Any Lessons Learned?

The Press Enterprise:

From the very moment the recent vape hysteria broke out in response to a spate of hospitalizations — and then, tragically, deaths — cooler heads and rational observers warned against the myriad of policy crackdowns thrown about in response.

This reporter knows all too well about how our federal and state governments work when it comes to reacting to just about any issue. Their immediate reaction is to issue an emergency ban on the sale of the product(s) in question. (with no concern about the people making or growing the suspected product) It’s a “ban first, find the facts later” situation.

Lessons from Hysteria

The funny, yet sad, truth is that often times these Bans are not needed. In most cases there are isolated incidents. Going all the way back to the late 80’s when someone poisoned a few bottles of Tylenol and wound up costing the company, and the country, millions upon millions of dollars by halting the sale across the entire country when only one city area was affects. In fact, this little act of corporate sabotage changed how OTC medicines were packaged.

Can We Dismiss the Hysteria Now?

Now that the truth about the vape lung illnesses have been discovered you’d think the solution would be easy… and it would be. It has been shown, proven, that inhaling a heated solution of THC and Vitamin E Acetate oil can be fatal.

There has been law enforcement “busts” of some of these manufacturers. Now that we know how dangerous it is, make it a 5-year mandatory jail term. A felony for the manufacture or distribution of Bootleg THC Cartridges. At the same time… leave us e-liquid vapers alone.

Press Enterprise Continues…

“American adults should not have their freedom of choice deprived because politicians are susceptible to panicked decision-making. Especially if “the children” are invoked. Moves in that direction are not only illogical attacks on freedom of choice, but likely public health.”

Boy ain’t that the truth. For more than a decade millions of people have finally kicked the cigarette habit with vaping. Adding years to their lives by doing so. Then, when a “vaping illness” erupts, an illness that isn’t even linked to e-liquid vaping. It was Bootleg THC at the center of the hysteria,  a product that couldn’t be more different than vaping e-juice. Yet state governments lost their shit in a panic.

This reporter recognizes the ‘libertarian’ aspect to this news story. It doesn’t change the fact that before the Nanny State jumped in to kill off the vape industry. Vaping e-Liquid is the one sure-fire method to get people off tobacco products. What an extraordinarily unconstitutional reaction!

However, I’m astounded that despite these panicky people are trying so hard to ban vaping, and/or flavored e-liquids that no laws have been brought about on the topic Bootleg THC.

In any case, as heads begin to cool, let’s remember how much damage has already been done. Jobs, businesses, and people’s health have already been affected, and it is up to the Nanny State to ease up now. Pitter Patter, let’s get at ‘her.