Smokenjoey – ProTank 3 Video Review

Kanger ProTank 3 Reviewed The Kanger Protank 3 offers the same great features and much better performance as the Kanger Clearomizers but with the introduction of a glass tank! The Protank 3 is also 510 threaded and will work on a 510 threaded MOD without the need for an adapter. Updated in Kanger Protank 3: Dual coil Stronger base Pyrex [...]

Johnson Creek Vea Canteen

The Vea Canteen by Johnson Creek Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN for the Johnson Creek Vea e cigarette. A new e-cigarette clearomizer for the vaping crowd. Lots of vapor, for a smooth, clean tasting vape. Hey Folks, Smokenjoey here, today with a review for the new Johnson Creek Vea CANTEEN Clearomizer for their hugely popular Vea e-cigarette. Watch the [...]

Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus Review

The Vapor Zeus Review By Smokenjoey, another terrific video review by the master of electronic cigarette video reviews. Partnering with Spinfuel eMagazine, Smokenjoey videos are always shown on Spinfuel a full 24 hours before they are available everywhere else. Powerful yet simple, the Vapor Zeus is the ultimate god of electronic cigarettes providing hours of vaping bliss. Exclusive to Vapor4Life, the [...]

Smokenjoey And The Mod Powerkit Review

The New Mod Powerkit offers plenty of style, and shows the creative force in the industry. But is the Mod Powerkit powerful enough? Will it stand up against normal daily usage? Has the modular tank the integrity it needs to withstand strong e liquid? Let's find out. Hi folks, this is a review and how-to Video [...]

Kanger eVod VV battery – Smokenjoey

Kanger eVod VV battery Hey Folks, SmokenJoey here with a brand new video forthe Kanger VV Battery or, “variable voltage” EVOD battery. This battery is really something; it goes from 3,2v all the way up to 4.8v, and every setting in between. I’ll also talk about another Kanger battery; this one has magnetic charging buttons on [...]

777 eCigs Magnum – Smokenjoey

777 eCigs Magnum APV Reviewed Triple Seven Magnum What is the Triple Seven Magnum Compact ecigarette?The magnum consist of three primary components, the battery, tank and coil.  To use your Triple Seven Magnum, simply fill the tank with your Triple Seven e-Shisha or e-Liquid flavor of choice and screw on to the end of the battery and puff on it like you would a conventional tobacco cigarette. When [...]

Kanger ProTank Mini 2 Review!

Protank 2 Review by Smokenjoey Protank mini 2 - It seems as though every day there’s a new brand of electronic cigarettes hitting the market.  However, there are only a handful that consistently provides high quality, and highly innovative products. Kanger, who is the inventor of glassomizers, is certainly one of those brands. In their continuous effort to [...]

Starfire Cigs Review – Smokenjoey

The Starfire Cigs Review by Smokenjoey Starfire Cigs is an economical, environmentally friendly and satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Starfire Cigs premium electronic cigarettes. They were specially designed to exceed your expectations for your full enjoyment. We hope we can be of service at [...]

SmokTech Tumbler Review

SMOKTech Tumbler Clearomizer Review  The Tumbler by SMOKTech is available at SmokenJoey’s Vape Shop for $12.69 for the kit version that includes 2 extra coil heads. As of today, August 22, 2013, SmokenJoey has sold out his current inventory, but more are expected very shortly. The new SMOKTech Tumbler is a fantastic new clearomizer that is gaining [...]

SMOK Tumbler Tank Smokenjoey
SMOKTech Tumbler Tank Review

  SMOKTech Tumbler Tank by Smokenjoey The SMoktech Tumbler is a bottom coil tank made by Smoktech. This 2.4ohm single coil Bottom coil tank has a good strong hit and excellent vapor production. Bottom coil tanks have a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues. The Tumbler has a replaceable atomizer head and holds about 2.5ml of [...]

Halo Cigs Variable Voltage Triton Review

Halo Cigs Triton Review Hey folks, Smokenjoey here. The new Halo Triton is turning out to be the biggest selling product in Halo's history thanks to its great battery design, longevity, and let's not forget the striking colors, textures, and the excellent taste, vapor, and throat hit from the clearomizer. Today, I'm reviewing the new Halo VV Triton, the [...]

Smokenjoey’s Joyetech eCab Review

Joyetech eCab Review The Joyetech eCab features the upgraded changeable system in a sleek modern design. Based on the structure of the eGo series the Joyetech eCab is much more slim and sleek than it's predecessor, but improves upon the features and benefits that the Joyetech eGo series is known for.  Not only does it keep the [...]

SMOKTech Magneto – Smokenjoey

The SMOKTech Magneto Review Smokenjoey presents the SMOKTech Magneto mech mod video review. They have come out with another mechanical. This time they are claiming its a true magnetic switch - aka "Magneto switch".   This mod is full stainless steel and scalable.  To me its a Sigelei #19 remake with a real working magnetic switch.  It [...]

SmokenJoey Does The Panda Evolve

The Panda Evolve Review SmokenJoey - The Panda Evolve Kit is an excellent place to start your transition to a smoke-free lifestyle. Designed for medium smokers, the E-cig included in the Evolve Kit is sleek and easy to use. This kit offers everything you need to introduce you to the E-Cigarette flavor and vapor. It comes with [...]

MISTIC e-Cigarettes Video Review

MISTIC e-Cigarettes Review by Smokenjoey Hey folks, SmokenJoey here. Today I'm reviewing Mistic e-cigarettes starter kit. Since the last time I reviewed this brand it was sold to a new company. That's right, WalMart no longer owns the Mistic brand. The new owners contacted me and asked me to do another review because they had made [...]