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SMOKTech Tumbler Clearomizer Review 

The Tumbler by SMOKTech is available at SmokenJoey’s Vape Shop for $12.69 for the kit version that includes 2 extra coil heads. As of today, August 22, 2013, SmokenJoey has sold out his current inventory, but more are expected very shortly.

The new SMOKTech Tumbler is a fantastic new clearomizer that is gaining in popularity like nothing I’ve ever seen before. After using one for a few days now I can tell you with confidence that the SmokenJoey video review we posted late last week is spot on. This is “the” clearomizer for eGo Vapers, providing a clean and true flavor from your eLiquids and plenty of vapor. I’ve also noticed an increase in throat hits from some flavors of eJuice I vape regularly, and the 2.0ohm coil head that came installed in the clearomizer is still operating at peak efficiency.  So far there has been zero leaking issues. So, is this the next big hit with Vapers?

The SmokTech Tumbler

The SMOKTech Tumbler is a bottom coil tank. The 2.0-ohm single coil tank has a great “pull”, not at all airy like some I’ve used. There is a vent hole in the bottom of the tank that provides just the right amount of airflow. The center post is also unsealed.  The shape of the SMOKTech Tumbler has gently flowing curves with a frosted tank. The top of the tank tapers off nicely so there is no need for drip tip.

Our experience with bottom coil tanks tell us that they have a superb clean flavor with very little, if any, wicking issues. The Tumbler is a ‘replaceable atomizer head’ type and holds (unofficially) 3.5ml of e-liquid. Officially SMOKTech says it’s a 2.5ML tank, but like SmokenJoey we are easily able to get more eLiquid in the tank without flooding the center post. (If you’ve used one, or plan to, let us know what you’re able to get into the tank)

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews The SmokTech Tumbler ClearomizerThe Tumbler has an eGo connector but but unlike most other eGo clearomizers or cartomizers, the tumbler uses the outer threads of the eGo battery, .  If you want to use a device that normally uses a 510 connector you’ll need to use a 510 to eGo adapter. Using the adapter will allow you to use the Tumbler on most anything, which is a nice bonus.

Filling The Tumbler

Filling the SMOKTech Tumbler is easy and straightforward – unscrew the bottom of the tank and hold the tank upside down. Fill with about 2 to 2.5 ml of eLiquid, just to be safe, and then, slowly introduce more eLiquid until you reach the upper edge of the center post (or not. Remember, the official capacity is 2.5ML). With the tank mouthpiece-end down screw the atomizer head back on. To replace the coil head unscrew the bottom of the tank. The heating element unscrews from the base, which makes replacing it a breeze and you won’t lose any eLiquid already in the tank.

Vaper’s Reactions

Most of the people I’ve talked to about the Tumbler all seem to agree that it is a vapor monster, outperforming just about every other clearomizer on the market. One Vaper told me that he was committed to the iClear 30 until he tried the Tumbler. Now he’s placed an order with SmokenJoey for several more kits and he considers the iClear 30 yesterday’s news.

Another Vaper I meet with often tried the Tumbler and he too was amazed at how rich and warm the vapor was, and how true the flavor came through. Whether it’s the design of the tank, or the polypropylene material, or even the combination of both along with the 2.0-ohm coil head, the fact is SMOKTech has seemed to bring a marvelous new clearomizer to market with little advance notice and not much fanfare. The popularity if the Tumbler is strictly a word of mouth thing, along with SmokenJoey’s popular video as well.

Buying Advice

SmokenJoey is selling the Tumbler Kit version, which includes the 2 extra coil heads, for a low price of $12.69. If you’re shopping for one and see it a lower price make sure you’re not buying just the clearomizer. I highly recommend the Tumbler for anyone looking for something new, that works better than expected, and it also more affordable than many of the new clearomizer tanks coming out

Jason Little