Hurricane Vapor Storm Juice Review

Hurricane Vapor e Liquid Review! SmokenJoey at Spinfuel delivers the long awaited video review for Miami’s best Storm Juice, Hurricane Vapor

Hi Folks, SmokenJoey here. Today I’ve got a very special eLiquid review for you. Straight out of Miami Florida comes Hurricane Vapor! These are some amazing flavors I’ve got here today. Watch the video then head over to Hurricane Vapor and indulge yourself with some awesome Storm Juice. You won’t regret it.

In this review I go over the various flavors, including Belguim Simmered Tobacco and a great Peaches and Cream.  I’ll take a look at not just the flavor but the throat hit and vapor production as well. By the time I’m done, and if I’ve done my job right, you’re going to want to vape some of this terrific Storm Juice. So relax, sit back, and enjoy! – SmokenJoey

Hurricane Vapor e Liquid! 3x 30ML bottles –

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