The Panda Evolve Review

SmokenJoey – The Panda Evolve Kit is an excellent place to start your transition to a smoke-free lifestyle. Designed for medium smokers, the E-cig included in the Evolve Kit is sleek and easy to use. This kit offers everything you need to introduce you to the E-Cigarette flavor and vapor. It comes with both pre-filled flavor cartridges and fill yourself, clear cartridges so you can try out both systems. Plus, you can customize your E-Cig by choosing an automatic or manual battery from a selection of 6 colors.

Element Vape
  • 2 – Panda rechargeable 230mah Lithium-ion batteries (fully charged last 3 hours) – choice of automatic or manual and color
  • 1 – BONUS Five-pack of cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice – SmokenJoey
  • 2 – Panda Micromizers (0.9ml – a full tank averages 300 puffs) – SmokenJoey
  • 1 – Panda E-Liquid 10ml – your choice of flavor and strength – SmokenJoey
  • 1 – Deluxe USB Charger
  • 1 – Two pronged wall adapter
  • 1 – Panda User Manual

Includes Free Shipping to US customers, Lifetime Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – SmokenJoey

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“Your starter kits are TRUE starter kits that will give the new and nearly new vaper, equipment that won’t crap out after a week, enough liquid to last at least a week for even a moderate vaper, 2 quality batteries that will allow the new vaper to “keep on vaping”, even if the battery they are using runs out of power and a choice of “looks” of either a cig-alike skinny system or the more robust, longer lasting system for those who want that. All that and a nice looking carry case. “– Ken Frisbee, Marysville, CA

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