Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160W TC Box Mod Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160W TC Box Mod Review

Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160W TC Box Mod If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you know I’ve been diagnosed with OVD also known as Obsessive Vaping Disorder. Those nit-picky things that must be perfect on my day to day setup are a priority. For example, when I attach a tank to a mod, if there’s [...]

Tendou Sanagi RDTA Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Tendou Sanagi RDTA REVIEW

The Tendou Vapor Sanagi RDTA The definition of Tendou is the representation of the sun in ancient Japan. Since 2014, Tendou Vapor has been focusing on quality craftsmanship and quality over decent and quantity, proving they are a player in the vaping game. The company philosophy is, “Precision Workmanship Yields Quality,” and I couldn’t agree with [...]

MigVapor Vimanna Juice Bar Review
MigVapor Vimanna Juice Bar Review

MigVapor Vimanna Juice Bar Video Demo With a huge investment in technology and the best ingredients available, MigVapor has created the finest method yet for vapers looking to create their very own delicious, cloud-chucking e-juice to exacting specifications. I’ve used MigVapor’s online mixing board, The MigVapor Vimanna Juice Bar, a hundred times, at least, to create [...]

Maine Vape Co. E-Juice Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
Maine Vape Co. E-Juice Review

Nick Currie Review Maine Vape Co e-Juice Chances are if you live in Maine, and are active in the vape community, then you have heard about Maine Vape Company.  I always keep my eyes to the industry, and I love to try things that people widely talk about to see if it was just very well [...]

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Despite the drama DotMod has been going through, the company is stronger than ever, and the DotMod Petri is proof. A former employee left to work for the competition while recruiting (aka pilfering ) other colleagues on his way out. After some serious resolution, DotMod states they are growing, promoting new products, like [...]

asMODus Oni 133W DNA200 TC Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
asMODus Oni 133W DNA200 TC Review

asMODus Oni 133W DNA200 TC Box Mod  When first researching the Player Mod, the information was inconclusive across several websites, and rather confusing to me as to who exactly created the device. Some are calling it the Player Box Mod while others the asMODus Oni 133W Box Mod. The device is the asMODus Oni Edition 133W [...]

Evolv DNA 250 Vs. DNA200 – Are There Many Differences? Spinfuel VAPE Magazine Answers!
Evolv DNA 250 Improvements Over The DNA 200

Evolv DNA 250 Vs. DNA 200 – Are There Many Differences? Ever since the newest DNA board, the Evolv DNA 250 dropped, the most frequent question we’re hearing is “Are there differences beyond the extra 50W?”. It’s a fair question, and in this piece we’ll fill you in on the Evolv DNA 250 and why the new specs, [...]

VGOD PRO150 TC & VGOD TrickTank Pro RDTA Double Feature Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine Kiley Phillips
VGOD PRO150 TC & VGOD TrickTank Pro Review

VGOD DOUBLE FEATURE REVIEW - PRO150 TC AND TRICKTANK PRO Today, I bring you a match made in heaven; two peas in a pod or like peanut butter and jelly. When you meet your soulmate, you find that connection and create a bond that can’t be broken (unless you get divorced like me). I’m not talking [...]

Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review When Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Cheap Vapor Soul (Website) is the just the kind of eliquid solution we need in these times of high wattage, low resistance vaping. As we have all come to learn, the high wattage, low resistance vape experience is a truly joyous experience, especially with a High, Max, [...]

Presidential Election of 2016

Dave Foster On The Election and Vaping I wanted to take a moment to say something about last night's election.  My opinion below is MINE, it was not endorsed by Spinfuel VAPE, and you can be sure that there are members of Spinfuel's staff that are happy, or angry, sad, or elated... As for me, Dave [...]

SMOK OSUB 40W TC Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE eMagazine
SMOK OSUB 40W TC Box Mod Kit Review

SMOK OSUB 40W TC Kit Review There's nothing exciting about a 40W device for me anymore. On the other hand, any product with the SMOK name implanted on it is something I always welcome into my collection with open hands. SMOK is demolishing the vape game with their endless supply of powerful and affordable devices. While [...]

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank REVIEW SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE
Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank Review

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank Rip Trippers, a YouTube vape reviewer that has over 700,000 subscribers contributes a lot to the vape community. He's spent the last few years doing build tutorials, product reviews and is a prime advocate for the fight against unfair vaping regulations by the FDA. Rip has partnered with Digiflavor, a Geek Vape [...]

Lost Vape SKAR DNA75 TC Box Mod Review

Lost Vape SKAR DNA 75 When charging a premium over $100, I expect that delicate mix of beautiful and stylish but also performance driven. Lost Vape is definitely the brand that has a dedicated spot in my collection because of the craftsmanship, materials used and overall fit and finish of each and every product they release. [...]

KLIR Vapor Liquid Review – Spinfuel VAPE eMagazine
KLIR Vapor Eliquid Review

KLIR Vapor by Ventura Vapor KLIR Vapor Eliquid is made by Ventura Vapor Company, and it is our second TFN eliquid review. TFN stands for Tobacco Free Nicotine. The chemical structure of TFN is identical to that of nicotine extracted from tobacco, and is colorless and tasteless. The benefit of a TFN eliquid is in its name; [...]

Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit Review Spinfuel VAPE eMagazine
Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Tank Kit Review

Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit There's one question I've been struggling with when it comes to the Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit. ($47.99 Vapor Authority)  atWho would buy it? I believe this kit is definitely for someone that's progressively stepping into advanced vaping and wants to find out what they enjoy and don't like. The word versatility comes [...]