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The Tendou Vapor Sanagi RDTA

The definition of Tendou is the representation of the sun in ancient Japan. Since 2014, Tendou Vapor has been focusing on quality craftsmanship and quality over decent and quantity, proving they are a player in the vaping game. The company philosophy is, “Precision Workmanship Yields Quality,” and I couldn’t agree with them more. For a newer company, they are most known for their Tokugawa RDA and its unique Cross-Post design for center coil configuration seen all over Instagram and social media. Tendou Vapor claims innovation will continue with a pre-planned product launch of Mechanical Mods, Box Mods (Regulated and Unregulated) and even RTA’s! With Tendou Vapors active involvement in the support of the vape community, here is the Tendou Sanagi RDTA!

Tendou Sanagi RDTA Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Tendou Sanagi RDTA was designed with a simple endgame in mind: A Good Solid Vape! The Sanagi RDTA is a 24mm Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer with superior 303/304 Stainless Steel construction. Building off the Genesis-style platform, the build quality is something you’ll recognize and appreciate right from the beginning. I’ve been testing and enjoying both the Stainless Steel and Black PVD variations and really don’t prefer one over the other. The Black Edition has a PVC (Polyvinyl Coating) which is a synthetic plastic added to the surface for added strength and durability. While putting both equally through over a month of abuse, both surfaces have held up great and look as good as new.

The Tendou Sanagi RDTA has an inner dome-shaped top cap that really does add to the flavor this atomizer produces. The outer barrel that the top cap attaches too has deep engravings of the Tendou logo (which reminds me of an alien) on both sides and is held on by two O-rings surrounding the build deck. Along with the brand markings, two 8mm x 2mm airflow side airflow slots are cutout giving you direct-to-coil airflow. The conical-shaped top cap is held into the chamber nicely by a single O-ring and has three total slots, two for dual coils and the third for a single coil configuration. Adjusting the airflow feels stiff but I’ve kept my airflow wide open most of the time so adjusting it really isn’t necessary in my case. When running a single airflow slot open, the pull is very restrictive and tight for me. But when fully opened, you get a smooth effortless draw that anyone can appreciate.

The Two-Post Velocity-style deck really complements the usability and ease of building on the Sanagi RDTA. With a 21mm spacious build deck (15.8mm outside post to post) and dual 2.5mm holes on each post, installing anything from a simple to a complex build can be executed without a struggle. The side tension flathead screws give you the ability to really crank down your leads and I prefer them over the standard hex screws used on most other applications. The four 4.5mm wicking holes give you plenty of room to stuff your cotton in and are located directly where the cotton ends fall which makes wicking the Tendou Sanagi a piece of cake!

Tendou Sanagi RDTA Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

One of the most notable features is the rotatable disk that switches the build deck from a single to a dual coil configuration. Underneath the build deck, there are four wicking holes, a side-fill hole and a small vent hole. A small pin is protruding right next to the fill-hole that holds the disk in place. The preinstalled setup is for dual coils so if you want to switch to the single coil option, simply remove the disk, turn it clockwise a couple millimeters while lining up the hole on the disk to the protruding pin and push into place. This closes two of the wicking slots allowing you to run a single coil configuration properly. The disk is held securely in place once the glass tank section is screwed on and the 510 pin tightened down. This system Tendou accomplished is an easy way to run a single coil option without having to insert plugs or keep track of any additional accessories.

The Tendou Sanagi RDTA has a 5mm x 3.5mm side-fill slot that makes refilling the 4ml tank quick and clean. For some reason the packaging says it can hold 5ml but after testing this, I fit just a touch over 4ml in a completely dry tank; so you’re not potentially misled. The fill-hole has its own separate passage rather than having it combined with the cotton channels and potentially having cotton block the fill-hole. When I let my cotton ends hang down farther towards the bottom of the glass, the tank was filled with so many air bubbles that it was challenging at times to fill the tank without getting some eJuice oozing back at me. Find what works for you but shorter wicks is what I roll with most of the time.

Tendou Vapor Sanagi RDTA Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Tendou Sanagi RDTA breaks down to nine total pieces which makes disassembling and cleaning quite the dreadful task. But the upside is you can clean every inch and crevice ensuring everything is cleaned and maintained properly. The direct-to-contact Gold-plated Brass 510 pin needs to be removed each time you want to disassemble the tank. Once the 510 is removed, the bottom base and glass unscrews from the build deck which gives you access to the rotatable disk and the bottom of your build deck. By removing the 510 pin you also release the Positive terminal post and the peek insulator underneath. Be careful not to lose the insulator because it is small and can slip off the post really easily. If you have a build installed, the Positive post will stay in place so no need to worry.

The14mm Delrin wide-bore drip tip gives you a completely open 10mm access right to your coils with enough airflow to satisfy any type of vape you’re after. If flavor is more your thing the preinstalled 510-adapter gives you the option to plug in your own 510-compatible drip tip (there isn’t one included with the box). Personally I used the included Delrin drip tip for the huge clouds and great flavor it produced. Even running above 100W most of the review period, the drip tip never got hot, neither did the chamber or glass. The spit back was very minimal as the domed top cap I’m sure helped with that.

The past month, I’ve tried a couple different builds but found the lower-ohm; dual coil builds work the best for me. The setup I’ve been running the past few weeks was a 0.12Ω dual Fused Clapton that absolutely performed day in and day out. Around the 100W-125W, the flavor was booming out of the drip tip and the clouds seemed limitless. Despite consistent high wattage output, I never once felt the tank get overly hot and stayed only lukewarm; impressive to say the least. Another build was a single Staggered Fused Clapton at 0.25Ω that performed well only with both airflow slots open. With only the single airflow hitting my coil, the draw was way too restrictive and just didn’t give me the type of vape I got from dual coils. I’d recommend installing some quality dual coils and the Tendou Sanagi RDTA will give you the performance and vape experience only limited by your vaping ability.

Tendou Vapor Sanagi RDTA Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Tendou Sanagi RDTA wicks extremely efficiently and I never once got any dry hits at all. I always use shorter wicks when I’m building on RDTA’s since that method continues to work best for me. When I run longer wicks, the cotton bathes in the eJuice constantly and I feel the cotton doesn’t last nearly as long. After I feed the cotton through the wicking holes, I like to take a paper clip and poke a small hole through each one which ensures my wicks stay saturated without any possibility of leaking.


If I had to be nit-picky and find a single con for the Sanagi RDTA, it would be that the barrel and top cap section doesn’t sit completely flush down on the tank. At times some eJuice will squeeze out from the O-ring when installing the top cap/barrel section and needs to be wiped off. But other than that, the Tendou Sanagi RDTA is an awesome atomizer that produces concentrated flavor like no other and has very little to no flaws. At $39.95 for the Stainless Steel version and $44.95 for the Black Edition over at Element Vape, the Tendou Sanagi RDTA is competitively priced for the quality you’re receiving.

Available Now at Element Vape

Final Grade – A

“With so many fantastic RDTA’s flooding the market right now, the Tendou Sanagi RDTA stands out because of its superior build quality, materials used and its phenomenal flavor producing abilities. Not only does it pass in the visual category, it’s a solid performer that will deliver the vape experience and exceed your vaping expectations.”

Tendou Sanagi

  • 303/304 Stainless Steel construction
  • 24mm OD RDTA
  • 24mm x 38mm
  • Adjustable gold plated brass contact
  • Two post design
  • Center post PEEK insulator
  • Internal rotate disc for single or dual coil configuration
  • 4.0ml tank capacity
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip included (Delrin)
  • 510 Drip Tip adapter included
  • PVC Coating (Black Edition Only)