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Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review

When Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Cheap

Vapor Soul (Website) is the just the kind of eliquid solution we need in these times of high wattage, low resistance vaping. As we have all come to learn, the high wattage, low resistance vape experience is a truly joyous experience, especially with a High, Max, and ALL VG eliquid blends.

Wanting HUGE clouds and smooth flavor is something many of us want…   But, the big downside of this kind of vaping is expense. Super Premium Eliquids may give us all an ecstatic vape, as this example shows, vaping at 90W with a .2Ω coil, a 60mL bottle will get used up very quickly. Paying $25-$30 for a great 60mL e-juice means spending quite a bit of coin. To solve that problem, if it is a problem for you, is Vapor Soul, a 100% VG eliquid brand that caters to High Wattage, Low Resistant Vapers looking to spend as little as possible yet still enjoy a tasty, cloud-filled vape.

This review turned out to be a whole lot more fun than any us of us expected because Vapor Soul, or at the least the four flavors we reviewed, are such awesome cloud makers and they all have smooth, pleasant flavors. While not very nuanced, complex, or layered, these good solid blends offered all-day-vaping, good all-day-vaping, for very little money.

Vapor Soul Pricing and Sizes

Try $19.99 for a 180mL bottle Yea, we’re serious. Or $7.49 for a 30mL. 120mL for $11.99. The 30mL bottle might be a good idea for trying the brand out for the first time, but trust us, the 180mL, or the 120mL maybe, will be the ones you’ll want. At 11 cents per mL, you can vape till the cows come home and still have plenty of money left to put away for that brand new piece of vape gear you’ve had your eye on.

About Vapor Soul

Vapor Soul E-juice is produced in-house, in real clean rooms and are always 100% VG Based. There is no PG added to Vapor Soul E-liquid. They also use the highest quality ingredients available, which, honestly, most honest brands use because the cost difference between junk ingredients and good ingredients is negligible.

The Ingredients of a Vapor Soul bottle of e-juice is; Food Grade Propylene Glycol USP & Vegetable Glycerin USP, with Food Grade artificial & natural flavors. The four flavors we review here were all smooth, silky, and definitely all-day-vapes.

Vapor Soul is available in, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, & 180ml, Unicorn bottles starting at $7.49 and going up to a max of $24.99.

Nicotine strength is available 3mg, & 6mg, with a Zero-Nic option of course. Any orders totaling more than just $11 gets free shipping. I mean, come on, can anyone not try some of these eliquids?

Vape Gear Used

Since these four flavors were all 100% VG we decided to take this opportunity to vape them in the new Ceravape Cerabis 44 and 45 Ceramic coil tanks. Some Vapers may not agree, but ceramic coils are fantastic for HighVG e-juice and give a very accurate picture of the flavor, not to mention that ceramics assist in great cloud production.

We took 4 tanks for each team member, with 4 ceramic coils of .5Ω, and 0.2Ω. We also decided to use the same brand and model of box mod, the SMOK Alien. All the eliquids produced massive amounts of clouds, and the ceramic coils from Ceravape gave us the utmost trust in the flavor profiles.  The team members found their sweet spots to be 60W-70W with the .5Ω ceramic coil heads from Ceravape, and 70-75W with the lower resistance coils.

The Vapor Soul Four

Game Time – A perfect blend of blood orange, strawberry, and pineapple that will give you a nice refreshing feeling

Jolly Grinch – This E-liquid will remind you of your favorite green apple hard candy, it will remind you of your childhood days.

Berry Cupcake – A strawberry stuffed cupcake topped off with a thick layer of frosting and blueberries

The V.C. – The best Vanilla Custard you have ever have had

The Vapor Soul Review

About the Spinfuel Scoring Principles

As we have said over and over again, taste is subjective. That is our main reason for creating a team of vapers, and demanding at least 3 days of vaping the brand under review exclusively, and at all times of the day and under every scenario we can imagine. This being the case, developing a scoring system has always been a thorn in our sides.Spinfuel Choice Award 2016

How we score an eliquid has little to do with the actual “taste”, and more to do with the official description supplied by the brand and the actual flavor that is provided to our team. We also take into consideration the quality of the ingredients. Poor ingredients leave behind a very artificial aftertaste, it’s a dead giveaway that the brand is trying to maximize profits and being less than honest with their customers. Lastly, we use our own personal “Vape Satisfaction” we feel while we are vaping them.

Giving all these factors, all four flavors in the Vapor Soul review are 5 Star flavors. They are all Spinfuel Choice Award Winners based on these qualifications.

All four use good ingredients with NO artificial aftertaste. The descriptions supplied by Vapor Soul are accurate, once you remove certain hyperbole, such as “perfect”, and “the best”. These are subjective, but Vapor Soul uses less hyperbole than many other brands. That is a very good indication that Vapor Soul is not trying to oversell you on their eliquids using flowery language.

But, let’s be brutal here; I asked Julia, Jason, and Kiera that if money was no object, which of these two eliquids would you vape; Kilo Birthday Cake, or Vapor Soul “The V.C.” … (The V.C. is a very smooth, pleasant vanilla custard e-juice). They all said they would choose Kilo’s Birthday Cake. When asked to consider the cost, all said “The V.C.” … that is telling. No one here will abandon our favorite premium priced brands, but we will certainly make room for this delightful budget priced brand.

Game Time

A perfect blend of blood orange, strawberry, and pineapple that will give you a nice refreshing feeling

Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineTom: I’m not a fan of blood oranges in an eliquid, but here the pineapple does a good job of creating a flavor that produced a good all-day-vape with delicious flavor.

Julia: I couldn’t taste the blood orange, Game Time was, to me, more about a pineapple and strawberry smoothie. I vaped it all day long on Day One, and kept coming back on the following days. I’m keeping this in my rotation for some time.

Kiera: After vaping Game Time all day long I noticed something I did not expect to notice. Not once did I feel flavor fatigue, or felt “over-vaped”. A 100% VG eliquid with enough flavor to create a truly nice vape for pennies.

Jason: The clouds of vapor are scary big with low resistant coils with Game Time and the others. The flavor is on the tart side, but with enough sweetness to create an all-day-vape. Not my favorite, flavor-wise, but I did enjoy it.

Jolly Grinch

This E-liquid will remind you of your favorite green apple hard candy, it will remind you of your childhood days.

Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineTom: I did not expect to taste that special flavor of “hard candy green apple”, but I did. That was exceptional. Another all-day-vape, and if you like Jolly Rancher Green Apple candy, this is it in vapor form.

Julia: Jolly Grinch is a green apple candy flavor that delivers on that flavor just about perfectly. First time, that I can remember, vaping a flavor like this. I vaped a lot of Grinch, and I will continue to do so. Loved it.

Kiera: If Jolly Grinch was all about green apple I would have rejected as an all-day-vape, simply because the tartness of a green apple is too much for me. But Vapor Soul was able to do precisely what they said they would do, create a green apple candy flavor. Now that I could vape all day long, and I did just that.

Jason: When I see an eliquid brand where the pricing seems a little too low to be true, I get worried. My initial thoughts before trying Jolly Grinch was that maybe this was going to be a 100% VG eliquid with a ton of green apple flavoring… but it was much more than that. The green apple hard candy flavor was spot on. I enjoyed it, still enjoy it, and will continue to enjoy it. Jolly Rancher Green Apple in the form of vapor.

Berry Cupcake

 A strawberry stuffed cupcake topped off with a thick layer of frosting and blueberries

Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineTom: I’ll tell you what; I couldn’t taste the “cupcake” component at all. I vaped Berry Cupcake for hours and hours, but no cupcake. It doesn’t matter though because Berry Cupcake is a fantastic blend of “berries” wrapped in a creamy blanket. This was my favorite flavor of the four. Fantastic flavor and vapor for pennies.

Julia: For me, Berry Cupcake is more about a careful blend of strawberry and blueberry with hearty notes of warm vanilla. I’ve tasted true cupcake flavor, and cake flavors, so I cannot say this is a cupcake flavor, but it’s just so good!

Kiera: I adored Berry Cupcake for its smooth blend of strawberry and blueberry. The funny thing is, the strawberry and blueberry turned into something like “StrawBlue” or “BlueStraws”.  In my rotation, how could it not be? Vaping just got even more affordable.

Jason: I thought the vanilla custard flavor, the V.C. would become my favorite of the four, but instead it was this one, Berry Cupcake. So smooth, sweet and full of berry flavor with so much vapor clouds I was seduced by it.

The V.C.

The best Vanilla Custard you have ever have had

Vapor Soul Eliquid Spinfuel Team Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineTom: During this review period I was hanging out with John often. John is an older guy, he remembers Vietnam, so he was always telling me that “The V.C.” was a horrible name. The VC stood for The Viet Gong back in that day. Oh well.

The V.C. is a nice vanilla custard, but certainly not the best one I’ve had. That said, if you handed me a 120mL bottle of this and asked me for $11.99 or another 120mL bottle of a premium label vanilla custard and asked me for $45, that’s a no-brainer. The V.C. would win every time.

Julia: The V.C. is a deep vanilla custard in a thick 100% VG base. The flavor is strong, warm, fuzzy, and fantastic for a 45-degree night in Boston. The only one I would say was not an all-day-vape because it’s just a tad too deep. A wonderful evening vape for sure, The V.C. is delightfully fulfilling.

Kiera: Julia and I were, and are, in Boston for this review and as such it is much cooler here than it is down in Florida. For the V.C. that worked in its favor. This heavy vanilla custard vape is the kind of e-juice you crave when it’s cold outside, or sitting in front of the fireplace. I don’t think I would enjoy it in Florida because of the heat and humidity, if that makes sense. Here in Boston, this is a fine winter vape.

Jason: A 100% VG blend is harder to “flavor” than any other blend, so getting the right amount of vanilla custard flavoring in this VG blend couldn’t have been easy. But Vapor Soul did it. Sweet, substantial, and delicious the V.C. is one of those flavors you want to wrap up in and relax.


Without a doubt Vapor Soul is a marvelous budget brand for Vapers that love vaping with High Wattage Mods and Low Resistant Atomizers, from Sub-Ohm tanks for the latest RDA or RDTA’s. If someone vapes a lot, we call it pacify vaping, then Vapor Soul becomes an even better brand to investigate. Good, clean flavors, enormous vapor, and a tiny price tag. The Trifecta for heavy vapers.

Berry Cupcake may not have tasted a lot like a cupcake, but it was one smooth, berry vape with cake flavor notes, and it was the unanimous choice as the Best Eliquid of the Four. The flavor, or flavors, you’ll think is the best is the one that hits the flavor notes you want, from vanilla custard to strawberry, to green apples.

We highly recommend Vapor Soul for budget minded Vapers looking for a good vape without forking over large amounts of cash every month.

Try out some Vapor Soul eJuice Here

Social Media for Vapor Soul

Instagram – @VaporSoul_Com

Tom McBride, Julia and Kiera Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little, the Spinfuel Eliquid Review Team – 2016