Bold Tobacco from Johnson Creek Vapor Company
Bold Tobacco by Johnson Creek Vapor Company

Bold Tobacco from Johnson Creek Vapor Company A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Today is a special day for Johnson Creek Vapor Company, the release of Bold Tobacco eliquid. However, it is also a special day for every Vaper that enjoys a rich, bold, tobacco eliquid blended specifically for Sub-Ohm tanks and RDA’s. Today comes the release of “Bold Tobacco”, [...]

Smoque Vapours – From The Drip Line

Smoque Vapours Drip Line – Two Intense Flavors Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Today the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team brings you a two-juice review featuring a couple of awesome flavors from the Smoque Vapours Drip Line. A refreshing tropical fruity blend featuring ripe mango and the tart acai berry, and one of the finest pomegranate and strawberry blends [...]

Five Fixes That Will Make Vaping More Awesome

Five Fixes that Will Make Vaping Even More Awesome Julie Selesnick Ok, anyone who spends five minutes in my presence knows that I am a fan of vaping. And of course by fan, I mean maniacal supporter who quit a thriving legal career to throw all her eggs into this crazy basket of disruptive technology (after quitting [...]

Coolfire IV Plus Storm Edition
Coolfire 4 Plus Storm Edition – Smokenjoey

Smokenjoey Talks Coolfire 4 Plus Storm Edition Hi folks - This is a Complete Review and giveaway of the new Innokin Coolfire 4 Plus Storm Edition. This is also a how-to guide with close ups, vaper test with likes and dislikes. The new Storm Edition is a white color and reminds me of the Storm Troopers [...]

Joyetech Cubis Tank Review

The Magnificent Joyetech Cubis Tank My Favorite Twenty Dollar Cloud Maker Julia Hartley-Barnes The sub-ohm tank segment of the vape industry continues to grow unabated. On one end there are monster size tanks like the Youde Goliath 2, holding 5mL of eliquid and uses coil heads that are so large you could plug up a good sized bullet [...]

LiteCigUSA E-Liquid Review

LiteCigUSA Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review As you will read our expectations for LiteCigUSA eliquid was quite different than the reality. Part of the discrepancy between expectation and reality is based on the company name. In all honesty, when Dave assigned this review to my team thoughts from all was that we were about to review [...]

The Vaping Advocate

The Vaping Advocate – A Commentary During the past 4 years of publishing Spinfuel eMagazine, we have been asked hundreds of times about where we stand as far as regulations on vaping as well as taxes and vaping. We are also asked what we are doing to help keep vaping free of governmental interference and excessive [...]

Coolfire IV Plus Starter Kits (Storm)

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus 70W – APEX & Storm Edition Tom McBride While spending time with the Innokin CORTEX and iSub S for my last vape gear review, Julia plopped down a brand new Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Storm Edition and told me that this would be my next review project. Since I was already working on a [...]

Beard Gains eLiquid – The Interview

Beard Gains Interview Dori Odosso Talks With  Founder Zach Stephenson Introduction READ THE SPINFUEL ELIQUID TEAM REVIEW HERE SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’ve been looking forward to talking to you. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers? ZACH: What’s going on!? My name is Zach Stephenson. I was born in Scottsboro, Alabama and now reside in [...]

Beard Gains Eliquid – Team Review

Beard Gains Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review         Beard Gains is a vendor out of Orlando, FL that is known for beard care products and their infamous wooden combs. Having a curiosity about Hookahs led the owner into the world of ejuice. Make sure you check out the interview with the owner, Zach Stephenson. The first four [...]

Vape Craft Inc. – A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

Vape Craft Inc & Vapors Anonymous A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review Before we begin this review I would like to state up front that, as a team, we did not always have the opportunity to choose the brand of eliquid we want to review. That changed on January 1st 2016, but I wanted our readers to know [...]

Cortex APV – iSub S by Innokin – A Review

Innokin Cortex Complete System Review Temperature Control Vaping System Tom McBride The first thing I want to say about the Cortex Vaping System is that it is a gorgeous, fine-made, and extraordinary mod for the money. In addition, the iSub S Tank is equally well made and together they form one true vaping system for Vapers looking for [...]

Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis – Full Review

Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis Review Introduction There are numerous features and specs with the Cuboid and Cubis from Joyetech that I find impressive as hell. But, when you consider all the advanced features, the fancy specs, and the incredible performance the most impressive aspect of the new Cuboid and Cubis duo is the price. The Dual 18650 [...]

Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis review
Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis Review

SMOKENJOEY PRESENTS The Joyetech Cuboid Mod and Cubis Tank Hi folks- the all new 200watt Joyetech Cuboid Temperature Control Mod can accommodate Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils and has a TCR Mode. I tested this unit out for 7 days straight.... what do I think? Join me as I do a complete review with vapor test. [...]

Rule 42 – Vaping with Vapinski

Rule 42  Vaping with Vapinski    First off, I hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! It's been a VERY busy time of year for me, but it's back to business!! I wanted to start the New Year off with something amazing and something that matters. This whole industry should be focused [...]