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Anti-Vaping Spreading Fear

Anti-Vaping and Anti-Vaccinators: Spreading Fear at the Cost of Public Health

While using electronic cigarettes isn’t the same as being vaccinated against a serious disease, there are some comparisons that can be made between anti-vapers and anti-vaxxers. For both vaping and vaccines, there has been a widespread misinformation campaign against the American public. Although long ago debunked and retracted, the anti-vaccine propaganda has led to a disease resurgence of the measles, after it had been eliminated from the United States. If the fear campaign against electronic cigarettes is successful, the costs will be much higher. About a billion lives in the next century higher.

What Do the Measles Have to Do With Vaping?

The first measles vaccine was developed and released in 1963. Before that, measles ran rampant through the nation, especially in the young population. Did most people with the measles die? No, but most felt extremely sick for at least a week, and up to 30% suffered some complication from the disease. Of course, the most vulnerable (the young, old, and pregnant), faced the highest risk and sometimes died as a result. Luckily, the vaccine was a success, and measles was declared eradicated by the CDC in the United States in the in the year 2000.

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Unfortunately, in 1998 a study, led by the British fraudster Andrew Wakefield, was released by a number of authors declaring a link between the measles vaccine and autism. It was widely disseminated, parents began to worry about and resist vaccinating their children, and the anti-vaccination movement begins. By 2010, this study has been debunked and retracted by every reputable source, and Wakefield had his medical license stripped, but the damage was done.

The connection has been made and set in our minds, and fools with microphones like Jenny McCarthy continue to spread this damaging propaganda. This is why the measles is back. Yep, no longer eliminated in the United States. 2014 saw almost 700 cases of measles in the United States, and an outbreak in Disneyland alone in early 2015 caused over 100 cases. The lesson from this is that you cannot un-ring the bell, once you spread misinformation and lies that scare the public. With the anti-vax propaganda, it has led to a resurgence of measles. The stakes are much, much higher when it comes to the misinformation campaign that surrounds electronic cigarettes.

“But Vaping is Dangerous!”

I see why you think this, given that 90% of the news articles related to vaping are sensational: headlines warning you that children are picking up e-cigs in droves, vaping is a gateway to drug use, e-juice is the same as anti-freeze, that you will get POPCORN LUNG if you vape. These are dire warnings indeed. And they are being given by people that we trust to give us sound medical advice. This is hard to explain, but for reasons not completely clear, the public health community, democrat lawmakers, and big tobacco are all likeminded in the demonization of e-cigarettes as a means of smoking cessation.

Meanwhile, in the UK, E-Cigs are Available by Prescription

Yes, you read that right. While we here in the United States rush around making knee-jerk laws raising the vaping age to 21 (while still sending 18 year olds off to fight our wars), the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has awarded a license to an electronic cigarette device called e-Voke. This means that the e-Voke electronic cigarette, produced by British American Tobacco (yes, that totally sucks that the first e-cigarette accepted as a medical device is made by big tobacco), can be prescribed by doctor’s to patients that need help quitting smoking. What a fantastic, smart idea. Seems sort of like a no-brainer, given the research proving that vaping is about 95% safer than smoking, but in the United States, the dialogue could not be further from this reality.

Speaking of No-Brainers, Back to the United States

Instead of focusing on what we do know, the media and lawmakers like to focus on what we don’t know. If I hear one more time how little we really know about e-cigs, I am going to scream. First of all, we know way more than we knew, say, five years ago, and we know the most critical piece of information we need – that vaping is about 95% safer than smoking. We also know that Americans are quitting smoking in record numbers, and teen smoking has dropped by percentages never before seen.

While it seems obvious that prescribing a much safer product to help people quit smoking, the vice responsible for almost a half a million deaths annually in the US alone (one out of every five deaths), the Food and Drug Administration here in the US is about to pass stringent regulations on e-cigarettes which may result in eradicating more than 90% of the current vaping industry. This is for a product that is scientifically proven to be significantly less dangerous than the #1 killer of Americans: smoking. The official government and public health position on vaping is going to be known historically as the Jenny McCarthy position. Wise up, let smokers use any and all available safer measures at their disposal to quit smoking, and lets all work together to start the business of saving a billion lives!

Julie Selesnick
Spinfuel Contributor

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Julie Selesnick is the president of The Happy Vapor Company, , and a contributing columnist for Spinfuel eMagazine. You can expect to see much more from Julie in Spinfuel eMagazine

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33 thoughts on “Anti-Vaping Spreading Fear”

  1. Fair point well made.welcome to the painful team I am enjoying your writing style
    I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

    1. Thanks Scott! So far it has been pretty painless here at Spinfuel, but I will stay alert 😉 Just teasing; thanks so much for the kind words!

  2. I really enjoy the spinfuel newsletter! Valid comparison. I am an ex smoker, thanks to vaping! I hope the public and lawmakers see the benefits of vaping and allow us to continue to use this healthier alternative to smoking! Pick me!

  3. These articles are great and informative! Now if we can only get the industry to unite and use some of those BILLIONS in profits to form a public response team to combat all these rediclous allegations.I really enjoy the weekly spinfuel newsletter!

  4. The benefits of converting to e-cigarettes from smoking far outweigh the risks. To date, e-cigs have been in use for nearly a decade and I cannot remember seeing one death relating to proper use, including any lung related deaths. As far as the fears of school aged teens taking up e-cigs on the rise, the numbers of teens not smoking the real thing has dropped to it’s lowest rate in 30 years.

    A study published in 2015 in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives” showed that harmful chemicals associated with “popcorn lung” caused by a flavoring agent diacetyl, are present in many types of flavored e-cigarettes, particularly those with flavors like fruit and candy that may appeal to young smokers. Popcorn lung (Bronchiolitis obliterans) is scarring of the tiny air sacs within the lungs. Those effected over long time exposure develop symptoms similar to COPD.

    Numerous manufacturers of these flavorings as well as those marketing Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), the two main ingredients in E-Liquids, are
    taking steps to assure their products do not contain diacetyl.

    If one is concerned about the possibly of diacetyl, you should check with the company making the e-liquid or avoid fruit and candy flavorings and use organic flavorings, which are becoming more available recently.

    The FDA regulations should ensure proof of testing to ensure no diacetyl is marketed. Other than that, the FDA regulations should also be geared to lowered cost compliance to keep those 90% of the small businesses in business.

  5. As a smoker and user of tobacco for 50 years vaping has been a lifesaver for me. I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

  6. When people ask me about vaping, I never claim it is 100% safe, but can site research proving it is 95% safer than smoking. I don’t think humans were meant to inhale anything other than clean, fresh air into their lungs, however, just travel through a big city and breathe the “fresh air”. HA! It will kill you! Vaping is so much safer than smoking, and for those of us who were addicted to smoking tobacco, so much more rewarding, it should be promoted, not discouraged. It is the one method of quitting that is actually working for millions of ex-smokers. I just hope it is not taken away from current smokers – they need to stand a chance. Thank you for a great article.

    I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

  7. Nice job Julie. Seems like the government wants to find a way to make money off of vaping to me. Has helped me to stop. Was even a suggestion from my doctor. Not that he was really for vaping but felt is was better for me than smoking. I really enjoy the spinfuel weekly newsletter.

  8. We’re also very lucky that early adopters were so aware…the dangerous things that people still talk about (I’m thinking diacetyl) was more or less eliminated from ejuice years ago. We definitely need more press on “modern” products being as safe as possible if all safety precautions are followed. I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter

  9. I am moderately active on the reddit ECR sub, and post articles I come across that are cogently written and provide accurate info on E-cig risks so that the community members have the facts to refute the bullshit being published. I do recommend that, when you write on this topic, you include quick and easy steps that readers can take to promote the truth about e-cigs.

    I read the newsletter every time it comes out, and appreciate the high quality of the info. I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

  10. Really enjoy your articles Julie. It is sad the good news about vaping doesn’t get disseminated as widely as the bad news.
    If some nitwit leaves their e-juice lying around and their child gets poisoned it is big news and the fault lies with e-cigs. When another nitwit doesn’t secure the bottle of Drano and a child is poisoned it is not news, it is just another day.
    If some bonehead is carrying his lithium-ion battery around in his pocket with a bunch of coins or they use a cheap battery or charger and the battery explodes, it is big news and the problem is because of e-cigs.
    ANY li-ion battery has the potential to catch fire or explode if use improperly or damaged.
    When Apple had to recall thousands of early iPhone because the batteries were catching fire while charging people weren’t screaming that smart phones are evil.
    I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

  11. Julie, I really loved your article. Your passion on this subject is infectious. I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

  12. Julie, again, well said. I think I’m a new fan of yours. You’re definitely same things I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs for last four years. I anticipate more articles from you.
    I really enjoy the Spin uel weekly newsletter.

  13. I feel like everything this writing talked about, I’ve heard a thousand times from ignorant people. Can this be printed, laminated, and stapled onto phone poles across the land?

    I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly Newsletter.

    1. This is one of the only ways to get the word out, since all of us in the vaping world are pretty much banned from advertising or spreading the TRUTH through conventional advertising methods! Telephone poles and carrier pigeons it is…. 😉

  14. A lot more people could kick cigarettes if the U.S. would allow prescriptions for vaping. I really enjoy the Spinfuel Weekly newsletter.

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