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Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis Review


Joyetech Cuboid Mod and Cubis Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazineThere are numerous features and specs with the Cuboid and Cubis from Joyetech that I find impressive as hell. But, when you consider all the advanced features, the fancy specs, and the incredible performance the most impressive aspect of the new Cuboid and Cubis duo is the price. The Dual 18650 Cell Cuboid is just $46.95 and the Cubis tank, one heck of an advanced sub-ohm tank is just $19.95. Together they will set you back just $66.90. Throw in a 5-pack of extra coil heads for $9.95 and you’re still below $80. The Cuboid and Cubis will be available at Vapor Authority.

The Cuboid Mod

The Cuboid Mod is Available At Vapor Authority – It is important to note that Joyetech is shipping the Cuboid as a 150W mod, though the latest firmware upgrade, 3.10, will bounce the wattage up to 200w. However, because dual 18650 batteries can only output 200W when fully charged (3.8+ volts), the new firmware allows you to kick it up to 200w only while the batteries are fully charged.

As soon as the battery begins to drain the wattage output will decrease as well. If you are reading, or watching, other reviewers promote the Cuboid as a 200W mod, remember that the 200W is elusive and temporary. For my needs, 150W is plenty, more than plenty, and I would rather have dual 18650’s rather than a 3rd battery like the Reuleaux
from WISMEC. Props to Joyetech for not playing it coy and shipping it as a 200W mod.

The Joyetech Cuboid is a tall, thin rectangular mod with an excellent OLED screen that one-ups the OLED of the eVic-VT, which was the standard bearer of great mod displays. I’ll get into more detail on the display in a bit.

The Cuboid uses a Variable Temperature Control System that ships with firmware V3.0 and outputs 150W with Titanium, Nickel, and Stainless Steel 316 in Temp Control Mode plus a customized TCR mode.

The Joyetech Cuboid Mod features Stainless Steel 510 threads with a wide border that matches the size of larger tanks. The Joyetech Cuboid features a new clasp-button battery cover at the bottom of the device. Replacing the batteries is fast and easy, just make sure that you hear or feel the clasp snap back into place once you’re done.

The OLED Display

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Review Spinfuel eMagazineThe OLED display of the Cuboid is a 0.96-inch screen that offers the owner a lot of feedback of the current settings, including a new dual-battery bar that is both practical and attractive. As each battery drains each will show up on their own display icon. This is a terrific way to discover how well your 18650 batteries are holding up, say if one is draining faster than the other, and how much power you have left in each cell. In addition, when recharging the batteries in the mod itself the Cuboid will send more juice to the battery with the least amount of power, while still recharging the other battery, albeit with less juice, until both batteries are fully recharged.

Display Lines

First Line indicates the mode, Power (VW), TC, etc.

Second Line indicates the wattage or Temperature

Third Line shows the real time voltage

Fourth Line shows the coil ohms

Fifth Line shows the real time amperage

Sixth Line shows both batteries individual charges

Firmware 3.10 for the Joyetech Cuboid is now available here and it allows you to reach 200W with a full charge.

Formal Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 3-5/8″ x 1-5/8″ x 1-1/8″
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threads
  • Temperature Control: Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel 316 and TCR Mode
  • Output Wattage: 1-150W
  • Temperature Control Range: 100 – 315C / 200 – 600F
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for Variable Temperature Mode
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm for Variable Wattage Mode
  • Requires (2) 18650 High Amp Batteries (sold separately)
  • Upgradable Firmware
  • Multi-Colored 0.96-inch OLED Screen
  • Dual Battery Display Bar
  • New Slip-Open Battery Cover for Simple Battery Changes
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Updates and Charging
  • **We recommend an external charger for optimal charging**
  • Reverse Battery Polarity Protection
  • New Firmware V3.10 for Cuboid Available

The VT Software, available for Windows only (no Mac Love yet from Joyetech) is how the firmware upgrades are made. Pretty easy to download the firmware patch, attach the mod, and apply the patch.

Temperature Control and Coil Metals

The Joyetech Cuboid Output Modes: VW/VT-Ni/VT-SS316/TCR

Variable Wattage (VW) range is 1.0W to 150W (200W with upgrade) You can increase the wattage by .1w increments.

Variable Temperature – The Cuboid allows you to use Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils in VT mode. TheJoyetech Cuboid Mod and Cubis Tank Review by Spinfuel eMagazine Stainless Steel VT mode is called VT-SS316 because the coils themselves are 316 stainless steel material when using the Cubis tank with its BF-SS316 coil heads. More on the Cubis below.

TCR Mode – This mode allows you to set three memories, M1, M2, and M3, so that you can set custom settings according to the metal of the coil. Say you like a certain temperature for Nickel coils, or Titanium or Stainless Steel…by using the TCR Mode you can apply those settings for instance recall. Definitely a nice feature if you use different materials for your coils.

To set the TCR values, turn the Mod off, press the fire button and the right regulator/adjustment button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. That will take you into TCR set menu.

Take note: Temperature control works only with nickel, titanium, stainless wire.

Real World Usage

The Joyetech Cuboid is a heavy device, even with the batteries removed. That doesn’t bother me at all, and when considering the body is Stainless Steel and not some cheap Zinc alloy, the weight is justified. The Cuboid feels like a fine machined device, one of Joyetech’s best. All the buttons, edges, corners, inlays, and so forth have tight tolerances and a solid feel. Although the Cuboids we received with all stainless steel color, Joyetech does ship a black version as well as a gray version. If I had a choice, I think I would have opted for the black or gray since stainless steel or silver colors just don’t do much for me. Joyetech had engraved a ‘Happy New Year” along with the names of our main review staff on each of them. A nice gesture from Joyetech, not to mention time-consuming since all reviewers in our industry were sent engraved devices.
Joyetech Cuboid ModThe Cuboid is very easy to navigate and to change the setting, going into and out of various modes is simple and quick. The firing button, stainless steel and sizable, near the top of the device on the side, is firm, responsive, and just the right size.

Changing the batteries is just a matter of pushing up the clasp, opening the cover and sliding the batteries out. The Plus and Minus indicators are easy to read, and since the mod has reverse polarity protection even if you make a mistake it won’t damage the Cuboid. Using the Samsung 25R or Sony VT4 seem to make no difference in performance or battery life, both of which are on par with other Joyetech products. No complaints from me.

Finally, there is the performance, when combined with the incredible Cubis tank. When you watch my video (mid-January) you will see just how much vapor production there is in this mod and Cubis tank. Merely pushing the firing button huge amounts of vapor pour out of the drip tip without drawing on it. The first time I did this, just to prime the coils with eliquid, I was shocked, and a bit apprehensive about taking a hit from it. Needless to say, vapor production is out of this world.

What’s in The Box?

  • 1 x Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC Mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Manual

Which takes us to the Joyetech Cubis Tank

The Cubis Tank is available at Vapor Authority – Clearly made as a companion to the Cuboid, the Cubis tank is a state-of-the-art tank, with hidden airflow and a leak proof glass tank.
In the four years of reviewing vape gear I’ve never seen a tank like the Cubis. It looks to me as though Joyetech has listened to what all vapers had to say about how they “wish” a tank could be and then made it happen.

Before getting into any of the technical aspects of the tank, here are some of the things about the Cubis that I simply love about it.Joyetech Cuboid Mini Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Filling – No more trying to fill a tank through various bars or slats of metal in the way. When you remove the top cap of the tank the entire glass tank is wide open. On the side of the tank there is a mark, the word “Max” that indicates the fill line so you don’t overfill it. You just fill the tank to the fill line, return the top cap and coil head assembly and you’re ready to go. Innovative and VERY welcome.

Despite all the metal drip tips I’ve used in the past, I much prefer glass or plastic. Joyetech has included both metal
and plastic drip tips, and the plastic is very resistant to heat.

The Technicals

The leak resistant cup-style tank reservoir allows the entire top section and coil head to be removed as one solid unit. Lifting it out reveals the tank. Removing this section allows for easy juice refilling AND coil replacements.

The upper airflow system is invisible to the users and makes it easier for air to flow through. While it looks simple, it is a really innovative way to approach the airflow needs of a sub-ohm tank.


Size: 22.0mm*60.0mm
Capacity: 3.5ml
Color: black/silver
Applicable Heads: BF SS316-0.5ohm, BF SS316-1.0ohm, BF Clapton-1.5ohm
Mouthpiece: 11.5mm*16.0mm

Clapton Coil for Mouth to Lung

Joyetech has developed and produced the very first Clapton coil for mouth to lung users a 1.5 ohms’ coil head that provides the mouth to lung vaper a whole new level of satisfaction.

The biggest problem for mouth to lung vapers was getting enough flavor and vapor from a tight draw coil head. With this new Clapton coil set up that is no longer an issue. I spent more than a day using this coil head on one of my Cubis tanks and I have to tell you, had this been around when I switched to sub-ohm tanks I doubt I would have adopted the Lung Hit method of vaping. If you are a mouth to lung vaper that has never been thrilled by the performance of your tank and coil heads, I urge you to try one of these. I’m betting you won’t find anything on the market that hits better, or provides as much flavor.

Atomizer Cap

The coolest feature of the Cubis tank is this new atomizer cap. By attaching the cap to the glass tube you can create a secure eliquid container. Why is that so cool? Well, here’s how I use it: Let’s say I have half a dozen Cubis tanks. Using the Atomizer Cap I can fill five of the tanks and cap them off. While I’m out, or even when I’m not, I can take a new eliquid container, remove the cap, and screw on the end cap and coil head piece and not bother with having to stop what I’m doing to refill the tank.

In the grand scheme of things, I understand that this is not something of great importance, but its clearly a cool new feature that makes it even easier to use these new tanks.

What’s in The Box?

  • 1 x Joyetech CUBIS Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 2 x Drip Tip
  • 1 x BF SS316 0.5-ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x BF SS316 1.0-ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x BF Clapton 1.5-ohm Atomizer Head


Since the release of the Joyetech Delta 2 I have shouted from the mountain tops that it, the Delta 2, was the best performing tank on the market. The large, rich, organic cotton coil heads just out performed everything at the time. Because of that I was always wondering what the Delta 3 would be like. The only thing on my wish list for the Delta 3 was an easier way to refill it.

The Cubis, if not the new Delta 3, clearly out performs the Delta 2 in every way. The flavor from these new coils is
nearly perfect and the amount of vapor they create is shocking. The Cubis has become the only tank I use everyday now. While there are other great sub-ohm tanks on the market, with more to come, the ease of use, and the remarkable performance make the Cubis hard to beat. And the price? Just $19.99, it’s a whole lot cheaper than other sub-ohm tanks with similar performance.

As good as the Cuboid and Cubis work together I wanted to know how well the Cubis would work on other devices and so far, I tested it on more than 20 devices, only one mod had a problem making a secure connection with the tank, and that was just the first time I attached it. After trying again, it worked fine.

Needless to say, the Cuboid mod works with every sub-ohm tank I have, though the stainless steel Cubis fits the look better than any other. That may not be the case once I buy a black or a gray Cuboid without buying a black Cubis as well.

In Conclusion

Both Innokin (The Cortex) and Joyetech (Cuboid) have jumped into 2016 with game changing mods and tanks. The Cuboid and the Cubis are the most advanced, most fun to use devices I have.

Cons – Sure, I’d love the Cubis to be a little lighter, but I get why its not. Other than the weight I can’t find a single thing I would change about the Cuboid or the Cubis at this point. These two devices are Joyetech’s best foot forward for January 2016. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

You can pick up a Cuboid and a Cubis at Vapor Authority for under $80. I highly recommend that you do, because sooner or later you’re going to want a system (mod and tank) that can provide the utmost in vape experiences.

Both the Joyetech Cuboid and Cubis are available at Vapor Authority – Click here, and here, to take a look!

John Manzione