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Beard Gains Eliquid

A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review

        Beard Gains is a vendor out of Orlando, FL that is known for beard care products and their infamous wooden combs. Having a curiosity about Hookahs led the owner into the world of ejuice. Make sure you check out the interview with the owner, Zach Stephenson.

The first four flavors the team and I were sent to “give a whirl” were an interesting blend of flavors including candy and dessert flavors. From packaging to quality ingredients and these delightful flavors, I hope you all enjoy Beard Gains introduction to Spinfuel…


Too Dope: Marsh Cream Cake (this flavor has recently been discontinued)

Fully Loaded: Nerdzy

Bakers 13: Cinnamon Dough

Vegas Aces: Pink Starblast

Spinfuel Protocols:

If this is the first time you are reading a Dori Odosso lead  “Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review”, we suggest that you take a look at the new protocols we’ve set up for each of this team’s reviews.  You’ll need to know how long we vape the eliquid, in what manner, what we look for, and how an eliquid may earn a coveted Spinfuel Choice Award. In addition, in order to understand the scores and our comments about each one, knowing the intricacies of our methods will give you a greater understanding of the process. Click here:

Beard Gains Particulars:

 Beard Gains Eliquids come in 30ml green faded glass bottles with glass child proof droppers. They retail for $19.99/30ml which isn’t a bad price for this quality eliquid. That averages out to $.67/ml and most “top” shelf eliquids run a couple dollars more per 30ml. The blends are a 75vg/25pg blend which is great for use in RDAs and great Sub-Ohm Tanks. They can be enjoyed easily with dual coils (such as the Kanger 1.8 ohm or 1.6 ohm and the Nautilus BVC coils) as well. However, I do have testers in my shop that run higher VG blends. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.


 We received 30ml tapered green glass bottles with tamper-proof droppers and child-resistant caps. The faded green is a nice touch. It makes the labels pop. The labels have their Beard Gains logo on it with brightly colored artwork in the background. I thought they were very well done and are definitely eye catching. I believe all of the necessary information is placed neatly on the labels, even social media links. As always, I believe a batch code and born on date will be required at some point. Beard Gains does include a small UPC bar code so this may be some sort of batch tracking mechanism.


 This is what it is all about: the flavor. We have five to cover. I’m Dori, the head writer, and will kick every flavor off with my thoughts as the team follows.  Remember as always, taste is subjective and is in the mouth of the beholder. I do believe I’ve assembled a truly unique team. We all have different palates and I value each opinion of those on my team. Let’s see what we come up with for these for four candy or dessert blends!!

 Beard Gains Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewTOO DOPE: “Too Dope: Marsh Cream Cake is a dessert creamy custard cake with a unique flavor. Sweet. Full of flavor, delicious!” (recently discontinued but presented here because it was available during our review time)

 Dori:   4.25 stars. Marsh Cream Cake had a unique flavor to it for sure. I liked the smooth inhale that tasted of creamy marshmallows with a hint of vanilla custard and cake batter that followed through into the exhale. I also get a faint fruity flavor mixing in as well, perhaps a citrus note. It’s an undertone I can’t quite put my finger on, but perhaps the lemon Louis is talking about. This is a smooth eliquid with a very nice flavor that I think a lot of people would enjoy. The throat hit was mild, sweetness was spot on, and the vapor production was great! I used my HexOhm V2.1 and the Popeye RDA with a .3-ohm coil build. I enjoyed this one at 50 watts the best.

Alicia:  4.5 stars. I agree with Louis on Too Dope tasting like Lemon Meringue pie. The inhale delivers creamy marshmallows with hints of pie crust. The exhale comes out different with lemon that is toned down to a smooth flavor mixed with the marshmallow and then ends with subtler hints of pie crust. At first the flavor throws me off with the lemon having a slight bite to it, but as I continue to vape it at 60 watts it becomes sweeter and smoother. This is one of those flavors that you can’t judge by the first impression, it gets better with time. I’m using my HexOhm v2.1 at 60 watts with a Sapor RDA built to .32 ohms for these reviews.

Scott: 4.5 stars. I agree with Louis, I tasted what seemed like to me was the taste of lemon meringue pie on the inhale. I noticed a sweet meringue taste with notes of lemon. The exhale left me with a tart lemon aftertaste, but then I was left with a nice, sweet taste on my tongue. This made me want to try more. I think this is a unique flavor that many people would enjoy from dessert to fruity vape lovers.

Dana: 4 stars. On the first inhale, I agree with Louis and got a strong lemon flavor, but after vaping for a while for me that intense taste subsided.  I tasted a very lightly sweet marshmallow flavor on the inhale, and citrus and cake flavor on the exhale.  In my opinion, Marsh Cream Cake would taste better if it was a touch sweeter.  I think it would bring out the complex flavors more.  At 25 watts, the lemon flavor was much lighter and it brought out more of the cake flavor.  At 45 watts, the lemon/citrus was much more prominent.  For all flavors in this line, I used a Smoke M80 Mod and a Mutation RDA built at .2 ohms.

Louis: 4.5 stars. When I first tried this eliquid I kind of expected like a marshmallow kind of taste. I was a little surprised when I first tasted the tangy lemon that came in nice and strong on the inhale and definitely understand what Dori was saying when she said “citrus” note. The exhale was a little creamier and sweeter though which helped calm down the powerful lemony taste. After I gave it a few vapes, I found that it got smoother, but richer, with more of a dessert like taste. It reminds me mostly of lemon meringue pie. It had a more unique flavor then the candies, and after giving the lemon a chance it really did have a great flavor.  All of these eliquids have a really good vapor production and I am using my Popeye RDA with .28 coils for these reviews.

Beard Gains Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewFULLY LOADED: “Fully Loaded: Nerdzy brings back memories when you took a handful of Nerds candy and slammed it in your mouth. Sweet, yummy, who doesn’t love Nerds?”

Dori:   4.25 stars. Nerdzy is a nice rendition of a hefty handful of those pink candies. On the inhale, a strawberry candy flavor that just pops. It has just the right touch of sweetness too and is really smooth. On the exhale, it is like I have just chewed the candy and the exhale fades as the candy would in your mouth. This eliquid even has a pleasing candy aroma to it. I feel that candy vape lovers or fruity vape lovers would really enjoy this one. I enjoyed it best between 40-50 watts. Nerdzy has a mild throat hit and great vapor production.

Alicia:  3.75 stars. I have a little different opinion from the rest of the team. Fully loaded is missing the sweetness. When I think of these candies, they are strong and sweet. This eliquid is missing both. The flavor and sweetness are both muted and that makes me not like it as much as I should. I can taste the candy. However, it’s more like I’m only eating one small piece at a time instead of a handful. Does anyone actually eat these one at a time?!?

Scott: 4 stars. This eliquid is a beast of a different taste. On the inhale, I tasted what seemed to be an amazing sweet, candy strawberry flavor with a slight hint of tartness. This made for a tasty blend and I agree with Dori that this tastes more like just the pink candies. The exhale was more desirable to me because the sweet strawberry flavor was more intense and lasted even longer after you exhaled. Then after the sweetness fades, you get hints of tartness. 
Dana: 4 stars. Again I agree with Louis, Nerdzy tastes just like the pink and purple candy.  At 25 watts, I get a lightly sweet mixed with a little tart and then a little added touch of grape and strawberry flavor.  At 45 watts, I taste more of the tartness, which I enjoyed a lot better. If you enjoy the candies, you’ll enjoy this vape.

Louis: 4 stars. As soon as I took the first vape of this eliquid, I noticed a familiar tangy, sweet flavor. It really reminds me of the pink and purple nerds candy. The inhale is tangier like when you are first crunching into them, but the exhale smooth’s and sweetens up the flavor. I also noticed a nice candy coating aftertaste that was kind of like if you were just letting the candies dissolve in your mouth rather then crunching them all at once. This is a good flavor to savor. It was a little too tangy at first, but I did enjoy how it gently smoothed out while keeping the sweetness.

Beard Gains Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team Review BAKERS 13: Bakers 13: Cinnamon Dough. Hit the nail on the head with this awesome cinnamon dough bakery cuisine! Every vape is like eating a perfectly made muffin!”

 Dori: 4.5 stars. Cinnamon Dough is a sweet cinnamon vape that is done pretty well. On the inhale, I taste a sweet cinnamon with a really sweet pastry note. The exhale is a mildly sweet cinnamon dough which is really tasty. That was around 35 watts. At 50 watts, the inhale and exhale seemed more uniform to me and that of a sweeter cinnamon dough that is well blended. It depends on how you would like this one to taste. It changes with the wattage and I imagine the build. I like diverse vapes like this. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is really good.

Alicia: 4.25 stars. I’m not getting the sweet cinnamon dough like some of my teammates. For me, this is more like the inside of a cinnamon roll where the cinnamon is the strongest, but without the sugary glaze. The inhale is cinnamon with a slight hint of a pastry taste that helps keep the cinnamon from being too harsh. On the exhale, the pastry comes out more and the cinnamon takes a backseat and comes through as more of an undertone. At the very end of the exhale, I do get a sweet hint but it quickly goes away.

Scott:  5 stars. First off, this eliquid is YUMMY!! From the first inhale to the exhale, it is amazing. On the inhale, I tasted an amazing mixture of dough and baking cinnamon. The cinnamon was not overpowering. I noticed a blend of what seems to be a sweet dough and cinnamon, and on the exhale, the flavor lasts all the way through. This one reminded me of fried dough with cinnamon and sugar on it.
Dana: 5 stars. I just love the Cinnamon Dough flavor from this line of eliquids.  It has the right amount of sweetness, and the cinnamon is just perfect!  In a lot of the eliquids that I have tasted the cinnamon flavoring tends to be so strong, but that is not the case in this flavor.  It has a nice, light bakery cinnamon flavor, not the red hot candy flavor.  At 25 watts, you get a slightly sweet smooth cinnamon flavor on the inhale. On the exhale, I taste an added touch of pastry flavor mixed into the blend.  At 45 watts, all of the flavors are more intense, but not overpowering.

Louis: 5 stars. This eliquid had the best flavor out of them all, which is weird for me because I normally don’t love the taste of cinnamon. It isn’t a very strong cinnamon, but more like a good baking cinnamon. It honestly tastes like the best cinnamon sugar donut or cinnamon roll I’ve ever had. On the inhale, I got the taste of a sweet baked good, and the extreme cinnamon sugary taste came out for the exhale. The aftertaste was like ooey, gooey, cinnamon sweet goodness, and like a cinnamon glaze or something. I could turn this into an all day vape easily.

Beard Gains Eliquid A Spinfuel eLiquid Team ReviewVEGAS ACES: “Vegas Aces: Pink Starblast. Like having the best Starburst candy but without having to chew. Everyone loves the pink Starburst candy! Vape & Enjoy!”

 Dori:  4 stars. Vegas Aces is a nice, light fruity candy vape that does remind me of the pink Starburst candies. This eliquid seems to have a little extra tang to it though. It isn’t as sweet and seems to have a citrus note to it just like the Marsh Cream Cake did only with Vegas Aces this creates a medium throat hit for me. On the inhale, I get a mild strawberry candy flavor with a hint of citrus that goes to the back of my throat. It’s still a pretty tasty flavor though. The flavors blend into the exhale and give off a great vapor production. I liked this best around 40 watts.

Alicia: 4 stars. Vegas Aces is close to the real deal, but it’s missing the sweetness. If this was just a little sweeter with more of the strawberry candy flavor, I think it would be spot on. The beginning of the inhale doesn’t really bring out much flavor but as it lingers the strawberry candy really starts to come through. The exhale is the opposite where the strawberry candy really comes out at the beginning and then becomes muted as the exhale ends. Like I said, it’s close, but not there yet. More flavor and some sweetness added and I think this would be really good.

Scott: 4.25 stars. The aroma leaves me thinking about a red Starburst candy that Louis mentions. The inhale was a little disappointing because there wasn’t much flavor, so I agree with Louis there as well. I tasted a slight hint of strawberry, but not to strong. When I exhaled, the strawberry pops and left me with a nice strawberry taste like I would get from a red Starburst. It even reminds me of the sweet mixture from the fun dips. Either way, after the exhale, I had to have more.

Dana: 4 stars. I agree with Louis, Pink Stardust taste just like strawberry candy, but yet I get an imitation strawberry flavor as well.  At 45 watts, I taste a slightly sweet strawberry candy. The strawberry flavor is not too sweet and not too strong.  At 25 watts, the flavors were the same, just less intense. I would enjoy this eliquid more if it didn’t have the imitation flavoring.

Louis: 4 stars. This eliquid has a really nice, sweet, but also kind of smooth strawberry candy taste. It even reminded me of how the Starburst fave reds smell, which I’m assuming is what they were kind of going for. The only thing that disappointed me about this eliquid was the lack of flavor on the inhale, it seems to be almost non-existent. It almost makes up for it on the exhale though because the sweet strawberry candy really comes through. It even almost has the taffy like taste which is what I think makes it so smooth.


I would say Beard Gains impressed the team with their unique candy flavors and dessert vapes. It’s a shame they decided to remove the Too Dope from their flavor list! Even with the unique flavor combination, it scored 4s and above and was one of my favorites. The Bakers 13 almost received an award and is something I’m sure all cinnamon vape lovers would enjoy, especially those who like the sweet cinnamon vapes. The two candy flavors are definitely tasty and I know there are palates out there that would appreciate those as well. We look forward to seeing more from Beard Gains, a quality product from a quality vendor.

As always, the team and I all have a unique way of tasting flavors but you’ll know who you relate to most after you read all of the reviews. We all have our own style. These are our opinions and it is nice to have different views sometimes on the same product.

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Dori Odosso and her Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team