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DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank

Despite the drama DotMod has been going through, the company is stronger than ever, and the DotMod Petri is proof. A former employee left to work for the competition while recruiting (aka pilfering ) other colleagues on his way out. After some serious resolution, DotMod states they are growing, promoting new products, like the DotMod Petri, and delivering better quality and service than ever before!

I’m a reviewer of vape gear and not evaluating or judging the company that design or manufacturer vaping products so my take on the scandal is neutral. Something I read on DotMod’s website that really stood out and stuck with me is, “We’re dedicated to providing beauty and joy to vape users while empowering healthier lifestyles.” That’s exactly what they accomplished with the Petri Sub-Ohm Tank!

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

From the moment you lay hands on the packaging and admire the professional presentation of the DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank ($49.95 at Element Vape) you know you received a high-end product. Opening the magnetized flap, there it is, the Petri’s 24k Gold-plating shining like the California sun. There’s also a serialized Certificate of Authenticity lying nicely on the felt floor of the box. Speaking of California, the DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank was designed in San Diego, a good six hour drive from where I grew up.

The fully 24k Gold-plating was applied more than four times (creating four layers of plating) which adds dramatic durability to the surface. Gold will not oxidize and heat and moisture can’t affect it. Gold will not rust against the natural elements and wear and tear will be minimal, especially with four layers of plating. Golds durability is enhanced when plated over certain metals and has great electrical conductivity. Even though Gold can resist tarnishing, the Brass underneath can break down with age. So for DotMod to plate the Brass underlying material with four layers of Gold-plating, the Petri Sub-Ohm Tank will retain that stunning surface shine for many years to come!

The DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank measures 22mm in diameter and is definitely a compact atomizer. There are no other color options other than the Gold version but with Black O-rings accenting the gleaming surfaces, the aesthetics are flawless and it just radiates luxury. The top-fill system is similar to the Aspire Cleito and VGOD TrickTank in a sense that you fill between the glass and coil housing. Knurling provided on the top cap makes refilling a quick process. Sometimes the glass tends to slide around, despite being held on by dual O-rings and could come off pretty easily; it’s not the tightest fit. The 1.9ml eJuice capacity (I fit 2ml with an already saturated coil head) isn’t as bad as it sounds. The lower wattages the included coil heads need to thrive and perform conserve juice a lot better than you might think.

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

DotMod added a thermal insulator gasket which essentially is an added peek insulator that fits underneath the top cap and in between the coil head housing for a cooler vaping experience. The insulator is preinstalled and not something you need to fiddle with every time you remove the top cap. Once you tighten the top cap down, the gasket is in place and is already doing its job. At the recommended coil wattages, the tank or drip tip doesn’t get hot at all even when chain vaping aggressively. The Pyrex glass (with a replacement included in the box) never exceeded room temperature so the added insulator was a great idea to fix a common problem.

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank has dual 15mm x 1.5mm bottom airflow slots which provide enough airflow to keep the coils operating at peak performance. For a compact ergonomic tank, the airflow provides a really nice balance of an airy draw but restricted enough for a great vape. The airflow adjustment ring is one of the smoothest I’ve used, gliding so effortlessly and stops in the open/closed positions. With plenty of material to grip onto it’s really easy to move and stays put wherever you set it. You can remove the airflow ring by sliding it off with the airflow fully open so you can clean all the nooks and crannies more effectively. The non-adjustable Gold-plated 510 pin along with smooth threads makes attaching the Petri Sub-Ohm Tank to your favorite device an easy task.

The 15mm Acrylic drip tip (11mm inner diameter) is very comfortable to vape on. It slides over the top cap stem and is held snugly in place by two O-rings embedded into the top cap. DotMod includes an additional drip tip and both are obviously not 510 compatible. The chimney width is 5.9mm so trying to insert a standard 510 drip tip into it can’t happen. But plan on wiping the inside of the drip tip out routinely as condensation loves to build up very quickly. The condensation also travels down the chimney into the top of the coil head. I haven’t had any performance or flavor issues because of it but it is annoying to say the least.

DotMod’s Coil Technology was born with a partnership with Aspire offering cross-compatibility with the Triton, Atlantis (including the Atlantis EVO), iJust 2 EC, Starre Pro, Tobeco Super Tank and Vaporesso cCell coil structures. Having the option to run a variety of coil options is a huge bonus especially the cCell coil heads which turn the ordinary Petri Sub-Ohm Tank into a Ceramic Tank. I did notice that some of the first versions of the Petri Tank actually came with CoilArt coil heads with a higher wattage recommendation (up to 70W). After plenty of research, I could only find replacement coil heads (5-packs for $19.95 at Element Vape) for the Aspire/DotMod coils and not the CoilArt variations.

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Utilizing the same wonderful 24k Gold-plating, the DotMod/Aspire coil heads not only match the tank accurately but the flavor of your eJuice won’t be altered by the taste of Stainless Steel. Side by side with the Aspire EVO coil heads, the design and execution is almost identical. The preinstalled 0.5Ω SS316L coil head (mine read exactly 0.500Ω on my SMOK Alien Mod) has a 4.5mm ID dual-parallel coil for unprecedented flavor. The four 5.4mm x 2.5mm wicking slots kept up with the constant abuse I was enforcing on it with no dry hits or gurgling at all. I ran the coil in both Wattage and TC Mode and was impressed with the vapor output for a wattage range of only 40W-50W. Spit back was minimal thanks to the protection screen installed over the coil and cotton.

The other included coil head is a 0.5Ω Twisted coil with a 4.5mm ID coil. I’ve run twisted wire builds in many Rebuildable Tanks but never experienced that setup in a Sub-Ohm Tank coil head. The gauge of wire used looks to be 24ga and appears to be a parallel coil with a couple twists in it. It didn’t ring any familiar bells when looking at the disassembled coil versus what I’ve used in the past. Regardless, the flavor is where the twisted coil head exceeded my expectation! With the same size wicking slots as the SS316L coil head and a range of only 35W-40W, the vapor was dense and the flavor was outstanding! I had the wattage set higher at 45W for over a week and even using a dark, high VG ‘coil-killing eJuice,’ I was able to get almost two weeks out of it. The vapor was cool and never got warm even when chain vaping but because of the lower wattage it took to perform, my eJuice lasted considerably longer than I anticipated.

Final Grade – B

DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank Review by Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

“The DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank is the Rolex of the compact tank market! The $50 price tag and the small eJuice capacity will deter some but inside and out, it’s stunning anyway you look at it. If the Sub-Ohm genre isn’t your cup of tea, pick up the DotMod Petri RTA instead (also available at Element Vape for $69.95)!”

Team Spinfuel


DotMod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank  Features:

  • Designed in San Diego, CA
  • 9mL Juice Reservoir
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Superior 24K Gold-Plated Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Petri Coil Technology – 24K Gold-Plated
  • 5ohm Twisted Coil – rated for 35-40W
  • 5ohm SS 316L Coil – rated for 40-50W
  • Cross-Compatible with Atlantis, Triton, and cCell Coils
  • Threaded PEEK Insulators
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Design
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow – 15mm by 1.5mm per Airslots
  • 5mm Acrylic Widebore Drip Tip
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection

In The Box:

  • 1 Dotmod Petri Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.5ohm Twisted Coil
  • 1 0.5ohm SS 316L Coil
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 Additional Acrylic Drip Tip
  • Spare Parts