Vaptio Design Contest
Vaptio Design Contest Opens Today!

Vaptio, makers of the acclaimed Wall Crawler Starter Kit and the Super BAT vape mods and sub-ohm tanks will hold a Design Contest beginning June 21st  and ending on July 26th. This year’s Design Contest will reward more than $10,000.Everyone is welcome to join the graphic design contest, from old hands to beginners. Even if you’ve [...]

Dovpo VEE Variable Voltage Box Mod Review
Dovpo VEE Variable Voltage Box Mod Review

Everything old is new again. And though we’re seeing vape mods that offer voice control, Bluetooth connectivity and Vegas-quality lighting displays, there’s a growing contingent of “back to basics” devices that put simplicity and performance above bells and whistles. Add the Dovpo VEE variable voltage box mod to that second list. The VEE was designed [...]

Vapecige VTBox DNA250C 200W Box Mod Review
Vapecige VTBox DNA250C 200W Box Mod Review

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a LOT of DNA250C devices these last few months, such as the Lost Vape Paranormal (reviewed here) and the Think Vape Finder (reviewed here) for example, and I won’t ever complain that the editors keep sending them my way. That’s because this chipset is the perfect marriage of DNA precision [...]

WISMEC CB-80 & AMOR NS Pro Starter Kit Review

A year ago, we were introduced to the altogether awesome Wismec CB-60 starter kit, and I believe I led off the review with a bit of hyperbole – “Now THIS is how to do a beginner's vape device.” One spin around the sun later and Wismec hasn’t lost sight of the prize. Because the all-new [...]

SMOK Devilkin vs SMOK Alien – Student Defeating Master?

If you had told me in 2016 that I’d still be referencing the SMOK Alien two years later, I would have laughed at you… hard. By this point in the vaping timeline, mods were coming out faster and faster, and being replaced more frequently to boot. People didn’t just have a vape mod – they [...]

The BOLD iPV Xyanide Starter Kit Review

I guess better late than never applies to this review for the Pioneer4You iPV Xyanide Starter Kit. We’ve had this magnificent starter kit here at Spinfuel HQ for almost 3 months, and every time it’s put on the whiteboard for review, something, some new special project or some review, knocks it down the editorial board. [...]

PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit Review by Spinfuel VAPE
PLY Rock Zilla 60W Box Mod Kit Review

When I first heard I was getting to review the PLY Rock Zilla mod kit, I expected another massive, 200+ watt sub-ohm beast, much like the namesake fire-breathing lizard. What I got was only “massive” in the amount of surprise it gave us. Indeed, the 60-watt Zilla mod isn’t going to put any of your primary [...]

Vape Mods for Design Aesthetics Fans
Vape Mods for Design Enthusiasts

Since the vaping industry took the world by storm, vape mods have evolved from the original starter pens to the premium models available today. With the evolution of equipment has come the developmentof vaping as a hobby, even an art form,and the industry must keep up, producingnew equipmentthat provides vapers with a more advanced vaping [...]

Best 10 Portable, Pocket-Friendly Vape Mod Kits by Spinfuel VAPE
Best 10 Portable, Pocket-Friendly Vape Mod Kits for 2018

Portable. What exactly does that mean for a Vape Mod? After all, most any vape device is portable, depending on the size of your pockets, or how much you’re willing to carry. But, as vapers know, some devices are lighter, more streamlined, and more comfortable to tote around each day.   You know… portable.   For the purposes of [...]

Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod Kit Preview
Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod Kit Preview

We’ve spent a lot of time covering all-in-one (AIO) vape mods – in fact, we did a comprehensive list of the best AIO mod kits for 2018. So, when the compact Vaptio Fusion AIO Vape Mod Kit arrived in our offices, we immediately wondered if it would have made the cut.   Well, it’s a little early [...]

The VTEC-styled Augvape V200 200W Box Mod Preview by Spinfuel VAPE
The VTEC-styled Augvape V200 200W Box Mod Preview

If 2017 was the year every company added a speedometer-styled display to their vape mods, 2018 might see a new trend – mods shaped liked engines themselves. And the first notable entry? The VTEC-styled Augvape V200 box mod.   To the naked eye, the V200 is another oddly designed vape device. To the motorheads in our audience [...]

GTRS VBOY 222W TC YiHi SX520 Mod Preview

One of the things that drew me to previous GTRS Mods were the ultra-modern body designs. Sure, all previous GTRS products under our review were powerful, solid, and all-around good performers, but each seemed to have futuristic design components, particularly the  GTRS VBOY 200W Mod, something the GTRS VBOY 222W TC Mod clearly lacks. But decisions shouldn’t [...]

The Aggressively Style Snowwolf XFeng Preview

The Snowwolf VFeng (reviewed here) was a divisive device around our offices. It was an oddball mod but had power and ramp-up to spare. So, when the aggressively styled Sigelei Snowwolf XFeng (available now) arrived, we were curious to see where it landed in comparison to its older sibling. In other words, will it be another mod focused [...]

Tesla Punk 220W Steampunk Box Mod Review - Spinfuel VAPE
Tesla Punk 220W Steampunk Box Mod Review

Forgive the speedy turnaround, but I was too excited to wait. Because the Tesla Punk is an absolutely fantastic vape mod, and a new figurehead in my collection. Hyperbole? Not really – once you get a hold of this substantial beauty, you’ll understand why I’m glowing so much to start a review. There are just a [...]

SMOK G-PRIV 2 Luxe Edition Kit Review - Spinfuel VAPE
SMOK G-PRIV 2 Luxe Edition Kit Review

This Review is Sponsored by Vapor Authority - As touchscreen Mods go, the G PRIV has always been a favorite of Vapers everywhere. When Spinfuel VAPE reviewed the SMOK G PRIV 2 I agreed with every word that reviewer had to say about it. When the SMOK G PRIV 2 Luxe Edition came in for review [...]