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Vaptio, makers of the acclaimed Wall Crawler Starter Kit and the Super BAT vape mods and sub-ohm tanks will hold a Design Contest beginning June 21st  and ending on July 26th. This year’s Design Contest will reward more than $10,000.

Vaptio Design Contest

Who Can Enter?

Everyone is welcome to join the graphic design contest, from old hands to beginners. Even if you’ve never picked up a pen before, feel free to give it a go!

What do I Need to do?

Simply go to our website and make an account. Each account can upload three designs. Take the shape of the Capt’n tank and mod and decide what colors and design you want it to include.

The “Theme” is completely up to you. You could take inspiration from the world of comic books, or from recent superhero movies – or send us your own hot take on the environment, anime, comics, movies, oil-paintings, people, animals, culture, sports, astrology… anything is possible!


We will accept the designs in a range of formats, whether a scanned pencil-on-paper sketch or a drawing done on Photoshop.

Vaptio Capt'n Starter Kit

Design Contest Rules

  1. Contest begins on 18th June and ends on July 26th at 18:00 PST.
  2. You can increase your number of votes via inviting friends and canvassing members of the fan community.
  3. Each account-holder can submit up to three designs.
  4. You can’t vote for your own design (sorry about that!).
  5. The design that gets the most votes wins the contest. Simple!
  6. The prize value and the number of winning candidates will be increased as more and more users participate.

Here's What You Can Win

  1. First Prize starts at $1000. For every new design work submitted, $5 will be added to the prize fund, meaning first prize could be quite a lot if we receive a high number of designs! Maximum value: $10,000.
  2. Second Prize starts at $500. For every new design work submitted, $5 will be added to this prize. Maximum value: 50% of First Prize.
  3. Third Prize is a free sample of every single VAPTIO product released in 2018.
  4. Fourth Prize is a collection of the VAPTIO Hero series vaping kits.
  5. Fifth Prize is a coupon code worth a certain dollar amount.  Every participant will receive one of these. Value starts at $10, with $5 added per vote, to a maximum value of of $50.