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Introduction to the Wismec CB-80 Starter Kit

A year ago, we were introduced to the altogether awesome Wismec CB-60 starter kit, and I believe I led off the review with a bit of hyperbole – “Now THIS is how to do a beginner’s vape device.” One spin around the sun later and Wismec hasn’t lost sight of the prize. Because the all-new Wismec CB-80 kit takes the newcomer/mouth-to-lung foundation laid a year ago and broadens its audience considerably, without forgetting its roots.


The result is a kit that I’ve recommended to virtually every new vaper I’ve come across. I’ve also had to pry it from my MTL-loving wife’s hands since it arrived. Thankfully, I got to use it long enough to do a full review.

Right from the jump, we can see that Wismec didn’t want to stray far from the CB-60’s design, as the CB-80 is a virtual clone of the original, even though the CB-80 is powered by a single 18650 battery, as opposed to the integrated cell found on its predecessor. Moving to an external battery allows for an extra 20 watts of maximum power, alongside a smoother, stronger ramp time than before (but we’ll get to that a little later on).

Just like its older brother, the CB-80 mod is an ideal size for beginning vapers. At 80mm tall (without tank), the mod is slender but tall enough to feel like an adult device, not a childish plaything. And the device design is sharp enough to stand out, without drawing attention. If you want to show it off, it looks the part. If you want to be stealthy, it fits snugly in the hand. Either way, Wismec has a wider audience in mind for this kit.

One area I wish was a little stronger was the display. Though there’s nothing inherently wrong with the 0.91-inch OLED screen, and it does what it needs to do, displays have come a long way. This display might provide all the necessary information, but there have been a litany of new, narrow screen designs that welcome newcomers to the fray a lot better than this one.

In short, some people like the simplicity. In 2018, I wish Wismec had advanced things a little more on the visual end of things.

As it was before, the press-fit 510 connection is standard fare, but proved to be more than sturdy enough to handle the included, and all my test tanks sat flush without concern. Finally, the large firing key feels as solid as ever, and works well, no matter your preferred grip.


Features and Highlights of the Wismec CB-80 Starter Kit

In 2018, temperature control would hardly be considered a “feature.” Yet, with just a few minor design and hardware changes, the CB-80 is now a full-featured mod, complete with a standard slate of TC, TCR, bypass and other more advanced settings. Though I appreciated the CB-60’s wattage-only approach at the time, the CB-80 is meant to bridge some gaps between entry-level and advanced vaping and having these features on board results in a much more complete setup.


Also, while the original CB-60 kit came with the MTL-focused Amor tank, the CB-80 packs the all-new Amor NS Pro tank, which is designed to be much more versatile for a wider range of users. But, even with the best intentions to cross over into sub-ohm territory, the Amor NS Pro is still too restrictive for extended sub-ohm use…

There are two coils in the kit – a pre-installed 1.3-ohm MTL head that should feel instantly familiar to fans of the original Amor. It has a snug, flavor focused MTL draw that smokers should instantly adapt to without trouble.

However, the other head is a triple-coil, 0.2-ohm nod to cloud chasers, which has big ambitions, but doesn’t quite measure up to others in this category. Plus, the small-capacity Amor NS Pro tank and slow-wicking coil head can’t handle thicker, VG-heavy juices. It’s not inherently BAD but does come off as a mishmash of ideas that never really comes together.

But when used with the tighter head and a good nic salt juice? The Amor NS Pro shines as bright as its predecessor.

Wismec CB-80 Starter Kit Specs:

  • CB-80 Battery Mod
  • Size: 22.6*36.4*80.4mm
  • Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
  • Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 25A)
  • Output mode: VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR mode
  • Output wattage: 1-80W
  • Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes
  • 05-3.5ohm for VW mode
  • Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)
  • Maximum Charging Current: 2A
  • Maximum Output Current: 50A
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5-9V

Wismec CB-80 Starter Kit Includes

  • 1x CB-80
  • 1x Amor NS Pro
  • 1x WS04 MTL 1.3ohm Head
  • 1x WS01 Triple 0.2ohm Head
  • 1x QC USB Cable
  • 2x User Manual
  • 2x Warning Card
  • Spare Parts

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Personal Observations

Much like I did with the CB-60, I approached the CB-80 kit testing like a newcomer to vaping, in that I never tried to push the mod past its intended usage. And I didn’t try pairing it with too many other tanks or RDAs, since most buyers would probably try to keep this kit intact rather than branching out too far (which made sense, since the Amor NS Pro offered the best, most seamless experience anyway).


That said, I DID have to try and push the CB-80 to its stated limit with the low-resistance WS-01 coil and was surprised how well the mod ramped while staying cool and never misfiring. Sure enough, this little mod has some punch under the hood. Perhaps the battery life wasn’t ideal when using it at these elevations, but in a pinch, the CB-80 has some decent cloud potential.

In temperature control, the CB-80 was a surprisingly good performer, capable of simple, beginner-friendly adjustments without a lot of finger-wrangling or confusion. These aren’t DNA levels of precision, nor are there distinct differences in performance for each type of coil material. But the CB-80 – much like it has in other areas – serves as a good way to bring new vapers into the world of more precise vaping.

(And not for anything, but experienced vapers looking for a capable, stealthy backup mod shouldn’t turn their nose up, either… there’s a lot of performance to be had with the CB-80 kit.)

Overall, I was a LITTLE disappointed about the battery performance of the CB-80 since the move to external battery power should have given the mod a little boost over the original. But whether I was vaping low-wattage, high-resistance builds, or cranking it at its 80-watt max, the CB-80 didn’t have a lot of gas in the tank. I averaged just 3-4 hours of moderate use per battery swap – not entirely amazing totals, especially for a beginner’s device.

I don’t think that should deter newcomers from giving the CB-80 a strong consideration – this is still one of the best beginner mods I’ve ever used. But if all-day longevity is high on your priority list, this might not top your list.

Finally, I should have mentioned this sooner, but the CB-80 is downright comfortable and enjoyable to use. It ramps beautifully, hits hard, and has a linear menu design that makes simple adjustments a breeze.

Bottom Line

The CB-80 kit is still very much a low-to-mid-wattage vape mod, designed to welcome in new users, while also holding their hands as they begin to explore more-advanced styles of vaping. It’s not perfect, but it is an ideal “transition” mod that can do a lot of things right. And with those 20 extra watts, it also opens a lot of doors for vapers looking to find the style that suits their needs.

Score: A-