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Introduction to the Dovpo VEE

Everything old is new again. And though we’re seeing vape mods that offer voice control, Bluetooth connectivity and Vegas-quality lighting displays, there’s a growing contingent of “back to basics” devices that put simplicity and performance above bells and whistles. Add the Dovpo VEE variable voltage box mod to that second list. The VEE was designed and built to appeal to vapers that care about ramp-up speed and simplicity with power, then vapers that enjoy the advanced features like temperature control, TCR, and other advanced technologies. In other words, the chipset inside the DOVPO VEE is the opposite of the latest Evolv DNA250C.


And if the VEE is any indication, the “next big thing” in vaping just might be not having any “big things” at all. Because this stripped down variable voltage mod has all of the power, control and performance vapers need, with none of the (some might say) nonsense to get in the way. Is it for everyone? Well, not if they don’t have a strong understanding of ohm’s law and vaping safety. But for those who’ve done their homework, it’s hard to argue the VEE doesn’t deliver in a big way.


Right from the outset, you’ll notice just how well built the VEE really is. With a rock-solid, industrial-like zinc alloy frame, ample venting, and just enough style to keep modern vapers happy, the VEE will sit happily next to the rest of your collection. In other words, this is no bare-bones box mod. But it’s not looking to overtake the conversation, either.


One element I loved about the VEE is the slightly tacky, rubberized grip opposite the clicky fire button. In either a trigger or thumb grip, this mod is extremely comfortable to hold, use and adjust. And the hefty weight, even without two 18650 batteries installed, ensures this will be an easy mod to use, even in colder weather.


The minimalist display is a standard “digital clock” format that old-school vapers will immediately recognize and appreciate. When selecting your power, the voltage is all that’s displayed. When firing, the coil resistance takes its place. That’s it!


On that same note, the simple LED is there to indicate battery level through the universal “traffic light” format. Green is good, yellow is fair and red means it’s time to swap. No muss, no fuss.


When the indicator is green the combined voltage the dual 18650 batteries is above 7.4V, when the indictor goes to yellow the voltage is between 6.9V and 7.4V, and when the indicator shows red it means the voltage is below 6.9V. When the combined voltage of the dual 18650’s drop to 6.4V the red LED starts blinking, telling you that the batteries need to be recharged. When you get to this point the VEE stops working. Remove the batteries and place them inside a Nitecore Charger and slip in another married couple of fully charged batteries.

Dovpo VEE Variable Voltage Box Mod Review

Features and Highlights

As a no-frills variable voltage mod, there isn’t much to discuss about the VEE’s highlights, save for the very fast ramp up speed. Though it doesn’t have “features” in the traditional sense, I am happy to see Dovpo included a full slate of protection measures, including battery reversal protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, overtime protection, low voltage protection and over temperature protection.


These protections don’t forgive users for misusing the VEE (or any type of mechanical-type mod) but they definitely allow them to try things without too much concern. If the VEE serves as a stepping stone toward full unregulated vaping, some might say it’s the right step to make.


In a nice touch to ease newcomers to more complicated vaping practices, the Dovpo VEE also has an ohm reader that displays the resistance of your coil for a (too) brief moment before reverting to the chosen voltage level. It’s not as effective as a legitimate ohm reader, but it definitely helps new users practice safe vaping habits before diving in blindly.



Another MAJOR highlight is the VEE’s battery life, which is nothing short of stellar. On a freshly charged pair of brand new 18650s, I enjoyed 6+ hours of steady-to-heavy vaping before seeing a red LED warning. I can imagine more casual users going a full workday, or even longer, on the same set of batteries before having to swap.


(I guess those bright, full-color displays DO have their downfalls…)


As I mentioned, the DOVPO VEE VV box mod is made with a zinc alloy and measures 87 x 47.5 x 29.5 mm. The Mod is offered in 6 different colors and 2 types of paints, matte or glossy, depending on what color you go for. And a spring-loaded 510 connector with a gold-plated pin.


The DOVPO VEE has two voltage adjustment buttons that are located directly under the small display and doesn’t require much experience or explanation to know how to use it. One button decreases the voltage, down to a mere single volt, while the other adjustment button increases voltage to a maximum of 8V, all in 0.10v increments. The VEE can fire down to a remarkable 0.05 ohms resistance which makes it possible to fire off even the lowest resistance coils out there. Extreme cloud-chasers take note. The DOVPO VEE also has an amperage limit of 50A.


Under the adjustment buttons you might think there would be a USB port for internal charging or firmware upgrades, but there is no USB port at all. As I mentioned above, under the buttons is a small plastic switch that turns the device on and off. A simple, yet welcome function… On. Off. On. Off… I like it.

Unlike most other devices, where the user would have to press the fire button 3 to 5 times to turn the power on or off, or slip into the menu system, or to unlock or lock the mod, here it’s a simple flip the switch thing. It’s not easy to get used to if you’ve used other mods, variable wattage mods, but if you forget to turn it off the mod will go into sleep, or dormant mode, just ever so slightly draining the battery life. I recommend you make the effort to get into the habit of turning it on and off, just to be as safe as possible.

Dovpo VEE Variable Voltage Box Mod Specs:

  • Size: 87.0 x 47.5 x 29.5mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 Battery (NOT included)
  • Resistance Range: 0.05ohm – 3.5ohm
  • Working Voltage: 6.4V – 8.4V
  • Output Voltage Range: 1.0V – 8.0V
  • Working Mode: Voltage Mode
  • Thread: Spring-loaded gold-plated 510 thread

Dovpo VEE Variable Voltage Box Mod Includes:

  • 1x VEE Box MOD
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Battery Safety Card
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Personal Observations

I have to admit I was hesitant using the Dovpo VEE variable voltage mod. While I love the simplicity, I’ve also grown fond of more advanced, controllable vape experiences. There’s just something about a fully regulated vape mod that makes me more comfortable in daily use.


Well, the Dovpo VEE never made me nervous. And it wasn’t just the advertised protection measures that calmed my nerves. Instead, it was just how “in control” I felt, simply by making voltage adjustments. Each notch I moved up or down the ladder made noticeable differences in vape quality, and – working with an ohm’s law calculator – I was quickly able to determine the best levels for every atomizer I threw its way.


However, if learning about Ohm’s Law, or worrying about setting the voltage incorrectly, here’s a short and sweet lesson on working with a variable voltage mod… After attaching the sub-ohm or MTL tank, set the voltage to 3.5. Now, in today’s world of a wide spectrum of resistances for prebuilt coil heads, 3.5v isn’t going to power some monster coil. But, start there, where it’s safe, and work your way up. A friend of mine wisely attached a SMOK TFV12 Prince with a TFV12-Prince-X6 coil to his VW/TC SMOK Mag, set the wattage for his sweet spot, and then while pressing the Fire Trigger, took notice of the real-time voltage it was putting out (5.6v). Then he moved the Prince to VEE and matched the voltage to what the Mag indicated. It worked… okay, so until more VV mods come to market, again, it’s one way to go if you have no interest in ohm’s law.


Another element I enjoyed was how little I missed obtuse menus and endless arrays of settings. Sure, I love the pretty screens and unique designs, but did I really miss them when enjoying smooth, powerful draws? Not much at all.


The DOVPO VEE doesn’t ‘do’ variable wattage, nor does it ‘do’ temperature control, or TCR or custom curves, and it doesn’t even have a menu.


Using a wide range of RDAs and sub-ohm tanks (with Kanthal coils, of course), I immediately gravitated to how well the VEE ramped up and maintained power, even when battery levels were beginning to drop. In fact, even with the LED dipping to “red,” there wasn’t much drop-off in power output. Only at the end of the cycle did things really deteriorate, which is par for the course with these types of mods.


I’ll probably never give up the control offered by a fully regulated vape mod, but the Dovpo VEE is proof that a mechanical-type experience can be had without sacrificing safety and control.

Bottom Line

My early experiences with Dovpo were mixed, to be sure. But in the last year, the company has made MASSIVE strides toward becoming an industry leader. The VEE is a perfect complement to any experienced vaper’s collection, and a great mod to use when you don’t want to tinker, adjust or admire a light show, and just want to enjoy a potent, powerful vape.


Score: A

Epilogue from the Editor

The DOVPO VEE is just the beginning of this variable voltage comeback. There are more to follow, and if accepted by current vapers you can bet the vaping industry, a Chinese industry to be sure, will continue to milk it as long as they can.


We at Spinfuel VAPE have said before that the Chinese economy is like a shark, in that it must continue to swim or drown. That’s true of every country’s economy to some degree, but China is the behemoth, and a nimble one. Vape companies can make a decision to design and build a new mod or tank and have it in people’s hands inside of a month, and at times many mods and tanks don’t feel well thought out. Making a move back to variable voltage is simply another attempt to keep the industry moving. But is it the right move? We’ll find out pretty quick if the DOVPO VEE is a big seller.


Is variable voltage better than variable wattage? No. But, at least it does confirm what we’ve been saying for more than a year; temperature control vaping was never popular enough to sustain it. New tanks have been shipping with Kanthal coils for a while now. Even Joyetech has seemed to abandon stainless-steel coils, and Nickel and Titanium prebuilt coils are sitting on shelves gathering dust.


The DOVPO VEE is a nice piece of work and could very well be the catalyst to the next generation of variable voltage box mods, but I urge you to think about it before you make a decision to buy one or reject one. Priced under $60 at Element Vape, the VEE is about as affordable as most of the fancier variable wattage, TC and TCR mods that make up the bulk of the current market.


Chances are if you haven’t made use of Temperature Control Technologies before, you might like the DOVPO VEE a lot. That said, if you’ve been using a variable wattage box for a while, switching over to variable voltage is going to seem strange. However, once you screw on your favorite tank and find that sweet voltage on the VEE, you just might be impressed… or not. – Editor