For years, marijuana has been known for its recreational use and its illegality in most countries. Today, medical marijuana is prescribed as pain management for those suffering from seizures, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and others.

There are over 100 compounds in a marijuana plant, each with a different effect on your body. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the primary compounds in medical marijuana.

Unlike CBD, THC is a psychoactive compound and may leave you with mind-altering effects when consumed in high amounts. For this reason, extra caution is advised when consuming medical marijuana to manage different health issues.

This article discusses what you need to know about medical marijuana. You’ll learn what medical marijuana is, some tips for first-time users, and much more. 

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is the actual marijuana plant or the chemicals in it that are said to relieve the pain of people suffering from the diseases previously mentioned and many others. Its popularity has increased exponentially in the last few years.

Identification cards in the center of the patient’s marijuana.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

Federal law prohibits using the whole Cannabis sativa plant or its derivatives for recreational or medicinal purposes in the United States. However, several states use it to manage many health issues. Thus, while it might be legal in your state, you might still be charged with using and possessing medical marijuana federally. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to conduct extensive research to understand the rules and regulations surrounding this compound in your locality. Likewise, it would be best if you understood that the allowed THC limit is less than 0.3%. This can be up to 15% in medical marijuana, though.

As a psychoactive compound, it may worsen your health issues. Thus, before starting your regimen, ensure you visit an approved marijuana clinic to learn more about its recommended dosage, possible side effects, and the coverage protections it can provide you.

Tips For First-Time Medical Marijuana Patients

As a newbie, you can consider the following tips to guarantee you have a seamless experience with medical marijuana in managing a health issue:

Get A Medical Marijuana Card

As mentioned, there are rules and regulations for using and possessing marijuana. Thus, you can’t just purchase a medical marijuana product without proper certification. If your state allows the use of medical marijuana, you must obtain a medical marijuana card. 

However, a medical marijuana card isn’t that easy to acquire. Your physician has to assess if you should start taking medical marijuana to manage your health condition.

Usually, the health provider will give you the medical card if you have any of the following health issues: cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, seizures, epilepsy, and chronic muscle spasms. It would also be best if you understood that the requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana card might vary from one state to another. 

Conduct Extensive Research

Like any consumer market, you should be aware of what you’re purchasing. Thus, ensure that you conduct extensive research about this product through the following: 

  • Online Resources. Thanks to technological advancement, you can access information about anything from the comfort of your home. Utilize the available resources to ensure you understand the benefits and side effects of medical marijuana. Remember to get your information only from reputable sources, so you won’t be misled into believing unverified facts and inconsistent data.


  • Other Medical Marijuana Users. This is another way to learn more about medical marijuana. Previous medical marijuana users will have first-hand information about what it feels like to use it and how their health has improved or benefitted from it. 

Choose The Right Product

Medical marijuana is available in different forms, including pills, dried leaves, extracts, tinctures, and patches. Each of these forms may have a different absorption rate. Bioavailability is an important factor that may influence the efficiency of a medical marijuana product. 

Apart from the form, you should choose a product with a low THC content. This will depend on your doctor’s medical prescription because too much of this compound may give you adverse effects. 

Like prescribed drugs, medical marijuana varies depending on the producer and product offering. These may influence its effects from one person to another. Because of this, it’s important to choose a product that will be a good fit for your health issue.

Bottom Line

As discussed, medical marijuana may effectively manage health issues such as cancer. As it contains a higher amount of psychoactive compound (THC), you should be extra cautious when using this product for pain management. Ensure you visit your physician to learn about possible side effects and adverse reactions.

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