Vaping and CBD oil have both grown in popularity in recent years, including combining them together. However, something that many vapers or people who take CBD for health benefits rarely think to try is vaping the flower of hemp itself. It may seem more convenient or better to use CBD oil in things like vape cartridges or pens, but there are three important benefits for using hemp flower instead:

Reason #1: The Hemp Flower Is Very Pleasant to Vape

Hemp flowers, such as those you can buy from CBD Incubator, are very different from using CBD oil or e-juice. It offers a very pleasant experience through the entire process, similar to people who enjoy wine or cigars. When you are choosing hemp flowers and preparing them to vape, you can feel and smell the hemp. As a natural plant, they can have a wide mix of scents. You even have the feel of grinding the flower, similar to the sensation that people enjoy when grinding coffee beans.

When you vape it, there is no artificial or harsh taste or feel. It’s more akin to smoking marijuana, cigars, or cigarettes in terms of how it feels, but vaping cuts a lot of the harsher feel and flavor. You can better appreciate the hints of citrus and earth tones that come through using whole flower.


Reason #2: You Get All The Health Benefits of CBD

The CBD that is naturally present in hemp flowers offers tons of health benefits. Studies have shown that it can help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, sleep quality, cancer symptoms, epilepsy, and more. Vaping the flower a pleasant experience. You can do it to help with any of those health issues you might have.

It’s also been shown to have potential for people to quit smoking, or to treat addiction to other substances. CBD also does not carry nearly the same potential of negative side effects as other, more potent medication that is sometimes used to treat these various health issues.

Reason #3: Hemp Flower Has More Bioavailability

So CBD can help with numerous health disorders or medical issues, why does that mean you should vape hemp flowers instead of just taking CBD oil drops? Well, vaping is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD. So if you are having a bout of soreness or anxiety, the experience of vaping can be relaxing by itself but it will also help you relieve the negative symptoms almost instantly. The combination of the two can be very therapeutic.


As for why hemp flowers are better than vaping CBD oil, it’s because hemp has a much higher level of bioavailability. Bioavailability represents how quickly and effectively CBD in any form can be absorbed into your bloodstream. The higher the levels, the more effective the CBD will be. So when you use hemp flowers you are typically going to feel the benefits more than if you took CBD oil another way.

Reason #4: Hemp Flowers Have No Additives or Waste

The other reason to vape hemp flowers instead of CBD oil is because it is more pure and natural. When you vape a hemp flower, you use the plant as close to how it was grown as possible. Hemp flowers are cut from the plant, cleaned to remove dirt and impurities, and then dried. That’s it — you get the whole flower as is, with no additives or chemicals mixed into it.


Vaping CBD oil means it has gone through an extraction process to produce the oil. Not only is this wasteful, it also winds up diluting or destroying some of the helpful chemicals within the hemp flower that can be beneficial. There are also often other chemicals mixed into CBD oil, which are usually safe to consume but are not exactly necessary, and can further affect the taste or potency of your oil.



These three reasons all come back to the more pure and natural experience for vaping hemp flowers. It offers natural aromas and ways to please your senses. Uses no artificial or manufacturing processes to dilute it either. Hemp flowers are available in stores or outlets that sell CBD. Why not give it a try and see how much better it is?

3 Reasons to Start Vaping Hemp Flower