The Loki Touch, $159.99 at GotVape,  is a sleek vaporizer with a fully functional touch screen display. The touch screen allows the user to adjust the settings in a simple, quick, and efficient manner. The perfect vape experience is at the ready with just a flick of the finger. For the dry herb vaping crowd, the Loki Touch vaporizer has become a big player in the field, due to its ease of use, and the 30-second preheat.

Loki Touch Vaporizer Review Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe Loki Touch has a detachable bottom chamber that makes it easy to load, unload, and clean. It features a large ceramic heating chamber along with a long, isolated vapor path. The Loki Touch vaporizer features precise temperature control as well, though during the review period I found the temperature from 375F-385F to be the most effective temperature. Changing temperatures takes place with a simple swipe up, or down, the touchscreen until the user reaches the desired temperature, between 194F to 438F.

Vaping concentrates, and herbs is easier than I expected with the Loki Touch. Coming from a box mod + tank + eliquid background, vaping with oils and herbs is a completely different animal. The Loki Touch makes a smooth transition device.

I will be reviewing several dry herb vaporizers and publishing my reviews of the ones I find to be worth spending money on. Because, let’s face it, unless you’ve been a part of the dry herb vaporizer community for a while, the prices of most dry herb devices is sky high when compared to the type of devices we vape eliquids with.

More About the Loki Touch

 As I said, the Loki Touch has its herb chamber at the bottom of the device. Loading the Loki Touch is a simple matter of removing the bottom cap and fill. Doing so reveals the ceramic heating chamber. All the user needs to do is place the herbs into the heating chamber and place the cap back on. It might be a good idea to slide the silicone cover on to provide a barrier from the heat the Loki Touch generates when vaping with it.

Touch Screen Functionality

Working with the Loki Touch, most of the settings can be found and set through the touchscreen.  To turn on the Loki Touch the user presses the power button 5 times quickly. The large LED will then illuminate by showing the Loki logo and then begin to heat up to the last temperature set during its last use. It takes about 30 seconds to fully preheat.

Temperature Flexibility and FlavorLoki Touch Vaporizer Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

 At temperatures between 350F – 400F degrees , flavor from the Loki Touch is good but vapor production is less than expected. Turning up the temperature up to between 400 – 430F does produce better results when it comes to vapor production, initially anyway, but then lessens quickly, as does the flavor.  The best advice is to play around with the temperature to find what best works for the user, and the herb being vaped. For myself, using cannabis purchased at a dispensary in Massachusetts, minutes from New Hampshire, I found a very nice blend that produced a smooth, almost sweet flavor, and only slightly warm, but thick and smooth, vapor at 385F. Such a dramatic difference from all those years of using cannabis in a combustive pipe or rolling papers.

 Vapor Production

 Loki Touch Vaporizer Review Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThis Loki Touch is built with plastic and has a nice rubberized finish on the body. The plastic surprised me, coming from a different vape community where most gear is made with metal alloys. What concerned me about being a plastic vaporizer is the flavor production. Would the plastic find a way into the flavor?  Considering the Loki Touch is bottom loaded, the vapor must travel a long way before it is released through the mouthpiece and into the users mouth. The length of travel limits the temperature of the vapor when it reaches the inside the mouth, but will plastic find a place in that vapor? Unfortunately, it did.

Despite the cool, smooth vapor, the quality of the vapor from this unit depends much more on what is being vaped than a standard like production. Lower temperatures produce decent flavor (despite a plastic taste) but struggles to output thick vapor.

At higher temperatures visible vapor improves, but flavor doesn’t. The thicker vapor is short lived, and when compared with the other side of vaping, with eliquids, the vapor is comparable at all.

 Build Quality

 The Loki Touch, as I said, is built from plastic which feels very lightweight, but I’m not so sure how long aLoki Touch Vaporizer Review Spinfuel VAPE Magazine lifespan it has. I think the Loki Touch vaporizer looks cool, and modern, but because it is so lightweight it feels like the $159.99 selling price is just too high.

The large LED touchscreen is the best part of the Loki Touch. Even so, and I hate to refer to my side of the vape community again, but I was surprised that the screen was the less expensive LED and not an OLED display.

I love the large numbers on the display, it makes it easy to read, but because we keep our vaporizers close at hand, the size of the numbers isn’t usually an issue. The touch screen is responsive though, and works well.

Loki Touch Battery Life

Loki Touch Vaporizer Review Spinfuel VAPE MagazineBattery Life is fine for this type of device. I found the Loki Touch to last about an hour on a single charge. Keep in mind what this type of vaporizer is really used for, I would think a living room of 4 or 5 people sharing a single Loki would be able to partake far longer than necessary. (Just being honest here)

The battery is internal and a Li-Ion type, so you can expect at least 300-500 recharges without a problem. Below is a video that does a good job showing you what to expect.

The Loki Touch is 5” tall, 1.5 inches wide and about ¾ of an inch deep. It can fit easily in your pocket, purse, or messenger bag without a problem. That said, for the money, I think Loki should have included a case to carry the device, and some extras. Think about the VGOD Pro 150W and the large, hard nylon case, which sells for just $100. If you pick up the Loki Touch at I recommend the Puffit Vaporizer Traveling Case  for $9.98 to protect your investment and to carry some accessories, and perhaps some cannabis as well.

Conclusionc The Loki Touch, despite the LED display, is a basic vaporizer. The vapor and flavor production are decent.  Being a mostly plastic vaporizer, I think it would make a good entry level vaporizer. When it comes time for something more permanent, something to last years and not months, stay with me as I venture further into the dry herb vaporizer community in search of the ultimate device.

Score: B+

“Yes, there might be some things I would change with the Loki Touch, but the ease of use, the simple loading, and precise temperature control, makes this a dandy first vaporizer for those looking for the best way to enjoy the recreational and/or medicinal aspects of cannabis.”

Jason Little