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Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  The Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape

Why would people choose to vaporize actual dry herbs? Well, believe it or not, vaping dry herbs can be very beneficial! Some of these herbs you have probably heard about before, however they’re most commonly used in tea.

After doing some research, I found that vaporizing these dry herbs can have very similar benefits as to drinking them in tea!

Let’s break down the top 5 herbs that people like to vape, their benefits and what the best vaping temperature for them is.


Vaping Temp: 170-190°C


Now this one might seem obvious, but it is the most commonly vaped herb! Cannabis has been prevalent for many years and is used to treat a number of different illnesses.

Unlike many other herbs, science now proves that cannabis can help with such diseases as Parkinson’s and M.S. In addition, cannabis can help with anxiety and relaxation. Conversely, for some it might induce anxiety and restlessness.

These benefits are one of the main reasons cannabis is becoming legal in many places in the world. As of March 2017, according to a post by Governing, 8 states in America have legalized cannabis for recreational use, while 23 states have legalized it for medicinal purposes.

In spite of the benefits of cannabis use, there are some downsides. Apart from many arguments that would state that cannabis is not an addicting drug, a lot of users say it’s hard to quit. As mentioned above, if you’re not a regular smoker it can induce anxiety, rather than calm you down. Also, a lot of users have slower thought, laziness, and heart rates have been known to speed up.

So be careful when choosing this herb. Make sure you consult with a doctor and purchase from a legit establishment.Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  


Vaping Temp: 100-125°C


Yes! Believe it or not, people vape lavender. We know lavender as a very unique smell, mostly used for calming our state of mind. Lavender is from the mint family and is found mostly in the mediterranean and has been used medicinally since the Roman era.

Lavender helps with insomnia and depression. It has been used as aromatherapy as well to help calm the mind. Unlike cannabis, lavender doesn’t have any known side effects. It helps kill anxiety instead of causing it. Of course, everything in life should be done in moderation!Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  


Vaping Temp: 100-150°C


My first reaction was the same as many others: catnip for humans?! Well, it’s true and it’s actually beneficial.

Catnip is also from the mint family and is native to Europe. It has been used for many years in tea and promotes a healthy immune system. Also, like lavender it helps with anxiety, depression and restlessness.

As we all know, catnip is a great herb for your cat. When sniffed, the cat has an extreme euphoric state, lasting up to 10 minutes. The state is described as a mild version of an LSD high.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending how you see it 😉 humans don’t have nearly as much effect from catnip. When inhaled in large doses, it can cause a mild euphoric state, which can last a few minutes.

Take note, though, that too much catnip can cause headaches and nausea!Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  


Vaping Temp: 130°C


Eucalyptus comes from evergreen trees and is native to Australia. This is another herb that has been used medicinally through the centuries. Most commonly in the west, we know and use eucalyptus as aromatherapy in diffusers and steam/sauna rooms.

Eucalyptus is known to boost the immune system and eliminate colds. It has been used as an antibiotic for many years and helps remove sore throats and head colds. Many vapists use this herb specifically for this reason.

Like the other herbs, eucalyptus helps reduce stress and anxiety, and as of today, there have been no substantial studies showing negative side effects from too much eucalyptus. Remember, everything in moderation! 😉Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  


Vaping Temp: 150-190°C


Damiana is a herb that I never knew about until researching this topic. It is found mostly in Mexico and dates back to the Aztec era. It was used in tea for impotency in men. For women and men alike, it was used to simulate love making.

According to this post, damiana has been classified as a “national treasure” in mexico, and export of it is prohibited. Apart from the sexual benefits of damiana, there are a few other great ones!

Damiana strengthens the nervous system and helps with asthma. Whether steeped in tea or vaped, damiana helps depression and the suppression of coughs.

Spiritual vapists of damiana suggest that the herb, when vaped, helps you become more in touch with other people. On a spiritual level, you are more connected to people and nature.

Damiana can cause a small buzz, much lower than cannabis, but still significant. A common mixture is to combine damiana with cannabis.Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  

The only downside I found was it could affect blood sugar levels. According to a post by WebMD, Damiana might affect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. So just as a safety precaution, if you have diabetes, you should monitor your blood sugar or avoid this herb entirely!

I hope you have received great knowledge from this post. Dry vaping legal herbs is a healthy alternative to smoking illegal herbs and/or harmful substances, such as tobacco.

Many people mix different herbs together to find the right combination that suits them and their needs. If you have a specific combination that works well for you, feel free to comment below and tell us your combination! Also, checkout a full variety of different dry herb vaporizers here. Each one is compatible with any dry herbs you might be interested in.

Top 5 Dry Herbs To Vape - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine  

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