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For many years, a prevailing attitude towards hemp has been based not on facts but on emotions. Hot debates about the difference between industrial weed and marijuana have been taking place for many years. This article is intended to clarify what is a myth and what is reality.

Background Info

Botanically, the genus Cannabis is composed of several species. It is the only plant that has a unique content of molecular components called cannabinoids. Most of them have been identified, but there are two that are widely known: CBD (anti-psychoactive), and THC (psychoactive). So, marijuana contains many THC, while industrial weed has low THC and high CBD rates. Due to a common misunderstanding of these facts, there are quite a lot of myths that prevent the legalization and cultivation of autoflowering seeds of Cannabis in many states. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Cannabis Myths - A Field of Hemp

Common Myths about Cannabis

  • Smoking industrial weed leads to intoxication.

Reality: THC rates in industrial plants are so small that nobody can be drugged from using it. This plant has a relatively significant amount of CBD, which blocks the narcotic effect of marijuana. In fact, it could be called “anti-marijuana”.

  • Even though the THC content is very low in industrial hemp, it can be extracted and concentrated to produce a drug.

Reality: Extracting THC from industrial plants and then purifying it from excess CBD is such a costly and time-consuming process that it is improbable that someone would do it instead of just getting a high THC plant.

  • Cannabis fields would be used to hide drug plants.

Reality: The methods of growing cannabis and drug plants are different. Besides, they are gathered at different times. Finally, cross-pollination between cannabis and marijuana would significantly reduce the drug effects.

  • Allowing cannabis while banning marijuana would be difficult for local police.

Reality: In countries where hemp is grown as an agricultural product, the police do not experience such difficulties.

  • Wild weed must be destroyed because it can be sold as a drug.

Reality: Wild hemp, or ditchweed, is a descendant of Cannabis once planted by American farmers. Its THC content is so low that it does not have narcotic value, but is very useful as a nesting environment for birds.

  • Those looking to legalize cannabis are actually looking for a behind-the-scenes way to legalize marijuana.

Reality: Many of the earliest cannabis shops were indeed opened by industrial weed advocates who also advocated the legalization of marijuana. However, as the hemp industry developed, its foremost leaders were precisely those who considered hemp as an agricultural and technical crop. In any case, should we oppose a good idea just because some of those who support it also support other purposes that we do not share?

As you can see, there are plenty of myths that have no logical ground. What is your attitude towards the legalization of Cannabis in your state?