Last Updated on August 24, 2020 by Team Spinfuel

Over the years, we’ve reviewed hundreds of vape devices. From stealthy pen pod mods, to five(!) battery boxes, we’ve run the gamut of vape design. This, of course, includes pocketable, unassuming units designed for THC oils. While it’s not our primary focus here at Spinfuel VAPE, we nonetheless appreciate how a little THC vaping can go a long way toward healthier living and calmer outlooks.

So, when the O2VAPE Flip Ultra arrived on our desks, we took notice. Because, despite a design that screams old-school values, with its tiny clearomizer and somewhat retro design, O2VAPE won us over with a compact, pocketable pen that performs light years beyond traditional oil vape options.

Tall - O2VAPE Flip Ultra CBD/THC Vaporizer ReviewLet’s start with some specs, right from the source:

Our most advanced FLIP Vape pen yet, The Patented FLIP® ULTRA is our latest upgrade to the most popular, discreet vape design out there. We took our best vape and made it even better through advanced technology, allowing you deeper insights into your vaping, more flexibility and convenience, additional safety and the highest technology available in any Key FOB style vape out there.  It even comes with our award winning ceramic cell cart included.


  • Digital Display featuring Puff Counter, Voltage Data and Battery Life.
  • Largest Battery size at 650 mah to keep you vaping longer
  • Auto On/Off Flip Lock to keep your cart where you want it and disabled when closed
  • Wider Voltage Range of 2.7 to 4.8V
  • Mini USB or Lightning Charging Port
  • 510 Thread Compatibility
  • Award Winning Ceramic Cell 510 Cart in Gun metal

Aesthetics of the Flip Ultra

If you like the idea of a pen vape that completely hides the tank portion for complete discretion, the Flip Ultra is definitely one for your shortlist. Building on the idea of a modern key fob, or even a Swiss Army device, the Flip Ultra has a perfect design for those who like to keep things under wraps, but who also don’t want to compromise on quality.

flip vape display 2The solid, matte-coated frame is beyond durable, and survived several dings and drops during our testing without a scratch. Plus, even during one drop from a table (we swear, we’re not completely clumsy) the retractable tank section popped out, and the ceramic-coiled clearomizer stayed perfectly intact without losing connection or potency.


Our klutz reviewers aside, the Flip Ultra is a victory for both form and function, with a compact design that sits perfectly in a pocket while remaining substantial enough to reassure users this is a solid device. The cartridge compartment is a highlight, giving users a satisfying click to ensure a proper fit and connection.


Another interesting feature is the Apple Lightning charge port on the side of the device, which sits adjacent to the standard Micro-USB port. Both ports charged quickly and efficiently, with the Lightning port slightly edging the old standard. Even better, the Flip Ultra’s 650mAh integrated battery won’t ask you to charge it too often, with potent, long-lasting, slow-draining cell performance that far surpasses most traditional vape pens.

Battery Life

Maybe battery life isn’t as much of a concern with THC vapes as it is with standard e-liquid devices, but all the same, we appreciate O2VAPE’s commitment to performance and efficiency.


Flat - O2VAPE Flip Ultra CBD/THC Vaporizer ReviewBut, perhaps best of all, the locking switch on the face of the mod prevents any pocket fires or other incidents that might affect discretion or cause loss of valuable oils. It’s rock-solid and completely reliable, no matter where you are. The carabiner hook on the top of the mod? Maybe not a feature we need here at Spinfuel VAPE, but still a nice, non-intrusive addition for users who stay active.

Vaping the O2VAPE Flip Ultra

When vaping, the Flip Ultra is just as comfortable, with a throwback, tapered-tip clearomizer that warms comfortably on the lips without ever getting too hot. Even when pushing the limits of the clearomizer’s voltage limit, the device never scorches or becomes difficult to use.


We were initially concerned by the similarly matte-coated fire key, we were thrilled to be wrong about the button. It proved to be immediately responsive and never gave us misfires, leading to more satisfying draws throughout our testing.

USB - O2VAPE Flip Ultra CBD/THC Vaporizer ReviewAnother major plus was the retractable cartridge/clearomizer compartment. With enough room to accommodate most popular THC cartridge styles, the Flip Ultra is  versatile. More versatile than most devices in the category. That said, as expected, the device works best with the included ceramic cell, 510-threaded cartridge. It a natural fit. And the ceramic coil worked exceedingly well in delivering long, flavorful draws. (even with our more-complex oils).


One of our test oils — a pure, blueberry-tinged blend — absolutely sang using the stock combination, right out of the box. The intended flavor came through on the inhale, with the soothing undertones finishing the draw. As long as your favorite cartridge fits inside the compartment, you’ll have your favorite vape at the ready.


The Flip Ultra is versatile. We enjoyed using the Flip Ultra right in the middle of its 4.8-volt output capacity. And we  imagine most users will. The onboard controls allow for adding a little oomph if your oil cartridges require it. We rarely messed with it, but it’s always nice knowing there’s the option, if needed.

The O2Vape Flip Ultra – The Bottom Line

When a simple, high-performing vape device comes across our desks, we usually give it top marks. And the O2VAPE Flip Ultra might just sit atop the growing pile of options out there. Oil vapers are going to experience countless hours of use, without sacrificing any performance or enjoyment. The draws are extremely satisfying, and the quality of the device itself only improves the experience.