When it comes to getting a medical marijuana card in a state where it is recreational there are many benefits. For one thing, if you actually need marijuana to help treat pain or another illness you have than you already have all your answers on the relevant webpage. Health should be a priority in any person’s life and that means taking steps to make sure the medical steps you take are legally sanctioned for the reasons listed below.


Why It’s Worth It to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Mi Even Though the State Is Recreational


As a medical marijuana recipient, there are strains that only you have access to and not the general public. These strains have been tested for your illness and they are known to work. They are often only given out to those that have a legal medical need for it. It also means you have a priority when people are buying marijuana. It is prescribed medically and that means you have a medical doctor standing behind your purchase.

Lower Taxes

Having a medical marijuana card can also mean lower taxes. States place a priority on those who have proven a need for marijuana, not a want. It that makes the product you are buying cheaper than if you were buying it for recreational purposes. Insurance companies do not generally cover marijuana use for medical reasons so this is putting more money into your pocket.

Present and Future Purchases

It helps cover the costs associated with its purchase and future purchases. As a medical marijuana patient, you generally do not have the pay the extra 15 to 40 percent taxes that are added to recreational marijuana purchases. There are also states with tax breaks for medical marijuana patients and those include Alaska, California, Maine, and Nevada.

Higher Purchasing Limit

 As a medical marijuana cardholder, you have a higher purchasing limit. You can buy more cannabis products at a dispensary than any recreational consumer can. There are also State laws in some places that allow for dispensaries to give patients gifts or giveaways to vets and low-income patients depending on the circumstances.

Better Quality

Medical marijuana products are cultivated, grown, and produced to be a better quality product. This is because marijuana grown for medical purposes has to be processed under stricter rules. It means the substance needs to be higher quality control measures and is checked for pesticides and other things that may affect the illness you carry. These strains tend to be more pure and free of these chemicals than recreational marijuana so the final product is better for your body.

No Potency Limits

Medical marijuana products are grown and cultivated to treat specific illnesses and problems making their potency higher in the final product. The dosage matters, but that is adjustable and since many patients require the higher dosage to get relief from their symptoms, the marijuana that has been grown for medical purposes is higher. Recreational cannabis dispensaries have potency limitations placed on them that the medical dispensaries do not. It means that you, as a medical marijuana recipient, can enjoy marijuana with a higher potency than your recreational counterparts.

THC vs.CBD. Medical marijuana has higher CBD content and often no THC or only low levels of it. Recreational marijuana is mostly THC infused which means that the people who want to get stoned can, but if you want to be mentally altered and stable while treating your illness than a product with more CBD can help balance that out. Though some strains and illnesses require both, you can pick the levels of effectiveness of both.

More Legal Rights

In some states, if you hold a medical marijuana card you can consume your products in public. While this does not hold true in all cases, as a cardholder you do have more rights for when and where you consume your products. There will be restrictions in some instances for smoking because of distances, but for the most part, there is a lot more relaxation on consumption though you should make sure not to infringe on the rights of those around you as well.

Crossing State Lines

There are even some places where crossing state lines is acceptable if you are a medical marijuana card holder. This means you can take that vacation and bring your medicine with you. Of course, check the rules for the states you will be traveling through before you leave just because the state you are going to allows it, does not mean that the state you will get pulled over driving through does.

When it comes to getting a medical marijuana card, it is up to you to make the decision. There are a lot of benefits of having a card, but that does not mean that the rules surrounding it will stay the same. In fact, Washington State no longer has medical marijuana cards, it is all processed under the recreational marijuana rules so check your state for up to date marijuana information because states aren’t all created equal.