Youde UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary

The Best Tank Ever (For Me)

Note* The more I wrote this review for the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 the more it started to look like a commentary piece. And, well, it is I guess. You won’t get many advanced vapers admitting that this sub-ohm tank is some award-winning sub-ohm tank, but to me, it doesn’t get any better. – JM

In this journey I’ve been on for the Best Tank Ever I have spent a lot of time with a fairly large number of sub-ohm tanks. These tanks have ranged from the fairly simple, i.e., the Kanger Subtank, to the very complex, i.e., Uwell Rafale, and have even subdivided these tanks into two categories; Leisure Tanks and Workout Tanks. Of course, I realize that, like e-liquids, the vape experience from a sub-ohm tank is subjective. Therefore, if I declare a sub-ohm tank the Best Tank Ever, it simply means it’s the best tank ever…for ME.

What I look for in a sub-ohm tank is a tank I can use every day, all day, on a number of devices, and always, without fail, experience a wonderful, flavorful vape with ample clouds of thick, delicious, vapor. My tank of choice is not the tank that can take the highest amount of wattage and deliver an instant roomful of vapor. It is not a tank with a massively wide-bore mouthpiece (drip tip), nor is it a tank that holds the most e-liquid.

We all have our own favorite sub-ohm tank(s). Unfortunately, many of us are disappointed in every tank purchase we make. We may have dreams of what the perfect tank would be like, and when we read, or watch, a review and we think to ourselves, “That’s the tank I’ve been looking for!”, only to realize after we dropped $20-$50 for one it turns out to be nothing like we expected.

Youde UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary Spinfuel eMagazine – John Manzione - PublisherThis is why “reviews” in our industry must be more than a recap of features and specs, or of decisions made after a few hours of using it. A review worth reading, or watching, is one in which the person doing the review expresses his or her true impressions of the tank, eliquid, mod, whatever, after spending considerable time with it. And that is the reason you have not, until now, read my words on the Youde UD Zephyrus V2.

I have been using a ridiculous number of tanks since last November. It has been so many that I have a USPS Large shipping box full of used sub-ohm tanks. Every couple of days I swear to myself that this is the day I will clean them all, replace the coil heads, and get them back into circulation. But, for one reason or another, it never happens. Either I get lost in the minutiae of the daily grind, or a new set of tanks are dropped on my desk by Dave, and the hunt continues.

Some sub-ohm tanks can be written about after a week of use, some take two weeks, some longer. The longer itPublisher's Choice Award takes for me to write about it, the better the tank. The minimum time I’ll spend is 7 days, the maximum time is undetermined. So far, I’ve been with the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 since early February. Shockingly, a few days before I began writing this review I learned that several vendors, including MyVaporStore, has put this incredible tank on CLEARANCE.

The Best Tank Ever is the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 (for me)

 I will fill you in on the specs and features, but I first want to tell you the specific reasons why I have chosen this amazing tank as MY best tank ever.

Youde UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary Spinfuel eMagazine – John Manzione - PublisherMouthpiece – The drip tip stays room temperature no matter how warm the vapor. Inside the drip tip you’ll notice a chamfered look, just like the inside of a barrel of a gun. This helps the vapor swirl up into your mouth and lungs, and allows for an increase in temp mode (Ni200) or more wattage while keeping the temperature of the vapor more in line to what I want, which is warmth without being hot. Lastly, the mouthpiece is not a wide-bore tip, but it performs like one.

Size – This tank, in Black, looks fantastic on every Mod I own. It’s neither too big or too small. It’s 22mm in diameter so it sits flush on all my mods, and the black paint is jet black, glossy, smooth to the touch, and the tank name, Zephyrus V2 is printed in Gold letter on the top cap. The e-liquid capacity is a whopping 6mL of eliquid.

Top-Fill – Easiest Top fill system I’ve used yet. Simply turn the top cap to reveal the two holes for refilling. To make sure you use it correctly, Youde has added a red color before and after the fill holes, so when you close it back up you continue to turn until all you see is black again. No caps are removed, and the fill holes fits my glass eyedropper perfectly, no I don’t get e-liquid all over it.

The Coil Heads – When you buy the tank you get a magnificent RBA (preinstalled) that allows you to easily buildYoude UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary Spinfuel eMagazine – John Manzione - Publisher single and dual coils for it. If you would rather use coil heads, as I do, they are large, open, beautiful dual coils with ample amount of Koh Gen Do 100% Japanese Organic Cotton. Resistance is available in 0.3 and 0.5 ohms, and Ni200 coils are available as well. These coil heads have large e-liquid ports (wicking holes), that allow me to vape with Max VG juice and never get a dry hit. Lastly, the coil heads have a ceramic base that maximizes the already fantastic flavor production.

Airflow System – The airflow slots are 2mm by 7.5mm, allowing in an abundance of air that allows you to up the wattage, temperature, and create even more vapor. Using this tank on my new Lavabox DNA200 with it’s eight airflow lines engraved on the top of the device (drawing air into the bottom of the Zephyrus V2) combines for more vapor than you’ve thought possible.

The Vape Experience

Youde UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary Spinfuel eMagazine – John Manzione - PublisherThe minute I began vaping with the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 I knew I found something special. But, I’ve been wrong before, so I took my time. I’ve even used other tanks while considering the Zephyrus, and no matter how great the vape was with other tanks, including the Uwell Crown and Rafale, I longed to get back to my Zephyrus. It’s weird to feel that way about a tank, but it’s the truth.

Flavor is a vital part of the vape experience, and probably yours as well. Since February I used probably a dozen different flavors from various brands, and from 75% VG to 90% VG and 100% VG, and the flavor production was always fantastic. I love the flavor that the Zephyrus V2 produces, but I wanted to prove to myself that this was something real.

I ordered several bottle of Vade Dudes Pineapple Upside Down Cake e-liquid for this experiment I conducted last week. I chose the following tanks, all new, and unpackaged for this experiment, to see if what I believed about the flavor was an illusion, or not.

1 – Uwell Crown

2 – Uwell Rafale

3 – Herakles Plus

4 – Tesla Tornado

5 – Aspire Triton v2

6 – Freemax Starre Pro

7 – Freemax Scylla

8 – Target cCell

Getting as close to 0.3-ohms as I could with each tank, I filled them with e-liquid and left them to sit overnight. The next day, after lunch, with freshly brushed teeth and a few bottles of pure water I began my experiment.

I vaped with each tank for the rest of the day and into the night. Each time I would write down the quality of the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary Spinfuel eMagazine – John Manzione - Publisherflavor and the vapor production. I kept switching to other tanks until I was absolutely sure of the score, 1 to 10, 1 meaning awful flavor production and 10 meaning the best ever flavor experience from my current favorite e-liquid (the Pineapple Upside Down Cake). I refused to score a tank until I knew my score would not change. In the early hours I did change my mind a few times, but soon into the evening I started to score and remove the tank from the experiment. The winner, surprise, was indeed the Youde UD Zephyrus V2.

Below are the scores at the end of the experiment.

Winner – Youde UD Zephyrus – 10 Flavor 10 Vapor

1 – Uwell Crown – 8 Flavor – 10 Vapor

2 – Uwell Rafale – 8 Flavor – 10 Vapor

3 – Herakles Plus – 6 Flavor – 8 Vapor

4 – Tesla Tornado – 9 Flavor – 8 Vapor

5 – Aspire Triton v2 – 7 Flavor – 8 Vapor

6 – Freemax Starre Pro – 8 Flavor – 8 Vapor

7 – Freemax Scylla –  9 Flavor – 9 Vapor

8 – Target cCell – 6 Flavor – 7 Vapor


The more I used the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 sub-ohm tank the more I knew I was going to crown this tank the Best Ever Tank (For Me). Yes the flavor and the vapor production were everything I wanted in a sub-ohm tank, but there was more.

Youde UD Zephyrus V2 – A Review/Commentary Spinfuel eMagazine – John Manzione - PublisherThe Zephyrus V1 (video review) tank was a mess when compared to the V2. Yet, at the time, (I reviewed the Zephyrus Tank back in May of 2015) I had not yet started the hunt for the Best Tank Ever. I was duly impressed with the craftsmanship, the materials used in its construction, and I really dug that heat-sink looking middle drip tip thing. Yet today, not even a year later, the Zephyrus V2 reached me in places I didn’t know could even be reached.

Strangely enough, when you compare the specs and features of the Zephyrus 1 and Zephyrus 2 they are almost identical. There are a few changes worth noting, which made a huge difference for me.

Tweaks in the 4 airflow slots (smoother draws) 7.5mmx2mm

Anti-Condensation hole in the tank base (prevents pressure buildup)

Much better Top-Fill Design

So, if the Youde UD Zephyrus V2 is MY Best Tank Ever, will it be yours? That is a very tough question to answer. I guess it depends on what you are looking for as your best vape experience. All I can tell you is that I have never experienced the perfect balance of flavor and vapor before the Zephyrus V2. Sure, the Uwell Crown produces more vapor using the same eliquid, and the flavor with the inexpensive Tesla Tornado is superb, but in the end, the Zephyrus produces everything I want in a sub-ohm tank.

Price – Admittedly I buy through a wholesaler, but even if I had to pay full retail for it, I would. I’ve seen this tank go with $25, and $29, $31 dollars. The $25 price tag makes the Zephyrus V2 an amazing value.

Recommendation: If you already know that the tank you’re using now is everything you need, and if you require a wide-bore mouthpiece, then the Zephyrus V2 isn’t going to thrill you. But, if you want to take a $25 chance on a vape experience that will reveal every molecule of flavor in your e-liquid, that will vaporize this e-liquid in a way that maximizes the vapor production, then do so. I’m willing to stake my reputation (for what it is) on the fact that you will enjoy this tank so much that it will become, if not your favorite tank, then certainly one of your favorite tanks. Buy the black one – at least until UD decides to come out with a Rose Gold version.

John Manzione

Youde Zephyrus V2 Features & Specs:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Made by Youde/UD
  • 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 ohm coils available, including Ni200
  • 4x Airflow holes 2mm x 7.5mm
  • Blue, red and clear o-rings for more styling
  • Ceramic element in base for better flavor
  • Redesigned top fill valve
  • Redesigned AFC valve – more restrictive airflow for increased flavor
  • Fluted chimney is now noticeably thinner for maximum flavor output
  • 6ml e-liquid capacity
  • Glass tank
  • Japanese organic cotton coil heads
  • 22mm diameter
  • RBA base comes with the tank preinstalled