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Target cCell Tank by Vaporesso Review

The first thing I need to say about the Target cCell Tank by Vaporesso, in Rose Gold, is that it is an incredibly beautiful piece of technology. It certainly isn’t the Best Tank Ever, but it is gorgeous.

By the way, is everyone now satisfied that the cCell ceramic coil heads are not throwing out bits of materials on the exhale? I am, and I hope you are too. When I first heard about this controversy I had to believe that the tank’s safety issue was probably started by a competitor. It’s happened before and will surely happen again. “Can’t we all get along?” – Rodney King

A Unique Tank by Vaporesso

The Target cCell Ceramic Tank is unique because of its Ceramic Coil Head structure. It is unique, pushing the technology for using ceramics in vaping, and it certainly produces enough flavor and the vapor… almost as much as you would hope it would.

The cCell Coil Head Structure

Target cCell Tank ReviewHere’s why the Ceramic coil head in the Target Tank works as well as it does; strip away the metal container of the coil head and what you see is a circular structure. The outer shell is made of very high quality ceramics. The ceramic material is very porous, yet it filters out impurities and/or powder bigger than 12 ums. The ‘Wicking’ is composed of this porous ceramic with a coil incorporated within the center vertical hole while the ceramic material is wrapped in organic cotton to keep juice flowing and consistent. The e-juice goes from cotton, to ceramic, then to the coil. This unique design improves life span of the coil head, as well as providing a cleaner vape.

Check out the chart below that does a decent job representing just how small 12 um (micrometers) are. We’re talking small.

Micrometers – Between 1 μm and 10 μm:

  • 1–10 µm –the typical diameter of a bacterium
  • 5 µm – is the length of a typical human spermatozoon’s head
  • 3–8 µm – width of strand of spider web silk
  • about 10 µm – size of a bit of fog, mist.
  • 10 to 55 µm – width of wool fiber
  • 17 to 171 μm – diameter of human hair
  • 70 to 180 µm – thickness of paper

 I think it’s important to understand that even if there were signs in various studies that ANYTHING was bTarget cCell Tank Revieweing exhaled from inhaling vapor from a cCell ceramic coil, we’re talking sizes of ‘things’ we inhale all the time. A strand of cat hair (fur) is between 30um and 180um per strand. Living with 4 cats and one other adult, I’m inhaling a whole lot of things, none of which has ever made me sick.

Moving on through the coil head like an onion, peal away the ceramic layer and cotton layer to reveal the heating element. The heating element, the coil, in most ceramic coil heads never make direct contact with the eliquid, so ramp up time can slower than you might like, and with enough wattage and a powerful lung hit you could feel a dry hit. The cCell ceramic coil head allows the heating coils to make contact with the juice, giving the user a more even heat/vaporization experience and a faster ramp up.

The heating elements used in cCell ceramic coils are Kanthal, at .9-ohm, and Ni200 (Nickel) at .2-ohm. Vaporesso made the decision to preinstall the Ni200 .2-ohm coil in the tank, with the .9-ohm Kanthal coil as the extra. To conduct this review, I switched coil heads often, but did wind up using both equally.Target Ceramic cCell Tank Review

Vaporesso’s cCell Coil System (The Tank) features a 3.5mL e-juice capacity, dual adjustable Cyclops-style airflow slots (13mm by 2mm), 24K Gold Plated coil chassis, and its Ceramic Atomizer Core. (The Coil Heads)

The porousness of the ceramic layer becomes more porous, for a period of time, as the coil head breaks in, allowing for deeper and truer flavor and greater vapor production after a couple of days of use. The ceramic coil head should last the average vaper about 3 weeks, maybe 4..

The cCell ceramic coil head is said to be a self-cleaning platform. I have not used it long enough to test that theory, but its not difficult to believe.


I’m just now beginning to understand the need of tank manufacturers to claim that their system, or their design, prevents dreaded spit-back, a blistering hot e-liquid onto a vapers tongue or throat that shoots out of the drip tip as the vaper inhales, even if it doesn’t. The minute one manufacturer talks spit-back suddenly they all do. The problem of course is that preventing all spit-back is very very difficult thing to do, if not impossible.

Still, spit-back is an issue for every tank, some worse than others of course, and the cCell coil head does not avoid spit-back completely. With my Target cCell tank right this very minute I am experiencing spit-back. The tank is down to it’s last half milliliter, which I suspect is the reason why I’m getting spit-back now, so I’m going to stop right now, fill my tank, and get right back to this review. This might be a good time to go make a sandwich.

Okay, are you back? Me too. Let’s continue. By the way, the Target cCell Tank is not a top-fill tank. Seriously.

Quick Start Guide

Looking down into the coil head you’ll see a small hole in the center. This is where you will place 2, 3, or 4 drops of e liquid. Do that first, with the coil head attached to the base of the tank. Fill the tank up (keep the dual airflow slots closed) the way we all did before Top Fill came to town, then put them together. Open the Cyclops-style airflow slots, and attach to your mod.Target Ceramic cCell Tank Review

If you’re beginning with the Ni200 coil head, which comes preinstalled, set your TC capable mod to about 30-33w and the temperature at 475 (you can always go up in temperature. Don’t vape this tank using the nickel coil head on a non-TC mod. Not cool.

Using the .9-ohm Kanthal coil head, fill and attach the same way. Start your wattage off at 20w. I know, you’ll go higher, but start at 20w if only to gently prime the coil and begin to break it in. My sweet spot with a Max VG e liquid is only 34 to 36 watts.

The Vaporesso Target cCell Tank is 2.9” tall and 22mm in diameter (.86”), so it’s not a large or cumbersome tank by any means. Other colors are available, including black, stainless, and white, but to be honest here, in those other colors the Target cCell Tank looks like an average, though good looking tank. But in Rose Gold? I don’t know why, but it seems to come alive with elegance and sophistication in Rose Gold. I might feel that way because Vaporesso’s version of Rose Gold is Apple’s version for their iPhone.

Target Ceramic cCell Tank ReviewThe Target cCell Tank features a slim Delrin wide-bore drip tip for efficient heat dissipation. I like the vapor production of the Council of Vapor Defiant more than I do this Target cCell, but it’s drip tip is 10 times as effective as the Defiant’s stubby drip tip at keeping the heat at bay, and keeping it at bay quite a bit longer as well.

The Target cCell Tank is made with a top quality Stainless Steel and glass. The Vaporesso Target cCell Tank’s cost runs from about $27.95 to $34.95, depending on your chosen vendor. I’ve seen several vendors carry the tank, and the Vaporesso Starter Kit, but the vendors we work close with don’t seem to have it…yet. I hope they change their minds.

Bottom Line – Recommendation

I was undecided on how much I like this tank and once it ceramic coil seemed to ‘let go’ (broken in), and the vapor production and the flavor was exceptional, though it came close to the CoV Defiant or CoV Phoenix, in flavor, they did nudge further. Naturally, its not in the same league as a Workout tank like Uwell tanks, the Crown and Rafale, but it is a comfortable, all-day-long leisure tank that I plan on using quite bit. I am hoping the next version will include a top-fill system though.

The Kanthal .9-ohm ceramic coil had a tighter draw then the Nickel .2-ohm ceramic coil, so I would recommend the Ni200 replacement coils, as long as you have a TC mod. If you don’t, using nickel or titanium wire in a non-TC mod can cause the battery to short out, or even explode if the heat rises too quickly and uncontrolled.

While I will stand by my statement that this tank is a flavor tank, you will probably not agree with me right off the bat. I certainly didn’t think it passed through a ton of flavor or vapor, at first. Once it does break in you’ll notice a big enough difference in the amount of flavor your juice will produce, and you’ll notice a significant increase in vapor production as well. I’ve found this ‘stiffness’ to be a characteristic of modern ceramic coils.

As a new tank the Vaporesso Target cCell Tank needs a little something extra to become a “great” tank. If it performed as good as it looks from the first moment, this would be the only tank I would ever need. As it stands, it’s a fine tank, way above average, but its not the best tank you’ll ever use.

Grade: B+

Julia Hartley-Barnes

Vaporesso Target Sub-Ohm TC Tank:


  • Tank Dimensions: 22*62mm
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 3.5mL Tank Capacity
  • Heat Sink 510 Drip Tip Connection
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • cCELL Coils (Ceramic Coils)
  • Gold Plated Coils

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Vaporesso Target 2 Tank (0.9Ω cCell Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x cCell Ni200 0.2Ω
  • 1 x Target 2 Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 2 x O-Rings
  • 1 x User Manual

Below is a great animation video on how, why, and when, of the Target cCell Tank.