Freemax Scylla Ceramic Coil Kit

A review by John Manzione


Please see the bottom of this review for an important list of vendors caught in the act of selling counterfeit Freemax products, including the Freemax Scylla.

The vape community is about to see another onslaught of ceramic coils. In our review que right now we have two companies that are charging full steam ahead in the ceramic coil market (with more to come I’m sure); Coil Arts and our trusted vendor Atom Vapes. Those reviews are in the pipeline, but today I’m ready to tell you all about a new Sub-Ohm tank that comes preinstalled with top-notch ceramic coils, the Freemax Scylla sub-ohm tank. One thing is certain; today’s ceramic coils are not your daddy’s ceramic coils.

Of course there is a lot more to the Freemax Scylla than its ceramic coil heads. In fact, if you would rather avoid ceramic coils for the tank, Freemax ships several different kits containing different coils. Take a look:

  1. 5 ohms Clapton coils – 20-50w range
  2. 15 ohms Ni200 coils – 20-100w range
  3. 25 ohms Ni200 coils – 20-80w range
  4. 25 ohms Kanthal coils – 20-120w range
  5. 5 ohms Kanthal coils – 20-60w range

VIDEO – And of course, the coils used in this review are the 0.3-ohms Food-Grade ceramic coils, which can be used down to as low as 20-watts or as high as 160-watts (see below about the WISMEC Reuleaux)

Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John ManzioneThe Freemax Scylla is also sold with or without an RTA. Our Scylla’s did come with RTA’s so I’ll cover them later on in the review.

I’ll admit upfront that I really enjoy these new, modern, ceramic coils and I am enamored with the Freemax Scylla. Though I am anxious to try other coil types in the Scylla, I’m going to have to keep this review centered on the ceramic coil ‘kit’. Julia is helping out on this review, and she will tackle the Scylla tank equipped with other coil types in another review, when we get them.

The Freemax Scylla ceramic coil kit comes with the following:

  1. The Scylla tank of course
  2. 1x preinstalled ceramic coil and 1x extra coil
  3. 1x replacement glass tank
  4. Replacement O-Rings
  5. 1x detailed user manual
  6. Sophisticated black box packaging

I think an obvious question about using ceramic coils should be answered now, before I get into the mechanics of the Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John ManzioneScylla tank itself.

Can I use ceramic coils while in Temperature Control mode?

No. They are not designed for TC mods, or to be used in Bypass mode. And, in addition, one mod, the RX Reuleaux by WISMEC, should not surpass 120W when using the Scylla with ceramic coils.

 Freemax has indicated to me that the ideal wattage range for their proprietary ceramic coils are between 50w-80w, which, in my experience with the Scylla to date, their recommended range is spot on. I have been vaping a couple of different High VG eliquids and found that my personal ‘sweet spot’ has been in the 60+ watt range with the airflow slots closed about half way.

Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John ManzioneThe lifespan of the Freemax proprietary ceramic coils is said to be 24,000 puffs, based on a 2.5 second hit with a high PG eliquid. To test this claim I would have to use the Scylla for a several weeks at least, and flip my desired VG ratio on its head. So for now, I’ve taken about 1200 hits with the ceramic coil using high VG only, and its shown zero degradation, so perhaps 24,000 is a fair estimate.

About the only negative I’ve seen so far with the ceramic coils in the Scylla is the lack of temperature sensing. It’s a trade off that each individual vaper must decide for themselves. As for my intentions, vaping with the Scylla, as well as initial tests with Atom Vape’s ceramic coils, I know that ceramics will become a part of my routine, how much a part I’ve haven’t figured out yet.

The Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank

The new Scylla tank is by far the best sub-ohm tank yet from Freemax, and this is coming from a guy that loved the Starre Pro, and hated the first Starre tank.

The Scylla tank I’m reviewing today features a high quality, high wattage food grade ceramic coil together with an easy PublisherChoiceAward2016to use and very capable RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), a solid twist and lock top-fill cap, and a more than decent 4ml tank capacity.

The Scylla’s top-fill system uses a thread-less design, one based around a secure locking rail system that allows for easy accessibility.

The dual adjustable airflow slots measure a large 12mm by 3mm providing massive airflow to the coils. There are eight ‘clicks’ with the airflow ring, allowing the user to find that slot opening that works best and not have to worry about unwanted restriction of the airflow by accidental means.

The body of the Freemax Scylla is a bit of a mystery though. For some reason I can’t find any information on what the tank is made with. Freemax doesn’t mention it on their website, and no vendor selling the tank is offering much information on the materials either. That bothers me some, but I’m not sure it should.

Functionally speaking the Freemax Scylla is a marvelous tank. From the Vapor Thermal insulation drip tip that Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John Manzionedoes an awesome job at heat dissipation, all the way down to the base of the tank and its airflow slots, this is a tank capable of handling a lot of power without getting too hot to handle, and providing great flavor and super huge clouds of vapor.

I would love nothing more than to tell you the materials used are 304 Stainless Steel and fused quartz glass, but I think that if that was the case Freemax would talk about it. For now, I’m satisfied that whatever materials were used to create the Scylla is good enough to last a good long while. If it isn’t, you’ll hear about it here.

Note*I will admit to calling out Freemax the first time I reviewed the Starre Tank. Freemax informed me that what I questioned was indeed stainless steel. That might be the case here, probably is the case here, I just wish they say so in their briefs because the quality of materials used in the construction of most anything is somewhat important.

Notwithstanding the materials, the Freemax Scylla has a lot of excellent features worth calling attention to. Here are a few of the highlights:

Food Grade Ceramic Coil

The FGCC (Food Grade Ceramic Coil) performs admirably.

Life-Span of the Ceramic Coil

Ceramic materials can take a lot of heat without suffering any damage.  The life span of a FGCC is up to 5 times the lifespan of Kanthal or Nickel coils. I’m still vaping with my first coil with no signs of letting up.

Flavor Fidelity

Ceramic coils have excellent flavor reproduction characteristics and the e-liquid absorption is very high, giving you authentic flavor output.

Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John ManzioneHumongous Clouds of Vapor

With ceramic material in the sub-ohm territory, the coils absorb faster and vaporize e-liquid so efficiently that huge vapor clouds are the result, even in higher PG formulas. Of course, at high wattage you’ll vaporize more eliquid than usual.

Airflow and Temperature

The Freemax Scylla has a large airflow control ring at the base that does a great job keeping the temperature under control and allowing the user to use more power.  Along with he Vapor Thermal insulation drip tip, the Scylla provides outstanding heat insulation.

The Top-Fill Design

Freemax has created a truly easy to access method for filling the Scylla tank from the top. Like other top-fill tanks you won’t Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John Manzioneneed remove the tank from the battery when you refill. But more than that, the threadless design has a sort of lock-in thing going which makes removing it, and securing it, a breeze.

Probable Features

Anti-leaking design

The Scylla is said to have an Anti-leaking design, and when used correctly it does. However, it can, and does, leak when you do it wrong. Freemax doesn’t do a great job of explaining this design, but after a while its easy to see that like most other tanks, the eliquid chamber must build a vacuum, and the Scylla is on par with most tanks.

Anti spit-back design

Freemax also talks about an anti-spit back design, but again doesn’t go into much detail about it. In the amount of time I’ve used it, about 80 hours total, I did experience a few minutes of spit back early on, but I believe the cause of it was not making sure the threadless top-fill cap was turned as far as it should.

The Freemax Scylla Tank is compatible with nearly every mod capable of 20-watts or more. Keep in mind that this review is for the ceramic coil kit, but there are several coils to choose from. The Scylla, by any indication, will perform well with the coil options you choose.

RTA/RBA Section

VIDEO If you choose the Scylla kit that includes the RTA you’ll be able to build most any coil you want, including dualFreemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John Manzione coils stack above each other. I will admit that I asked Tom to build a few coils for me and to place them on the RTA because my fingers are nowhere near nimble enough to do the job. But, nevertheless, once I had it going, with Kanthal wire, the vape experience was exceptionally good.

Lastly, the Freemax Scylla has put through the ringer with certain test and found to pass them with flying colors. These tests include the IQC test, IPQC test, OQA test. And, the Scylla has passed International Certification for CE, RoHS, and the FCC. (The FCC??)

Bottom Line

Freemax Scylla Sub-Ohm Tank Review A review by John ManzioneBased on my personal experience with the Freemax Scylla and the included ceramic coils I’m not going to make a big deal out of the fact that the metal used in its construction isn’t identified. The proof in the pudding, and every minute spent with the Scylla has been terrific.

I don’t often award a product with the Spinfuel Publisher’s Award, but I am awarding it to the Scylla. The reason I am is pretty simple; a sub-ohm tank that is capable of putting out such authentic flavor and massive vapor clouds, with a ceramic coil, with little to no spit-back or leaking, is worth buying.

You can expect to pay between $22-$24 for one, and it is well worth it.


  1. Value – Price/Performance
  2. Quality Food Grade Ceramic Coils
  3. Brilliantly designed RTA
  4. Authentic flavor
  5. Massive vapor
  6. Quick-Lock Top-Fill
  7. Clickable airflow slots
  8. Insulated drip tip
  9. Wide variety of available coil heads


  1. Unknown metal construction, probably stainless steel
  2. Vaporizes eLiquid FAST, maybe too fast
  3. Drains batteries quickly at 60+ watts

Recommendation: Any serious sub-ohm user will delight in the performance of this ceramic coil tank. Using this tank with a High VG eliquid, pushing the iStick TC100W to 60+ watts provide more than enough pleasure and satisfaction that I didn’t miss the Temperature Control function at all.

Is the Freemax Scylla the Best Tank Ever? No. But it sure is the best Freemax tank ever. If I didn’t own one, I would buy one.

Below you’ll find the “official” features and specs for easy reference, including some vendors you might want to stay away from. Freemax has informed me that the vendors listed below are selling counterfeit Freemax products, including the Scylla.

John Manzione, with Julia Hartley-Barnes.



6.Shenzhen VCEEGO Technology Co., Ltd.

7.Shenzhen United Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

8.Jiangmen Yiloong Industrial Co., Ltd

9.Shenzhen HongTaiDaXin Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

10.Shenzhen Noriyang Technology Co., Ltd.

11.Shenzhen Nuwell Technology Co., Ltd.

12.Shenzhen Vaportronic Technology Co., Ltd.

13.Shenzhen Wellecs Electronic Co., Ltd.


Product Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Food Grade Ceramic Coil
    • Extremely Clean Flavor Reproduction
    • Incredible Durability
    • Lasts 3 to 5 Times Longer Than Traditional Coils
    • Rapid Wicking
    • 20 to 160W Range
  • Additional Coil Options (sold separately)
    • 5 ohm Clapton Coil
      • 20 to 50W
    • 15 ohm Ni200 Nickel Coil
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
    • 12mm by 3mm Each
    • 8 Positions
  • Top Fill System
    • Non Threaded
    • Locking Rail
    • Twist and Remove
    • O-Ring and Plug Sealed
  • 4ml Tank Capacity
  • Innovative RTA Build Deck
    • Dual Stacked Posts
    • Built for Stacked Horizontal Coils
    • Philips Screws for Top Slot
    • Flat Head for Middle Slot
  • Anti Leak and Anti Spit Back Design
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • High Grade Glass
  • Stealth Delrin Drip Tip