Reviewing the Vaporesso SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank Kit – No doubt this year has been a spectacular year for Sub-Ohm Vapers. Just in the past few months alone we’ve reviewed some of the best sub-ohms to ever hit the marketplace. It’s true that the Mesh Coil Phenomenon has redefined what it means for optimal flavor and vapor at lower wattages than ever before, but in order to stand out from the crowd, well, it gets harder and harder.


First introduced with the Vaporesso LUXE Starter Kit, (reviewed here) the SKRR Sub-Ohm is now available in a deluxe tank kit. Complete with 3 excellent coil heads, a spare glass section, spare parts, and a well-written manual and warranty, the SKRR may just wind up as 2018’s Best Sub-Ohm Tank.


I didn’t review the Vaporesso LUXE Starter Kit, that was another Spinfuel VAPE Staffer, but I did get my own LUXE Kit and was thoroughly delighted with both the vape mod and its Sub-Ohm tank. So much so that when I learned a couple weeks later that a full kit for the SKRR was available, I had to buy a few for myself. After using 3 SKRR Tanks for 10 days I decided a full review was called for.

The Spectacular Vaporesso SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank - A Review by Spinfuel VAPE

I want to discuss the new Coils for the SKRR a bit later, so for now, here are some worthy highlights, minus the genius mesh coils.


  •             8mL eJuice capacity
  •             Child-proof top-fill system
  •             Slide-to-Fill
  •             Reinforced glass sections
  •             Attractive Silicone Sleeve for the Bubble Glass
  •             Current Colors – Green, Red, Black, Blue, Stainless, Gold, Rainbow, Champagne Gold
  •             Four Airflow Slots at the Bottom Base


The Vaporesso SKRR is a sub-ohm tank made for equal greatness in flavor fidelity and cloud production. It walks the fine edge between the all-day-every-day sub-ohm and the overwhelming power of the original Vaporesso Cascade (reviewed here) and the SMOK Cloud Best King (reviewed here).


Using a low-nicotine (1.5mg to 3mg) the SKRR is definitely an all-day-every-day beauty. Attempting a higher nicotine strength, above 6mg for instance, and the sheer throat hit would be more than many Vapers could stand. The reason is the Vaporesso QF Coil System.

Vaporesso SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank Kit Specs:

  • 30mm Diameter at Widest Point
  • 8mL Max Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Quadflow QF Air Distribution System
  • Vaporesso QF Coil System – Flax & Cotton Wicks
  • 0.18ohm QF Meshed – Rated for 55-85W
  • 0.18ohm QF Strip – Rated for 60-90W
  • 0.5ohm QF CCELL SS316L – Rated for 50-75W
  • Vaporesso GT Coil Compatible
  • Quad Trapezoid-Shaped Airflow Control
  • Slide-n-Fill Design – Convenient Top-Fill
  • Resin Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Green, Red, Black, Blue, Stainless, Gold, Rainbow, Champagne Gold

Vaporesso SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank Kit Includes:

  • 1 SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 0.18ohm QF Meshed Coil
  • 1 0.18ohm QF Strip Coil
  • 1 0.5ohm QF CCELL SS316L Coil
  • 1 Silicone Case
  • 1 Spare O-Rings
  • 1 User Guide
  • 1 Warranty Card

Vaporesso QF Coil System

The large 8mL capacity, the four airflow slots, the 810 Wide Bore drip tip certainly help make the SKRR tank one of the best, if not THE best, Sub-Ohm Tank on the market, but the magic lies in the QF Coil System more than anywhere else.


The QF coils provide the excellent flavor from any 70% VG and up eJuice, along with soft and silky, thick and rich, aromatic clouds that provide instant pleasure. The Coils accomplish that by implementing a pin-like mechanism inside the coil. This “pin” channels the massive airflow to the sides of the mesh coil and directs it on to the mesh strip element surrounding it.


The air travels quite a distance, from side to side and up through the wide bore drip tip, making sure to provide enough air to the mesh while the wattage from the mod is instantly vaporizing eJuice on the wide surface area of the mesh strip.


Now, having said that, it is fair to ask the question; “Is the SKRR Sub-Ohm producing the very BEST flavor possible?” That’s an almost impossible question to answer, but it should be attempted nonetheless.


I have found some mesh coil sub-ohms that can almost overwhelm me with the pure flavor of my favorite eJuice. As much as we would love to say that our favorite e-liquid should deliver the same flavor notes in any sub-ohm tank, that’s just not so. The question then becomes; which mesh coil, which sub-ohm tank, delivers the flavor fidelity I like “best” from my favorite eJuice?

A Flavor Scale


The Freemax Mesh Pro Triple Mesh is a 0.15-ohm Kanthal coil that is rated for 80 to 110 watts, and 80W happens to be my “optimal” wattage. This coil delivers a dense, thick and rich flavor from my favorite eJuice. It is so thick and rich that after a few hours I have to switch to something else. My favorite eJuice is sweet, but not sickly sweet, and the Triple Mesh Freemax Mesh can make it sickly sweet after a lengthy time spent vaping it.


The VooPoo Uforce T2 has the 0.2ohm N3 Triple Mesh Coil. Although it too is a triple mesh, I can vape my favorite eJuice all day long, with an almost perfect representation of the flavors in the juice.


Finally, the Augvape Skynet has the 0.15ohm Mesh Coil that is rated for 60-80W, with 64W as my optimal wattage, and this coil presents my favorite juice in a way that is a little richer than the Uforce T2 triple mesh, but I can vape it longer than I can with the Freemax Mesh Pro triple mesh.


Vaping with any decent Mesh Coil sub-ohm my favorite eJuice is instantly recognizable, but in varying richness. So, the answer to the original question; “Is the SKRR Sub-Ohm producing the very BEST flavor possible?”, is one that only you can answer.


I can tell you that the flavor fidelity with the SKRR Sub-Ohm is excellent, and every nuance of flavor comes through each of the 3 Coils included in the SKRR Sub-Ohm Kit, but it will depend on how you prefer the flavor from your favorite eliquids.

A Look at the SKRR QF Coils

The Vaporesso QF Replacement Coils is created with a combination of cotton and flax materials that provide a longer-lasting coil life, with pure flavor enhancement. You should vape with all 3 Coils that come in the Kit, decide which one produces the best flavor for YOU, then stick with that coil when buying replacement coils.


1 – 0.18ohm QF Meshed

1 – 0.18ohm QF Strip

1 – 0.5ohm QF CCELL. (Ceramic core)


Each Coil Pack comes in a package of three coils for $15 a pop. That is not cheap. However, the longevity of the coils makes up for some of that cost. I have yet to find any degradation in any of the coils that come with the SKRR Kit. Sure, like you, I’d love to see these Coils at a lower price, so when Element Vape has a sale, I plan to stock up.


It should also be noted that the SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank is also compatible with the Vaporesso GT Coils. The GT Coils made their name with the NRG Sub-Ohm, but in November 2018, the NRG has been rightfully replaced with the SKRR. Unless you happen to have a bunch of GT Coils, I’d stay with the QF Coils to power the SKRR.


Vaporesso QF Replacement Coils Features:

  • Flax & Cotton Wicks
  • 0.2ohm QF Meshed – Rated for 55-85W
  • 0.15ohm QF Strip – Rated for 50-80W
  • 0.5ohm QF CCELL SS316L – Rated for 50-75W

Vaping with the SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank

SPINFUEL VAPE REVIEW SCOREThe Vaporesso SKRR is a large tank, larger than the SMOK Prince Cobra. For that reason, and its 26mm bottom base width, I’d try to attach it to one of the larger vape mods. It’s true that all 3 QF Coils perform optimally under 90W, and there are plenty of small vape mods that hit 90W and more, but for most of them, the SKRR would overpower them on looks alone.


It was for that reason I use the Vaporesso SKRR on a WISMEC Reuleaux RX200S, the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C, the WISMEC Tinker (review coming soon), the Vaporesso LUXE of course, and the YiHi SXmini G Class. These ‘larger’ mods cause the SKRR Sub-Ohm to look ‘more at home’ than say, the Vaporesso Polar 220W Mod. In addition, another reviewer for Spinfuel VAPE commented that the new SMOK MAG Grip is a bit too big for the SMOK Baby V2 tank that is included the MAG Grip Starter Kit, so replacing the Baby V2 with this SKRR Sub-Ohm in Black or Red looks splendid.


If you are the type of Vaper that enjoys rich, full flavor along with huge clouds of vapor, then the Vaporesso SKRR should be your next Sub-Ohm Tank purchase. It’s large 8mL capacity, its quad airflow, its easy slide to fill top cap, and its reinforced high-quality glass, makes its introductory price of $34.95 a good value. As with all vape gear, you’ll see a price drop in a couple of months, but if you can afford it, I’m all for picking up at least one of them now. As it stands, you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it.


Julia Hartley-Barnes