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Lost Vape Triade DNA250C 300W

When we wrote our review for the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C (reviewed here) we mentioned that Lost Vape should have released their first DNA250C Vape Mod as a new Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Mod. After all, the latest Evolv DNA250C chipset has a maximum power output potential of 400W if powered by 4x 18650 hi-amp cells.

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The DNA250C is a truly marvelous, state-of-the-art chipset and crippling it, or down-throttling it, inside the Paranormal didn’t seem the best way to step out into the spotlight with this new chip. Lost Vape limited the power output of Paranormal because it’s a dual-18650 Mod, and using hi-amp 18650’s maxes it out to that 200 watts.


The Lost Vape Triade however, is a triple-18650 Mod, which gives the mod a maximum power output of 300W with its 3x 18650 hi-amp cells. While still not maxing out the potential 400W of the DNA250C, which would require Lost Vape to design and build a 4x 18650 vape mod (anyone remember the disastrous 4x 18650 WISMEC Reuleaux from 2016?), they made the right move; 300W in one of the most beautifully designed mods they’ve ever created.


The Lost Vape Triade DNA250C 300W Box Mod is currently available in limited supplies, and only in either a Black Face/Black Kevlar or Silver Face/Black Kevlar. In every other way the Triade DNA250C is identical to its predecessor, the Triade DNA250 (reviewed here). For our review we obtained the black face, black Kevlar edition, and as a lover of high-end mods I couldn’t be happier with the choice to go with the black face.


The new Triade is 85mm by 50mm by 40mm, fits in the palm so well and feels so smooth to the touch. Every mod designed by Lost Vape is so well thought out and executed that it is difficult to find any faults with them. Clearly no everyone is going to love, or even like, every Lost Vape mod, but no one can argue the marvelous craftsmanship and precise engineering.



The Lost Vape Triade DNA250C is built with pristine stainless-steel, from the internal chassis to its adjustment buttons. To accommodate the extra power output Lost Vape has added ventilation strips that keep the unit cool and vents any heat generated by the batteries. In fact, Lost Vape has tweaked its 3-cell battery chamber so that the batteries can be inserted more smoothly than before, with little to no damage to the battery wraps, and there is zero battery rattle, or for that matter, battery door rattle.


This version of the Triade is a marked improvement from the last version, and the last version was already so very close to being perfect. I’m not saying that the Triade DNA250C is perfect, there is always room for improvement. As an example, I would have loved to see Evolv adopt the same “cable port” of the YiHi SXmini, (such as the SXmini G Class) a device that uses USB 3.0 port instead of the usual MicroUSB port, and it’s time for Evolv to build an iOS and Android Bluetooth app for their Escribe software. That said, we must remember that as well-engineered and manufactured a Lost Vape mod is, they must build their mod around the chipset, and Evolv has not yet moved to USB 3.0, and they only recently released a Mac version of Escribe, so it will be awhile before they tackle a smartphone app

Lost Vape Triade DNA250C 300W Box Mod Review

The Evolv DNA250C Chipset

As I said, every mod maker that adopts the Evolv DNA chipset must build their mod around the chipset, which includes the USB port, and the display. Mods with a DNA chipset can look very different from each other, but the basics of the chipset have to be identical, including the Triade and Paranormal. So, lets discuss the Evolv DNA250C.


The DNA250C (Color) Chipset features precise Wattage Control, Temperature Sensing/Control/Protection, a Replay Function, a Boost Mode, a Preheat function, and the Onboard Programmable Multi-color LED. And let’s not forget the now-beloved 3-button layout. The 3rdbutton, called the Function button, allows any user, from novice to pro, to navigate the deep menu system quickly, efficiently, and with incredible ease. Many mod brands have adopted this 3rdfunction button, and they are all the better for it, though it was Evolv that brought to modern vape mods.


The Evolv DNA250C also achieved 98% power efficiency, individual cell monitoring, 2Amp charging, and Temperature Sensing and Tuning of the Temperature Control mode, which they call the Replay Feature, and an upgraded PC and Mac compatible Escribe software.

For the complete list of all the DNA250C chipset specs and features, look to the dropdown lists in this review.


Basic Operating Instructions for the Evolv DNA250C inside the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C

From Evolv – “The DNA250C (Color) is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers. It features Evolv’s patented Wattage Control, patent-pending Replay and Temperature Protection, Preheat, Onboard Buttons, Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation, and a 160 x 80-pixel Color TFT Screen. The DNA 250 Color runs from a 2, 3, or 4 cell lithium polymer battery, and features cell-by-cell battery monitoring and an integrated 2A balance charger.”

Evolv’s EScribe 2.0 and Theme Designer software can be used to make the DNA 250 Color look and act exactly like you want. Designed for ease of use while allowing complete customization, the DNA 250 Color is vaping down to a science.

Using the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C

First and foremost, don’t bother looking for a way to turn off, or turn on, the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C (or any other DNA-equipped Mod) – The Triade will turn itself on and off. When at rest the Triade turns “off”. Only by touching the Fire Button does the device turn on, firing up the DNA chipset.


Pressing the Fire button will send current to the atomizer and vapor will begin to generate. To change the wattage settings for more or less vapor, click or hold the Up and Down buttons. The user can also set the initial “punch” of each pull from the atomizer. This adjusts the amount of the initial power and ramp up speed.

Operating the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C

 Basic operation of the DNA250C is as follows:

To wake the device from power off state, tap the Fire button.

To generate vapor, press the Fire button.

To change the wattage setting for more or less vapor, click or hold the Up and Down buttons.

To change the “mode”, click the middle button, the Function button, and navigate to the various modes available.


The Display


The DNA250C has a relatively small .91” Full-Color TFT LCD Display. The Display will present you with the following information…


Watt setting: The power level currently set on the DNA 250.

Battery indicator: The current state of charge of the battery. (Single icon plus percentage of life left)

Temperature display: When not firing, the maximum heating coil temperature setting. While firing, the actual temperature of the heating coil is displayed.

Volts display: The output voltage being supplied to the atomizer.

Ohms display:The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. When using a temperature sensing

coil, this is the normalized resistance of the coil at 70°F

Alternative display items

Any of the following items can be displayed during operation or charging in lieu of the standard Ohms, Volts or Temperature displays. The Escribe Mac/PC software is used to change the display settings. A detailed description of each item can be found in the Escribe manual.

DNA250C Modes Available to the Lost Vape Triade

Locked mode: Pressing the fire button five times with less than .7 seconds between presses will cause the device to enter Locked mode. In Locked mode, the device will not fire and the output power will not adjust accidentally. While in Locked mode, the screen will be off, except that pressing a button will show “Locked, Click 5X”. To exit Locked mode, press the fire button 5 times.

Stealth mode: While locked, holding the fire and down buttons simultaneously for five seconds will switch to stealth mode. In this mode the display is off. It will still show error and lock messages. To switch back to normal display mode, hold down the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. This setting is stored to internal flash memory, and remains if power is removed.

Power Locked mode: Holding down both the up and down buttons for two seconds will place the device in Power Locked mode. In this mode, the mod will operate normally, but you will not be able to change the power setting. This mode prevents accidental power level changes due to the buttons being pressed while in a pocket. To exit Power Locked mode, hold the up and down buttons for two seconds.

Resistance lock: The DNA 250 relies on the cold resistance of the atomizer to measure temperature accurately. If the connection is not stable or if you find the measured resistance drifts with time, it may be desirable to lock the atomizer resistance. To do so, while locked hold both the Fire and Up buttons for two seconds to enter Resistance Lock mode. In this mode, the DNA 250 will use the present atomizer cold resistance without refinement until the atomizer is disconnected or the resistance lock is disabled. A lock symbol will replace the ohm symbol on the display. To disable resistance lock, repeat the procedure to lock it.

Max Temperature Adjust: From Locked Mode, holding down both the up and down buttons for two seconds will place the device in Max Temperature Adjust mode. Once this mode is entered, the max temperature will be displayed. The up and down buttons are used to adjust the max temperature. To save the new temperature setting and exit, press the Fire button.


The DNA 250 Color allows you to save and select between eight groups of output settings. Each group of output settings is called a Profile. To switch between profiles, put the DNA 250C into Power Locked mode by pressing and holding both the up and down buttons for two seconds. From power locked mode, to cycle between profiles, double click the Up or Down button. To select the displayed profile, press the fire button.

Each profile contains an output power setting and a maximum temperature setting. These can be adjusted on the device and will be saved when a different profile is selected. Additionally, the resistance lock setting and value for each atomizer is saved in the profile, which can alleviate temperature inaccuracies stemming from attaching atomizers before they have completely cooled. Many more output settings, including the coil material and preheat settings can be adjusted on a per- profile basis using the Escribe PC software.

Evolv recommends setting up one profile for each atomizer that you regularly use with the DNA 250C Mod. It is much faster to switch profiles than it is to set up the settings for the atomizer again. Imagine how easy it would be if Evolv built Escribe into a smartphone app like YiHi did.

Coil Wire Materials

The coil material for each Profile can be changed directly on the Mod for any material that exists in the Materials Repository. To change the currently selected Profile’s material, press the Fire button five times to Lock the device. With the device Locked, hold the Up, Down, and Fire buttons simultaneously for two seconds. Then, use the Up and Down buttons to cycle through materials when the desired material is displayed press the Fire button to confirm your selection.

Error Messages

Should you encounter an error, the DNA 250C will indicate a variety of error states.

Check Atomizer: The DNA does not detect an atomizer, the atomizer has shorted out, or the atomizer resistance is incorrect for the power setting. You’ll also see this error when an atomizer is not attached to the mod.

Shorted: The atomizer or wiring are short circuited. You may be able to fix this by reseating the coil in the atomizer.

Weak Battery: The battery needs to be charged, or a higher amp battery needs to be used. If this happens, the DNA 250C will continue to fire the atomizer, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Weak Battery message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.

Temperature Protected: The heating coil reached the maximum allowed temperature during the puff. If this happens, the DNA 250 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage.

Ohms Too High: The resistance of the atomizer coil is too high for the current wattage setting. If this happens, the DNA 250 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Ohms Too High message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.

Ohms Too Low: The resistance of the atomizer coil is too low for the current wattage setting. If this happens, the DNA250 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Ohms Too Low message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.

Too Hot: The DNA 250 has onboard temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive.

Auto Power Down

The screen will be at full brightness while firing. After 10 seconds with no button presses, the screen will dim. 30 seconds after the last button press, the screen will fade out and the device will go into sleep (off) mode. To wake the device, press the fire button.

Lost Vape Triade DNA250C 300W TC Box Mod Features:

  • Dimensions – 85mm by 50mm by 40mm
  • Triple High-Amp 18650 Battery Platform – Not Included
  • Patented Evolv DNA250C Color Board
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-300W
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F
  • Min Kanthal Resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Min Temperature Resistance: 0.08ohm
  • Preheat Functionality
  • Replay Functionality – Temp-Sensing & Tuning of Temperature Control
  • Watt Boost Mode – Increase Initial Power Output and Ramp-Up Time
  • Intuitive 0.9″ Full-Color TFT Display
  • Highly Responsive Three Adjustment
  • Reverse Protection System
  • Upgradeable Escribe Software
  • 98% Output Efficiency
  • Cell-by-Cell Monitoring
  • Cell Balancer
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Low Voltage Step Down Protection
  • Onboard Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Micro-USB Port – 2A Balance Charging Capability
  • Stainless Steel 510 Thread Point
  • Spring-Loaded Nickel-Plated Brass 510 Connection

Lost Vape Triade DNA250C Includes:

  • 1 Triade DNA250C Mod
  • 1 USB 3.0 Cable (mesh)
  • Instructional Manuals
  • Deluxe Leather Case


Since the very first Lost Vape Triade we reviewed in June of 2016 I have been a huge fan of its incredible quality, precision engineering, and of course the chipset chosen by Lost Vape; the Evolv DNA. While I love vaping with the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C, it’s throttling back to 200W does not escape me. Now, once again using the Triade form factor with the DNA250C, it delivers a full 300W and I feel like there isn’t any atomizer it can’t handle. The minimum resistance that the Triade can handle is 0.1-ohm when using Kanthal, and 0.08 when using Ni 200, Ti, or SS.


The Lost Vape Triade DNA250C is beautiful, rich, and feels great in the palm. For this review I used the Prince Cobra (reviewed here), the Vaporesso Cascade (reviewed here), and the UForce T1 (reviewed here). Each of these Sub-Ohm Tanks looked fantastic on the black face/black Kevlar Triade mod, and the combination of this high-end mod and high-performance vape mod, there has never been a better Lost Vape mod, or a better use of the Evolv DNA250C chipset.


The Triade is on the expensive side, but for Vapers looking for a mod that will deliver the best vape experience under $175, and last a lifetime this is it. Sometimes it pays to spend big money for a mod that won’t disappoint, and the Lost Vape Triade DNA250C is definitely worth it.

Score: A+