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WISMEC Reuleaux RX200S Review

Question: What is the difference between the Reuleaux Rx 200 and the Reuleaux Rx 200S?

Answer: That depends. (Don’t you hate answers like that?) Seriously though, with the new firmware update for the original WISMEC Reuleaux Rx 200 (v3.10) the original Reuleaux now sports 250 watts and includes TCR functions and an updated Temp Control algorithm for SS316 coils. You can manually adjust the TCR values (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) for further fine-tuning of the vape experience in all TC modes, including SS316. Our original review from last December was a pre-firmware update review. Additionally, new and vibrant colors have since been available for the Rx Reuleaux 200.  As much as I love the Reuleaux I still haven’t been able to snag the mean looking Red & Black model. It’s always sold out. Must be popular, yes? Now, if the Reuleaux RX 200S ever comes out in Red & Black….

So where does that leave us with the new Rx Reuleaux 200S? The physical size of the Reuleaux RX 200S is identical, right down to the millimeter, of the Reuleaux RX 200. The board inside the unit it the same, offering these various modes; VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR. Resistance range is the same as well. The new Rx Reuleaux sports a new spring-loaded pin connector, but the major most-welcome change is the new, massive hi-res display. The original Reuleaux already had a nice size display that measured .69-inches, but the new model sports a .96-inch display, and it makes worth re-buying the Rx Reuleaux worth it. Dead serious. Oh, and the new 200S has magnetic battery doors.

Now, since the new Reuleaux RX 200S is using the same board I would imagine the same firmware update would apply, meaning that the new v3.10 update would take the Reuleaux RX 200S to 250 watts as well. But, right now I’m not sure.

WISMEC Reuleaux RX 200S Review – Spinfuel eMagazineThe new Reuleaux RX 200S is also only offered in a single color, a sort of two-tone silver, but you can bet that will change well before August 8th. That’s when each color, with a different SKU number, will require an application to the FDA jackassess. Since the vape industry is dependent on moving that dumb-ass predicate date TO August 8th, everything that will be a new product will probably see light of day before August 8th.  (Every time I say this crap, or type it out, I shake my head in bewilderment. What has happened to our government??)

So, that’s the answer, and now you know. After seeing the new Reuleaux RX 200S I can tell you in all honesty that if I wasn’t given one by my employer (Spinfuel) I would have purchased one. The feature set and design of the Reuleaux 200 fits me to a T, and the chance of owning one with this huge hi-res display is a no-brainer.

Element Vape, our partner in these reviews, will sell the Reuleaux RX 200S for a nice Element Vape. The original is just $39.95 at Element Vape. They are taking pre-orders at Element Vape for the Reuleaux RX 200S now, so if you’re going to buy one, go pre-order to be one of the first in your neighborhood to show it off.

The Review of the WISMEC Reuleaux RX 200S

Reuleaux RX 200S

 0.96inch Large Screen Display

200W High Power Output

Variable Temperature Control with Upgradeable Firmware

Stainless Steel Thread & Spring Connector

Three Replaceable Cells & Magnetic Back Cover

Sometimes I ask myself where would WISMEC be without Jaybo. Personally, I think of Jaybo as the Jony Ive of the vape industry. He’s a design freak, he’s imaginative, takes risks, and is willing to go outside the box for interesting and captivating products. I always pay attention when I hear the name Jaybo bandied about. Naturally, the new Rx Reuleaux 200S is a Jaybo/WISMEC product, and that says a lot about it.

The Reuleaux RX 200S, may be another innovative version in the Reuleaux mod family, and it still features WISMEC Reuleaux RX 200S Review – Spinfuel eMagazinethe distinctive exterior design and maximized variable temperature control functions, but the most distinctive quality of the new model is the much-improved 0.96inch OLED screen.  The display presents all the settings in a crystal clear, sophisticated manner. For Vapers that like to glance at the current settings, or want more confidence in adjusting the settings accurately, the new display will make the job much easier. What the new Reuleaux comes down to is some spit and polish on a favorite son, and this fantastic hi-res display.

The rest of the new Reuleaux RX 200S is identical to the Reuleaux with firmware 3.0 installed. With firmware version 3.10 installed, as of the time of this review, the original outputs 50 watts more than the 200S. Since I only have the one 200S I’m not about to risk bricking it by attempting to install firmware version 3.10 to get the unneeded 50 watts, which I would never use anyway. At least not until WISMEC says it’s okay to do so.

Specs of the Reuleaux RX 200S

Size: 50.0*40.0*84.0mm

Thread Type: 510 spring-loaded thread

Cell type: High-rate 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 25A) Use identical batteries, always.

Output Mode: VW/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR Mode

Output Wattage: 1-200W in .1w increments

Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm in TC modes

Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohm in VW mode

Temperature Range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F (TC modes)

The Main Features of the Reuleaux RX 200S

The new larger display has a new Interface as well. The Display Screen offers the user the ability to switch the battery indicator icons and more.

The Stainless Steel Threading also uses a spring-loaded connector Pin. The Stainless Steel adds durability and the spring-loaded connector gives a secure connection to any 510-threaded tank the user wants to use.

The upgradable firmware is offered in Mac and PC software, and all you need to do is plug the included USB cable into the Reuleaux and your computer, download the software, launch the app, and follow directions.

While the user can charge the batteries via the USB cable, charging with a Nitecore charger is much faster and safer.

Real World Impressions

I think I’ve been giving my real world impressions during this entire review, but if I had not made it clear, the

WISMEC Reuleaux RX 200S Review – Spinfuel eMagazine
The original white and teal Reuleaux RX 200

new Reuleaux 200S is a magnificent mod. I love using it, and so far there hasn’t been a single tank that I haven’t been able to use.

Putting the Reuleaux RX 200 and the RX 200S side by side the only major design change, like I said above, is the display. However, it also looks more refined, as though it had matured into a fully formed product and not just something new and different, but that could be because the 200S is new. I’ve only had it about 10 days, but, I’ll leave it to you to agree or disagree, I’ve added product shots of both models in this review for your consideration.


As Julia so delicately put it in her review of the ProVape Procyon, I like the bells and whistles, I love the new technology, the tweaks and the polish. I own so many devices my girlfriend thinks I’m obsessive about vape gear. She might be right, but I can’t help. There are so many great devices out there, I just can’t live with one device.

WISMEC Reuleaux RX 200S Review – Spinfuel eMagazine
The Reuleaux RX 200 is available is several colors, the RX 200S is available in silver only…for now

To be able to own a device with so much top-shelf technology for $54.95, how could I not love it? Keep the imagination flowing Jaybo, and as long as WISMEC provides that powerful Chinese manufacturing resource, let your freak free.

Bottom line; if you don’t mind a triple 18650 battery device you will love everything about the new Reuleaux 200S. I would recommend this mod to any Vaper. If you do mind a triple 18650 device, see my review on the Sigelei 213. It’s twice the money at $99.95, but it offers over 200W with just two 18650 batteries.

Grade: A+

With the new larger, brighter, and more informative display, this already great series of mods, the Rx Reuleaux’s, just got even better. With a price tag of only $54.95, you get a lot for the money. Easily one of the best buys on the market today.”

Tom McBride

In the Box:

1*Reuleaux RX 200S (no cells)

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

1*Warning Card