Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Team Spinfuel

There is an app for everything these days. People are using YouTube to watch the latest videos, turning to dating apps to find love, and even conducting their finances using an array of products that can be downloaded with ease. Somewhat amazingly, the same applies to vaping and vaping enthusiasts, with a whole host of vaping apps being downloaded in 2022. 

Smartphones and Vaping

Thanks to the emergence of the sophisticated smartphones we all own these days, devices that offer immense power and have the capability to host a range of different online products, developers have tapped into nearly every space going. People aren’t just using their miniature handheld devices to post social media updates and relax with a game of 9 Masks of Fire or another go-to release, instead turning to an array of apps that can help them maintain a healthy diet, relax with some meditation or make an online purchase. Apps have become a common tool for us needy humans to turn to, particularly as the general population becomes more tech-savvy and more reliant on online-based products. 

What to Expect

For people who vape, vaping apps are now the commonly favoured option. Of course, they aren’t for everyone and they aren’t guaranteed to elevate a vaping experience a great deal further, but they can come in handy for a variety of aspects, be it around calculating the perfect coil or making sure that you’re getting the best taste. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best options below. It’s worth noting that all of the apps featured are only available on Android devices after Apple decided to remove vaping apps from its platform.


Championing high-quality vape juice, LQD is a popular resource for many vaping enthusiasts around the world. The app offers an extensive selection of recommended juices to try, alongside user ratings, detailed feedback, and a whole lot more. The app is well designed and free, making it a worthwhile app to turn to if you’re in need of a new flavour combination. 

Vape Geek

When it comes to having the perfect vape, much of it hinges on the coil. In order to make sure your vape has the best coil possible, Vape Geek is worth using. The app has a mightily impressive advanced coil calculator that focuses on a range of important factors, such as clapton, twisted, simple and the like. The app also has a clever way of calculating various parameters in order to help you have the perfect setup, perhaps by focussing on the surface area of the coil. Vape Geek essentially provides its users with a handy way of finding the ideal coil for any voltage. 

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I’m Vape Assistant

 Capable of providing you with the very best vaping experience, Vape Assistant looks after a variety of aspects around your vaping and comes with a range of clever tools. For example, users can calculate the ration of PG/VG/AD and nicotine in a finished liquid while also offering a neat tool that enables you to log your flavours and add them to your favourites. Additionally, you can store your favourite recipes and even browse a few recommended tastes, too. 

Vape Tool 

Vape Tool is ideal for people who are after a perfect coil and E-liquid blend. The app is essentially your vaping buddy, enabling you to prepare your E-liquid properly, adjust your minimum resistance and max vape current with ease, and help you to create the best coils for the day ahead. Popular features include the coil calculator, the sweet spot finder feature and the liquid blender calculator. Vape Tool is fairly easy to use, too.