Vaping apps are a thing, and they’re popular right now
Vaping Apps are a Thing, and They’re Popular Right Now

There is an app for everything these days. People are using YouTube to watch the latest videos, turning to dating apps to find love, and even conducting their finances using an array of products that can be downloaded with ease. Somewhat amazingly, the same applies to vaping and vaping enthusiasts, with a whole host of vaping [...]

President Trump Demonstrates ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Vape Regs
The Art of the Deal Trump and Vape Regs

The Art of the Deal - Some headlines out there are telling people the FDA decided this, or that, about vaping. But whatever you might think about the new Vaping Regulations swooping in to save part of the day, know that there is but one man that could have carved this new shit into policy. His [...]

Uptight Short-Sighted Hypocrites – Truth Doesn’t Matter Anymore
Uptight Short-Sighted Hypocrites – Truth Doesn’t Matter

Let's talk about the Truth - I have sat with my laptop several times in the past month. I have tried, and tried, to talk about the recent e-cigarette war tactics. I’ve also tried to see if I could identify any honest motives, from the “ban it all” people, to the “ban flavors” people. I [...]

JUUL Factory Raided by FDA – Why Now?

JUUL Labs and the FDA Sometimes, it DOESN’T pay to be number one. At least that’s what the executives at JUUL Labs are probably thinking right now. Because the company behind the most commonly recognized vape device around just got raided by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). And this wasn’t a friendly visit.   Though the [...]

Online Vape Sales at Risk – Is Our Industry in Real Trouble This Time?
Ban on Online Vape Sales – Real Trouble This Time?

The future of online vape product sales is “on the table” according to reports from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In itself, this doesn’t seem like much of a warning, considering how many times American vapers have heard about FDA regulations coming down the pike. But this time, something’s different – something that might [...]

Why BEST OF Articles for Vaping Are Wrong - Spinfuel VAPE
Best Box Mods? Why BEST OF Articles for Vaping Are Wrong

And why Best Of should be replaced with ‘My Favorite’ pieces instead… One of the most often requested article types we are asked to write is the “Best Of…?” articles. It’s become so common in the last two years that we’ve created a “form email” to respond to the many Vapers asking us to write a [...]

Azure Vaping Closes Doors - FDA Causes business to shutter
Robert Jack Closes Azure Vaping

Robert Jack's Azure Vaping to Close Despite all the science that proves that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, despite all the attempts to make the FDA see reason, despite all the tons of ink and electrons spent to write about the safety of vaping and the need for ‘light-touch’ regulations, despite all the efforts of [...]

Corrupt FDA - Vendors speak out, will corruption in the highest offices kill vaping?
Corrupt FDA – Three Vendors Talk

The Corrupt FDA's Attempt To Kill Vaping What Are Vendors Thinking About The Corrupt FDA Actions? I have to admit, my first thoughts when I read a synopsis on the corrupt FDA and their deeming regulations a couple weeks back was how aghast I was that this corrupt FDA would move in such a disastrous fashion. After writing [...]

Veterans And Vaping Spinfuel eMagazine
Veterans and Vaping

Veterans And Vaping “We may not be able to keep our brave soldiers safe on the battlefield, but we can certainly provide our veterans and soldiers with a much safer way to enjoy smoking.” – Julia Hartley-Barnes - 2016 I remember way back in 1972, February 1972 actually, the US government held a Lottery for the drafting [...]

Vaping Styles
Vaping – Lung Hits Or Mouth To Lung?

How Do You Vape? It’s funny really, when I began vaping more than four years ago I never considered a Direct Lung (DL) style of vaping. Learning that certain people did, in fact, vape this way sort of freaked me out. I’d never seen a smoker smoke this way, and since I believed that vaping was [...]

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016
The Great Vape Hoax of 2016

The Great Vape Hoax of 2016 As the majority of people realized only minutes after reading Julia’s spectacular post yesterday on the China ban of e-cigarette exports, the post was, of course, a “prank”, a “gag”, a “shenanigan”. The Great Vape Hoax of 2016.  It was not malicious in any way, or at least it was [...]

The Vaping Advocate

The Vaping Advocate – A Commentary During the past 4 years of publishing Spinfuel eMagazine, we have been asked hundreds of times about where we stand as far as regulations on vaping as well as taxes and vaping. We are also asked what we are doing to help keep vaping free of governmental interference and excessive [...]

Could The FDA Really Kill 7000+ Vape Shops?

7000+ Vape Shops Are At Risk There has been a recent call from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) to put pressure on the FDA to finalize their supposed ‘deeming regulations’ on electronic cigarettes. CASAA has since launched their own Call To Action in an attempt to blunt the actions of CTFK.  We believe CASAA is [...]

Juice Broker? Now There’s An Idea!

Juice Broker? Why Didn’t I Think Of That? For quite some time now, especially after retail vape shops began opening up around the country faster than Starbucks, I wondered how shop owners figured out which eliquid brands to carry in their stores, and how much of an inventory they need to carry. Call it a 'thought [...]

Stupid people
Stupid Stupid People

Stupid…Stupid People The number of times I shake my head during the normal course of the day increases exponentially to the number of times I spend time reading the news published to our Vaper’s News section. The ignorant, arrogant, holier-than-thou anti-vaping idiots are actually beginning to force changes in the law in the US and Europe. The [...]