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Today is August 21st,

spinfuel - cigarettesonly a few days before the law that bans ALL forms of electronic cigarettes from the Continent. In fact, eCigarettes are not just banned. These clowns took eCigarettes, eLiquid, and every accessory made for them and made it a continental crime to sell or possess such things. The Continental President believes in this new law so deeply that he even made sure that there is a Mandatory Jail Term of 5 years in a continental prison for having an eCigarette in your home or car. This is life in 2013 my friend. And to really set the stage for what I am about to tell you; the eCigarette didn’t even exist a decade ago. Sometimes the world can change on a dime.

I’m sitting in my living room surrounded by cases of batteries, dozens of boxes of ZMAX’s, eVicsLambo’s, and Bolts. I picked them up for pennies on the dollar because China, seeing as how the jig was up, dumped billions of inventory onto this continent as a punch in the gut to the ‘powers that be’. It almost caused another war with Asia a few months back.

It might still.

In addition to all the electronic cigarettes, I’ve been able to buy up gallons of the best eLiquid in the land as well. Cases and cases from The Plume RoomMountain Oak VaporsGinger’s eJuiceAlice in VapelandVapeDudes, and a few others, all of which were in the process not to long ago of building up their own stocks of eLiquids and finishing their massive new “clean rooms” in anticipation that the ‘agency’ was going to be reasonable and get behind the move that would allow tobacco users to switch to the electronic cigarette, Big Tobacco be damned. How could we be so foolish? When did health ever trump profit?

With China dumping everything, and seeing as how the United Kingdom of Glory banned them as well, I was able to buy hundreds of Kanger’s T-3’s and MP-3’sSTV Vivi Nova’s, and 510 and 808 blank cartos for next to nothing. Oh, and this guy, this guy who was feeding his family of six for the last few years with the profits from this ingenious tank called the ‘The Tuff Tank’, let me have 2000 complete Tank setups for twenty bucks and a pack of Winston.

I felt ready.

And I wasn’t alone.

The entire neighborhood had been hoarding these things just as I had done. A few thousand ‘freedom fighters’ around the country (and a few freedom fighters in the UKG) were also doing their fair share of hoarding too. We would all risk everything just to hide this shit away while hoping, like the Prohibition against recreational drug use during the 1970’s, that the corporations would work out a profitable scenario like they had when they realized that by outlawing drug use they were causing Big Pharma to lose billions. So they legalized drug use again.

Just like that.

In the meantime though, we all knew, I’m sure most knew anyway, that the chance of winding up in prison was the more likely scenario. Lots of people are going to prison these days, some being taken in the middle of the night, from the warmth of their own beds, never to be seen again, and never learning why they were taken in the first place. Hell, we didn’t know if these people were still alive or dead.