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UPDATE: We posted TWO emails, including the last one I wrote to Giles of Bull Smoke, the one he claims was basically extortion. Make up your own minds about who’s doing what to whom. – Thank you – John Manzione (Bull Smoke Reviews)

Bull Smoke ScamWe just received word that late yesterday the owner of Bull Smoke Reviews eCigarettes was still up to his tricks of trying to destroy Spinfuel eCigs Magazine. Bull Smoke Reviews This time, making it more personal then ever.


“So, as a gesture (and I was cordial with John all along, requesting to talk like men, discuss what was going on, etc, but he remained a coward behind his keyboard) I sent him an email as I FOUND HIS SON. Yeah, I found him allright, he was arrested just last week for cocaine possession in Texas. Instead of saying “thanks” he posted my email on his “magazine.” Gee, some thanks I get.” – Martin Giles

Or This one:

“guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Maybe if John Manzione wasn’t a deadbeat Dad his son wouldn’t be out sniffing coke and getting arrested. These people aren’t people to do business with, and my company sent them products, without hesitation, so he could grow his “magazine.” It’s too bad he had to steal the product, assume we were going to pay him for advertising, bash our brand, and then get upset when we pointed out his son was sniffing coke.” – Martin Giles


The point of all this?  Bull Smoke Reviews The owner of Bull Smoke Reviews doesn’t like the review we posted about his tasteless, overly expensive Chinese eLiquid-filled eCigarettes. Bull Smoke Reviews

As we release more emails in their original form we will keep you posted. To start things off, let’s start with my email to Giles where I express my concern about his review and the giveaway, this could clear things up for some of you after you read the rest of this new batch of libelous bullshit.

This is the email where I tell Martin Giles of Bull Smoke that the review isn’t going to be a positive one. His response has been to threaten and go on the attack. Click to see the original 1 to 1 size

 This is the LAST email I sent to Martin Giles:

This is the last email I sent to Martin Giles where I give him 3 options on how to proceed. Click the image to see the full size.

Bull Smoke Reviews