You may well have heard of the likes of THC and CBD, which are extracts from the cannabis plant that have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity due to their proclaimed health benefits, but cannabinol (CBN) is a product that does not share the same level of the limelight.


However, there is growing awareness and research results that suggest CBN should be more popular when you consider that it has the potential to act as an effective antibacterial and pain-relief option and delivers some other useful health benefits besides.


Here is a look at some main points to consider about CBN.

Cannabinoids – How does it work?


The majority of cannabinoids such as CBN, for instance, work by using a chemical process to bind with the receptors in your brain. The endocannabinoid system is a neuronal network system present in your body that is responsible for influencing a variety of your physiological functions.


This means that when CBN taps into your system, so to speak, it can deliver influential factors to adjust mood, pain perception, and even your immune response, plus other functions such as sleep.

Rare Cannabinoids: 4 Things to Keep in Mind About CBN

Spot the difference

Another important aspect of knowing about CBN is to understand the differences that exist between CBN and CBD.

The fundamental difference between the two is that they are actually two entirely distinctive and individual molecules that also operate alternative development pathways to each other.

Cannabinoids – Cont….

The main chemical difference, without getting too technical, is that CBN is easily identified from CBD by the fact that it develops as a result of the non-oxidation of THC.


The confusion arises due to there being a number of similarities in the response that they are able to produce within your body and CBN is known to have sedative qualities.


Not so sleepy


When considering the use of CBN you might read that this cannabinoid has a reputation for making you sleepy or a bit drowsy but the scientific research carried out doesn’t seem to affirm this reputation.


Having said that, it would be fair to say that CBN is generally believed to be the most effective sedative compared to other similar options but it is unlikely to make you feel particularly sleepy without other contributory factors or medications.