Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years for medicinal and recreational purposes. The first actual documented case of cannabis being used in medicine goes all the way back to 2,800 BC. These days however, you’re more than likely see CBD Oils and Artists working hand in hand.

In more modern times, the plant found itself prohibited in the majority of the world’s countries. Nevertheless, people continued to use cannabis in various ways throughout the last century with perhaps the swinging sixties and the seventies being the height of its notoriety.

Now, marijuana is available legally in many states, and CBD oil is even more freely available. Millions of people swear by the benefits that CBD products bring to their physical and mental well-being. While others say that oils and tinctures help with other aspects of their lives such as being involved in creative activities.

CBD Oils and Artists - Artists Have Started Using CBD Oil

Artist and Creatives and CBD

Artists and creative types are said to be in a state of flow when they are totally immersed in an activity or moment. This natural high can be caused by endorphins or serotonin. Now, many artists are exploring the possibilities of CBD oil in this area.

What is a state of flow?

If you have ever watched an artist or an athlete when they are in their own world, then you may have witnessed flow. Certainly seeing Joe Calzaghe dismantle Roy Jones Jr, or Usain Bolt heading to the finish line unaware of anything else around him but his goal is to see someone completely immersed.

Flow can be described as a state of mind. When every ounce of skill someone has is being utilized in one activity and one moment. Natural hormones such as serotonin help artists and athletes achieve flow, and CBD oil could be of use too.

People have been getting creative with cannabis and using cannabis to get creative for some time. There are creative cannabis cooking tips, and in turn, some artists are using cannabis products to increase their creativity. As elements of CBD oil can work on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, in theory, they could also help to achieve flow, couldn’t they?

Might CBD Oil be used to Enhance Artist’s Creativity?

Limited studies have been conducted on the effects of CBD on creativity and divergent thinking. However, there is a long history of creatives using marijuana to enhance their output and broaden their minds. A few years ago some very old pipes were unearthed on property belonging to Shakespeare that continued traces of cannabis. This sent the literary world a flutter with the thought that the bard may have indulged in weed while writing Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

While there is no proof that Shakespeare ever indulged, more recent artists certainly have. Willie Nelson is notorious for his love of marijuana, as was Jimi Hendrix. Perhaps the most famous band ever, the Beatles, were also very open about their consumption of cannabis during creative moments. Indeed several songs were even written while under the effects of THC.

Nevertheless, today it is CBD that is exciting many creative types. TNFarmaceuticals reports that there is an increase in inquiries about the best CBD oil for artists now.

Have studies been conducted on creativity and CBD?

As mentioned above, there are few studies linking creativity and CBD. Most evidence is anecdotal, but there are plenty of advocates in the creative world for the use of CBD to enhance divergent thinking.

One study on marijuana and divergent thinking showed that acute levels of THC had no positive effects on either novice or regular users. Individuals who used marijuana for recreational use actually recorded a negative impact on divergent thinking, while novice users recorded no improvement at all.

However, it was shown that small doses of THC had positive effects on divergent thinking in both groups. Many CBD oils have the benefit of retaining most of the plant’s elements but without the THC. This means some of the negative effects that could ruin creativity are lost.

Despite a lack of scientific evidence linking CBD directly to increased creativity. There are strong reasons to suspect there could be a positive case for its use.

Artists Have Started Using CBD Oil

In What ways could Artists and CBD Oil help?

CBD vendors have long been linking the use of their products to creativity. In 2018, a seltzer named Recess was launched and aimed directly at artists. They aim to help consumers become calm, cool, and collected. All of which could aid creative types in their pursuits.

While CBD oil and other products may not improve creativity directly, they could do so through the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Oil and Improved Sleep

There is a well-documented link between CBD and improved sleep. One study to assess the potential benefits of CBD oil on patients with sleep disorders, and on another group with anxiety concerns yielded positive results.

In the group suffering from anxiety, 79.2% showed reduced symptoms. In the sleep disorder group, 66.7% showed improved sleep patterns. Both anxiety and a lack of sleep will inhibit creativity and divergent thinking. Lack of sleep can affect focus, concentration, and energy levels.

Improved sleeping patterns and rest is likely to aid with the creative process, and help with increased output.

CBD Oil and Improved Mood and Emotion

Struggling, tortured artists have long been the image portrayed when it comes to creative genius. However, it is far more likely that happiness will improve creativity than being depressed.

It has been proven that happiness improves creativity, and less known is that creativity can boost positive emotions too.

The neurotransmitter, serotonin, can act as a hormone. In the brain, it is believed to help regulate mood and happiness. CBD products contain cannabidiol, and many also have terpenes. These can help promote serotonin levels which then promotes feelings of happiness.

Therefore, CBD oil could help creativity by making artists happier, even if only temporarily. However, the creative process should also help to boost mood as a side effect of the CBD’s assistance.

Improved focus for CBD Oils and Artists

There is no evidence that CBD oil can improve focus directly, however it may do so in other ways. Artists need to focus and limit distractions especially if they are hoping to achieve flow.

Cortisol is the most prominent stress hormone in humans. And stress can be a major distraction when trying to carry out any activity. While CBD oil may not directly enhance your focus, it can help to lower levels of cortisol. This should then help artists to focus on the matter at hand.

Finding the right amount of CBD for creativity

Newcomers wishing to try CBD oil for creative purposes would be advised to start with lower dosages to test for effectiveness and tolerance. Somewhere between 10 mg and 20 mg would be a food starting point.

Overdoing the amount of CBD that is consumed could have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. The way you consume CBD will be a matter of personal preference. The most effective is CBD oil., and you may like to add it to a drink to make it more palatable.

CBD Oil and Artists – Summary

While actual scientific facts may be thin on the ground, there is some tangible and anecdotal evidence that CBD may help with creativity. Certainly, the Beatles found a use for cannabis, but CBD without THC can help in many areas that would benefit creativity too.

Improved sleep, lower stress, and anxiety levels, and improved mood and happiness, will all help with creativity. Perhaps CBD won’t bring a spiritual moment that helps you to turn out your magnum opus, but it could certainly improve output and possibly flow.