c but it also makes new and exciting ways of experiencing the high.

You see, consuming weed by digesting it will cause a somewhat familiar but different effect on the body.

When you eat edibles, you’ll notice that it takes a long time before the effects are realized, but once they do, you can feel them throughout the day. 

The liver transforms THC after ingesting cannabis, turning it into a much potent molecule with a longer half-life, making the experience more intense as a whole.

Creative Cannabis Cooking Tips

A big part of the food industry

With millions of medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users, cannabis has become a big part of the food industry, and it’s quickly becoming a big part of the culinary arts.

Cooking with cannabis is a method that has been in existence for quite some time. 

When cannabis is used for cooking, it is usually infused with herbs and other spices, which creates a unique flavor. 

While many people believe that cooking with cannabis is difficult, it’s not. It just takes a little practice, and you’ll find yourself experimenting more with new dishes. There are a few basics that apply to all recipes, though.

Therefore I will show you 5 exciting ways to use cannabis for cooking up some delicious edibles!


Cannabutter is the base ingredient when you are making all kinds of edibles.

This is because it is easily infused into the butter’s fat, which in turn gets absorbed into your body, giving you the fantastic experience of an edible high.

Generally speaking, fats are the right choice for infusing with weed. 

I like making cannabutter with leaves because it gives such a fantastic flavor to the final product of whatever you decide to use the cannabutter for.

It is possible to buy ready-made cannabutter. However, I find that it is far more fun to attempt to make the first batch yourself.


Cannabis Brownies

What better way to use some of your freshly made cannabutter than to make the most widely known cannabis snack, the hash brownie!

It’s fun to make weed brownies, and they taste great for hours afterward. 

If you’re a newbie to cannabis cooking, always remember to pace yourself. Remember that a little goes a long way! 


The Firecracker

A firecracker is made with only three ingredients and takes 30 minutes in the oven. 

These are great for a quick snack rather than a complete meal as you can cook them and be ready to eat with minimal skill.

The peanut butter is spread on a graham cracker. Then dried cannabis is sprinkled over it, and then another cracker is placed on top, wrapped in foil, and baked for 30 minutes. 

One of the best things is that you don’t need to know how to cook!


This is another straightforward option but one that packs a punch.

All you need to do is brew yourself a cup of tea and add in a dollop of your cannabutter. Stir it and drink up in peace.

The cannabutter will do its thing over the course of the next few hours.

As with all of the other ideas here, be careful not to overdo the amount you add as the effect is strong and lasts far longer than inhaling.

Cannabis Chimichurri

This delicious, fresh cannabis chimichurri will elevate your steak night to unseen highs (get it!). 

You might not know, but cannabis is not just a tasty vegetable. It is packed with nutrients and contains beneficial cannabinoids that maintain internal health and well-being. 

The way to benefit from this recipe is to make a regular Chimichurri sauce but add a quarter of a cup of freshly chopped leaves.

Mistakes To Avoid

To make quality marijuana edibles, there’s no one right way; there’s a lot of trial and error involved. 

Nevertheless, see if you can improve your batch with one or more of these cooking tips.

Using Too Much

There are many people who think that a half-ounce of cannabis will make a cup of infused butter, only to learn that they use up all of their weed and overdo it.

Unlike the lipid in the oil, cannabinoids can only bind with a specific ratio, so exceeding this ratio could be considered wasteful.

Using Untreated Weed

In order to cook with cannabis, it is necessary to decarboxylate it. 

If the cannabinoids aren’t activated, they won’t bind to lipids, and your edible will taste horrible. 

Therefore, you will experience a minimal effect and end up wasting valuable cannabis.

The temperature can be set low, and the temperature kept steady while decarboxylation is carried out in the oven.

Getting The Wrong Temperature For Heating And Decarboxylating

The decarboxylation of cannabis is crucial before you cook with it, but you must do it correctly to get the most from the process. 

This means adjusting the temperature in your oven, letting it heat for the right amount of time, and mixing well enough to activate the most surface area.

Grinding Too Finely

Have you ever wondered why your edibles taste overly grassy? You might have too fine a grind with your cannabis. 

When you grind your cannabis in a food processor or coffee grinder until it becomes a powder, you will find the following issues.

Firstly it will bring a strong plant-like taste to your oil with chlorophyll. And secondly, your butter or oil may turn green, making it visually appealing, but the flavor may suffer.

You can grind your cannabis finely with a hand grinder after the cannabis decarboxylation process. 

The oil’s fats will readily bind the cannabinoids, making them easier to absorb without consuming undesirable plant material.

Oil Not Properly Strained

It’s time to strain your oil after it has been infused with weed.  Cheesecloth helps separate the oil from ground plant material while letting it pass through, but it only works if gravity does all the training for you. 

Getting every drop out of the cheesecloth is impossible and will only push out a little more oil and a lot more plant matter.

Not Using Enough Oil or Butter

You don’t need to be a hit-and-miss cook to enjoy homemade food.  Before incorporating infused oil in your recipe, you may want to run a strand test to gauge its potency.

You can take a personal dose of a quarter or half teaspoon alongside your food or drink and then wait about an hour and observe how you feel.

You can use this information to determine the correct dose to add. After determining the amount of oil required to achieve the desired effect, multiply it by the serving. 

Unequal Distribution

It happens to everyone! Even after finishing off a whole piece of brownies made with cannabutter, you cannot feel a thing. 

It doesn’t matter how much you eat, because you still aren’t satisfied.  Your friend, however, consumed only half of one and is flying high.

How did this happen?

A big reason why you might have had this experience is that you didn’t stir the batter sufficiently.  By mixing the ingredients well enough, you will ensure that you will avoid that scenario in the future.


Making cannabis edibles is a brilliant way to discover marijuana in an entirely new way. The high is different, and the actual process of making the products is enjoyable. Hopefully, you can attempt some of the exciting methods mentioned in this post and see how you get on.

Just remember the few simple steps, such as treating the weed first and not adding too much, before diving in.