CBD Oil Dosage: How Much Should You Take, and When?

Most people consider CBD to be safe, but there’s still some degree of concern over dosing. Understanding CBD Oil Dosage is important for several reasons.  Is there a point at which you should stop taking CBD, and is it better to take this cannabinoid at one time of the day over another? Whether you want to know how much CBD to take, when to take it, or you just want to know what CBD feels like, we’ll clear up all these questions in this guide to give you an overall picture of ideal daily CBD dosage.

CBD Oil Dosage – What Is CBD Oil?

The term “CBD oil” refers to CBD-rich extracts of the hemp plant, which can contain a variety of different compounds. The cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) has a very different structure from THC, the substance most people associate with cannabis.

CBD is, nonetheless, derived from Cannabis sativa just like THC. To be compliant with federal law, CBD products must contain less than 0.3% THC — which is far too little to get you high.

What Does CBD Oil Do?

For most people, CBD oil provides a light feeling of physical and mental relaxation when ingested in normal quantities. This feeling of relaxation might evolve into sleepiness at higher doses, but that’s the most you’re likely to experience with any dose of CBD.

This cannabinoid does not cause intoxication of any kind at any dose. No matter how much CBD oil you use or how often, it will not make you feel high as long as it contains less than the federally mandated dose of THC. To that end, make sure to buy your CBD oil online instead of in state-run dispensaries, which can offer CBD products that have much higher levels of THC.

When Should You Take CBD Oil?

There is no wrong time of day to take CBD oil. This cannabinoid does not usually cause issues whether you take it in the morning, throughout the day, or at night before bed.

The only significant factor you should take into consideration when choosing a good time to take CBD oil is potential interactions with other medications. If you take a medication with a “grapefruit warning” in the morning, for instance, you might want to take CBD at night to avoid any possible conflict.

For some people, taking CBD in the morning might cause too much sleepiness. Others, though, may be seeking pain relief at all times of day regardless of potential mild grogginess. Ultimately, the right time to take CBD during the day will depend on your specific needs.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

Most people take between 10mg and 50mg of CBD at a time, but ideal doses vary among individuals. For context, an average drop of CBD oil contains around 1-2mg CBD, so you’ll need to take around 10 drops at a time to achieve a normal dose.

If you accidentally take too much CBD oil, though, there doesn’t appear to be much cause for concern. Individual cases of allergies can occur, but CBD is remarkably well-tolerated on the whole.

CBD Oil Dosage – Is CBD Oil Safe?

Practically every study conducted into the safety of CBD has echoed the consensus of millions of people who have used it worldwide — CBD does not have any common or serious side effects, and it is well-tolerated even at incredibly high doses.

Compared to prescription or over-the-counter substances that are commonly prescribed for the same purposes as CBD, the cannabinoid appears to at least offer comparable safety. In some cases, it may even be safer.

Can You Overdose on CBD Oil?

The potential to overdose on CBD appears to be about the same as the potential to overdose on water. At a certain concentration, any substance becomes lethal, but CBD appears to be as safe as the products it’s contained in.

In that regard, you’ll need to choose wisely. Reputable CBD companies provide third-party lab reports for all of their products, which offer assurance that the CBD they offer is potent and contaminant-free.

Optimum CBD Oil Dosage: The Bottom Line

So, how much CBD oil should you take, and when should you take it? Let’s begin this wrap-up by emphasizing that these are questions between you and your doctor. The right amount of CBD is different for each person, and a certain time of day for taking CBD might be better than another.

Keep in mind, though, that there’s very little possibility of error with CBD dosing. The cannabinoid is remarkably non-toxic, so feel safe to experiment a bit when discovering your ideal CBD dose.

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