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Can CBD Improve Your Sporting Performance

CBD and Sports – Most sports enthusiasts usually find ways to enhance their performance. One of the most commonly used methods involves using supplements. However, with the recent anti-doping laws, these substances are restricted. Professional athletes are required to avoid them as much as possible. To be safe, it’s advisable to use naturally occurring products, including cannabinoids. The use of cannabidiol in the sports world has gained popularity due to its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, accelerate recovery, etc. There are many ways in which CBD improves sporting performance, as explained below:

1. Sports Pain Management

Any form of sporting activity involves some level of pain. The amount of pain one gets depends on how hard one pushes himself during the sports event. The most common causes of pain in athletes are injuries and soreness. Most athletes tend to take drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen, and other OTC painkillers to reduce pain. These drugs don’t give a long-lasting solution to the problem but rather provide short-term pain relief. They also present a higher risk of addiction and abuse over time. Instead, the consumption of cannabis, particularly Indica strains might be much more helpful as they are known for their sedative effects. Indicas are often used to treat pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Some people also find Indicas helpful for managing headaches and migraines.

Studies show that CBD balm can help athletes fight both acute and chronic pain by altering pain brain’s pain signaling.

2. Athletic Sports Recovery

Sleep plays a significant role in everyone’s life. However, it’s essential for athletes. Most athletes tend to suffer from sleep deficiencies resulting from extreme stress and pressure due to the upcoming sporting events or competitions and how to best prepare themselves for better performance. Using cannabidiol can help regulate the athlete’s sleep cycle by lowering pain, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, if you’re facing difficulties getting adequate sleep due to an upcoming sports event, consider including cannabidiol in your daily routine. Additionally, cannabidiol also decreases cortisol release when there’s thorough physical activity by making the adrenal system regulate stressors.

3. Controls Appetite

Cannabidiol has the ability to control the appetite of athletes. It helps regulate ECS activity. Athletes in need of losing some extra calories can use CBD since it provides effective results. It makes the body calm and relaxed over the competition period without causing munchies. CBD is a real appetite suppressant. cannabidiol is also helpful for people with insulin sensitivity. It helps improve their marker by creating extra space for glycogen and blood sugar in both muscles and the liver. Lastly, cannabidiol also reduces waist circumference and obesity, which hinders performance among athletes.

4. Reduces Inflammation form Sporting Events

When an athlete is stressed or injured, the body responds through acute inflammation. On the other hand, chronic inflammation mainly occurs when the body isn’t in a state to engage in physical activities. According to research, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that help the body reduce inflammatory responses. Additionally, it also helps lower neuropathic pain and has therapeutic effects. All these prove that it’s a safe option compared to many other medications.

Can CBD Improve Your Sporting Performance5. Boosts Energy and Focus

Cannabidiol has some excellent components that assist boost energy and focus in athletes. Typically, when one is energized and focused, the result will be improved performance. Research has proved that athletes taking CBD before any sports activity have a higher performance rate than those who don’t take it. They also tend to have better concentration and endurance throughout the activity. Taking cannabidiol before a workout helps burn fatigue and muscles.

6. Reduces Anxiety-Related Disorders

Athletes usually feel pressure and stress over time, especially when going for competitive sports activities. This results in anxiety which can result in poor performance. Studies show that cannabidiol oil has some components that assist in reducing anxiety among athletes. Apart from this, it also reduces disorders like PTSD. Most experts recommend taking CBD orally to get the full benefits in terms of reducing stress levels.

In Conclusion

These are some ways in which CBD can improve your sporting performance. Today, CBD has been removed from the list of banned substances that athletes should avoid, provided that the THC level doesn’t exceed 0.3%. You can take full spectrum or isolate CBD products, depending on your preference. There are many forms of cannabidiol that you can take if you’re involved in various sporting activities, such as CBD oil, capsules, vape pen, gummies, creams, lotions, patches, and balms. topicals are the most preferred for athletes since they help prevent injuries, muscle strains, and pain.


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