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Giving your dog CBD can be confusing, even though it has numerous potential benefits for pets. There isn’t much debate anymore that CBD is beneficial. It may feel like you hear more and more about CBD oils and other new CBD products having a good influence on health and wellness—for both humans and our pets. Their weight determines the amount of CBD oil your dog requires. 

We often use THC and delta 8 THC to relieve stress and anxiety. Some pet owners believe THC will help their anxious or agitated pets due to environmental stimuli. Let us look at the difference between CBD & THC to know more about which product to use for our pets. 

How Much CBD Is Beneficial For Your Pet?

We can recommend starting modestly with your CBD intake and working your way up according to the product’s dosing instructions. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at CBD oil, potential side effects, and suitable dosage recommendations for your dog.

Know the Proper Dosage

A decent rule of thumb for both dogs and cats is to start with 1-2 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight. Remember that these oils come in various concentrations if you’re using them. The number on the tag is for the maximum amount of cannabidiol in the bottle, not for each dose.

One 30ml bottle of 600mg CBD Oil comes with 600 total milligrams of the drug, with each 0.25ml delivering 5 mg of the drug, which is enough for a dog weighing 50 pounds. Don’t worry if this appears perplexing. Dosage charts are printed immediately on the label of bottles, and each dropper is labeled correctly. You’ll be able to find out how much oil to use with only the two of them.

It’s essential to feed your dog the proper amount of CBD oil, yet the product packaging might be challenging to interpret. Most products’ overall amount of the drug is listed in milligrams (mg).

However, the dosage of CBD your dog receives each serving may be less. For example, if the package for a container of 30 CBD capsules says 1000 milligrams, this indicates that each tablet provides 33 milligrams of CBD per dose.

It’s good to look at the packaging and instructions to see how much CBD your dog is getting. The amount in an entire dropper is generally present on most goods, so you should know how many milliliters your dropper contains. After that, you can understand how much is in that dropper.

How Long Does CBD Take to Take Effect?

Because there are few ingredients for furry bellies to break down first, oils tend to kick in a bit faster than biscuits or treats. However, there is no difference in their effectiveness. It takes 30-45 minutes for CBD to start working.

Why Use CBD for dogs?

CBD, available in tinctures, gummies, and oils, became readily available across the US after the 2018 Farm Bill, permitting the nationwide sale of products containing less than 0.3 percent THC. Because we get most of the herb from hemp, only a few products will include trace quantities of THC, and these products will not make you or your pet high.

Let’s look at the best CBD for dogs before getting into the interaction between CBD oil and pets.

Your dog, like us humans, has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which allows cannabinoids like CBD to interact with the body. Cannabinoid receptors in this system take cannabinoids and use them to alter various physiological functions, such as emotional reactivity, sleep, and more.

While the body produces its cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, we can supplement it with cannabinoids from the outside to help internal functioning.

Is it safe for pets?

While this drug has numerous health benefits for humans, high-quality oil can also benefit your pet, potentially enabling them to stay calm or reduce joint or mobility concerns that occur with aging.

Giving this herb to your dog is typically harmless, but slight adverse effects may occur. For example, until your dog metabolizes the drug, he may appear lazy or clumsy. Your dog may also get diarrhea, but this is more likely due to a large amount of it than a typical CBD symptom.

Start small and gradually increase the CBD oil you give them to avoid unpleasant surprises. Because dogs have fewer endocannabinoid receptors than humans, effective dosages for dogs may be larger than what a human would require.

Though mild adverse effects are conceivable, there have been no reports of long-term harm associated with giving your dog CBD oil if you follow the prescribed dosage. See your veterinarian make sure you’re giving your dog a safe dose of the oil.

We often use THC and delta 8 THC to relieve stress and anxiety. Some pet owners believe THC will aid their anxious or agitated pets due to environmental stressors.

Thunderstorms, fireworks, guests (especially other dogs), traffic noises, and other factors commonly induce discomfort in dogs and cats. It’s natural to want to assist them in dealing with these issues. On the other hand, THC is not a good option, and you should never give it to them.

There are no legitimate reasons to provide THC to dogs or cats right now. Other cannabinoids, like CBD, offer numerous advantages to animals suffering from anxiety, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and other ailments.

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How Much CBD Is Beneficial For Your Pet?

Benefits of CBD for your pets

CBD can be beneficial to your pets for a variety of reasons. If your dog suffers from chronic discomfort or joint pain, consult your veterinarian to see if CBD oil will help. German Shepherds and other breeds who suffer from hip dysplasia may benefit from a regular dose.

If your dog becomes anxious with loud noises, such as thunderstorms, try giving them right before the event happens. For example, if fireworks on July 2nd make your dog nervous, you can provide them with the medicinal drug a few minutes before they start to ensure they’re ready.

You might also give them a higher dosage than indicated on the product label in this scenario. Give your dog a lesser dose of CBD over time for general wellness.

Bottom Line

CBD for dogs is a relatively new fad backed up by anecdotal data. While there isn’t much research on how it affects dogs, data suggest that cannabidiol’s involvement with the endocannabinoid system can assist keep things stable in the body.

Start by calculating the correct CBD dosage for your dog’s weight, gradually increasing it. Varying breeds and sizes of dogs metabolize this at different rates, so be patient; some dogs respond practically instantly (especially those with joint issues), while others may take a little longer. Talk to your veterinarian, and utilize third-party-tested CBD oil to give your dog the high-quality CBD they deserve.

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